Discussion Topic - Entertainment

Discussion Topic - Entertainment.

Part 1- Introduction & Interview:

Q. 1. Do you prefer relaxing at home or going out in the evening? [Why?]
Answer: I prefer to relax at home mainly because I stay outside for the most part of the day for my job. So whatever time I get outside of my work hours, I like to spend it with my family members indoors. Besides, I don’t really enjoy going out in the evening because of too much traffic and noise problems at that time.

Q. 2. When you go out for an evening, what do you like to do?
Answer: When I go out for an evening (mostly during the weekend), I try to choose a quiet restaurant or café, because I try to avoid crowd and noise as much as possible, in order to enjoy some freshly-brewed coffee or some nice or unique foods. Sometimes, I also go to watch movies when I go out with my friends in the evening but that does not happen more than once in a month.

Q. 3. How popular is this with other people in your country?
Answer: I would say that going out in the evening is pretty popular in my country because I have noticed that it is during the evening time when a lot of people flock in the park, movie theatres, restaurants and cafes. Besides, I have also noticed that the sales of many businesses jump up during the evening time.

Q. 4. Is there any kind of entertainment you do not like? [Why/Why not?]
Answer: I don’t like any kind of entertainment that involves shouting or loud noise. So, I guess that musical concert is one of those kinds of entertainment that I don’t really enjoy.  Besides, I don’t like playing “cards” because I find that as the entertainment of some “lazy” people who like to sit for long hours and just play card. Finally, entertainments that can harm us physically is something that I like the least.


Part 3 - Details Discussion: 

Let’s now discuss entertainment in your country-

Q. 1. Are there a lot of places in your country for young people to go out?
Answer: The choices of places are unlimited in my country for young people who like to go out. Of course, it all depends on their moods and circumstances. For example, if they are in a mood to have some fun and enjoy some light moments, they can always watch a movie either at home or by going to a nearby movie theatre, or can just by hanging out with friends at a local café or restaurant. But, if they are in a mood to do some physical exercises, they can always run to a field and enjoy some sports like football, cricket or volleyball. On the other hand, if they want to just enjoy some lazy moments on in a mood to learn something, they can run to a local library or cyber café to read or learn something interesting. They can also go to an amusement park, museum, zoological garden or sports zone to enjoy their time.

Q. 2. What kinds of live entertainment are popular in your country?
Answer: When it comes to "live entertainment" in my country, which are popular, it doesn’t actually lag behind other countries. For example, live entertainments like a live musical concert, dancing competition, theatrical shows, live animal shows and national cake making competition during the wintertime, among other things, are usually very popular in my country. Then, of course, there are also different kinds of live sports competitions, which draw a huge gathering of people from different parts of my country, and they are also some of the popular live entertainments in my country.

Q. 3. What places would you recommend a tourist go to, for entertainment, in your country?
Answer: Actually, it all depends on what kind of entertainment or adventure a tourist exactly prefers to enjoy, or where he is located. For example, if he or she is in our capital city and wants to enjoy some movies at a world-class cinema theatre, I would recommend him/her visit GCineplex at one of the biggest shopping centre or mall in my country. On the other hand, if he/she is into enjoying some live performances, he or she could always visit “Cultural academy” (or “National Academy of Fine and Performing Arts) to get a glimpse of different cultural activities of my country. Finally, if he/she is in any port city, he can always enjoy some of the live tribal cultural shows, performed by the tribal people. Apart from that, tourists can take part in adventurous activities like water surfing, snow skating, mountain hiking and so on.

Let’s now talk about technology and entertainment-

Q. 4. What forms of online entertainment have become popular these days?
Answer: There are several forms of online entertainment which have grown popular these days.  But, undoubtedly, social media entertainment among them tops the list as it allows people to leave reviews, likes, remarks, and rating on different social media networking services and forums while interacting with millions of other live users.  Some other forms of popular online entertainments may also include watching live video streaming, taking part in video chat communications, enjoying multi-player online video gaming, following live music and videos streaming and participating in online gaming.

Q. 5. What are the dangers of spending too much time on online entertainment?
Answer: There are several dangers of spending too much time on online entertainment. However, the most visible danger of this is it cuts the time for regular social and outdoor activities which have proved out to be absolutely essential to living a happy and healthy life. In fact, spending too much time on online entertainment may cause depression among many people. Besides, when it comes to children, they spend too much time in enjoying online entertainment instead of focusing on their regular study works, while also avoiding to mingling with their peers and friends, which, in turn, may harm their proper cognitive development.

Q. 6. Is entertainment these days better than in the past because of technology?
Answer: Actually, there is no straight forward answer to this question since different people would like to apply different logic in answering this question. For example, a person, who doesn’t like to go outdoors much, he or she would say that entertainment is better these days than in the past because it is the technology that allows them to play and enjoy video games or online video chatting with their friends and families from the comfort of their homes. But, people, who are more of a traditionalist minded, and who are used to enjoying regular entertaining activities like going to a movie theatre, watching TV, playing a game of chess or cards with friends, wouldn’t really agree that technology has much to do with making entertainment better these days.

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