Discussion Topic - Keeping in contact with people

Discussion Topic - Keeping in contact with people.

Part 1 - Introduction & Interview:

Q. 1. How do you usually contact your friends? [Why?]
Answer: Well, it depends on whether my friends live close by or far away from me. If they live close by within walking distance, then I try to contact them physically. But if they live far away from me, I try to contact them either by phone or emails.

Q. 2. Do you prefer to contact different people in different ways? [Why?]
Answer: Yes, I prefer to contact different people in different ways under different circumstances. For example, if I need to contact with certain authority for some important reasons for formal correspondence, I try to send an email or send a letter by postal mail. But, if I am contacting friends and family members, I try to contact them by phone.

Q. 3. Do you find it easy to keep in contact with friends and family? [Why/Why not?]
Answer: Yes, I find it easy to keep in contact with friends and families because today we have many modern technologies and methods like mobile phone, electronic mail, instant messenger and social media in addition to traditional postal mail and regular phones. As I like to keep in touch with the people I care about, I do contact them regularly.

Q. 4. In your country, did people in the past keep in contact in the same ways as they do today? [Why/Why not?]
Answer: No, people in my country didn’t keep in touch in the same ways as they do today because today we have more means of contact due to the advancement in modern technologies (such as smartphone and the internet) which has made contacting very easy. In the past, people, most of the time, had to visit someone physically or send them postal mails but they can easily send emails, call them on their mobile phones these days.

Part 3 - Details Discussion: 

Q. 1. How does modern technology help us keep in touch with people we care about?
Answer: Modern technologies have certainly made our life lot easier when it comes to keeping in touch with our loved ones. In fact, because of this modern technology, we can reach our families and friends with just a touch of button on our phones. We can also leave a quick message on messengers and social media platforms with the help of internet technologies whenever we wish. Besides, we can see live videos of our families and friends, while talking to them at the same time, no matter if they live in another part of the world.

Q. 2. Has social media strengthened our bond or made our relationship more shallow?
Answer: Well, it depends on the situation, intention and physical location of a person. For example, if a person lives far away from his or her loved ones, making it virtually impossible for him to meet them frequently, there are some good reasons to suggest that social media would strengthen the person’s bond with his or her loved ones. On the other hands, if a person, despite living very near to his or her families and friends, uses social media just to save his face, the chances are that it is actually making the relationship more shallow. Moreover, many young people, these days, are addicted to social media and they use it all the time which deteroriates their real-life relationship.

Q. 3. The communication has become cheaper than ever before. Has it improved the way we communicate with each other?
Answer: In my humble opinion, with the communication being cheaper than ever before, the way we communicate among ourselves has certainly improved. For example, since the communication has become cheaper, we can actually take more time to express ourselves to our friends and families over the phones without ever worrying about the cost. In the same way, we can also see live videos of our loves ones, while talking to them also at the same time, as if they are very much physically present with us.

Q. 4. How do you think people will communicate and keep in touch with others after 30 years or so?
Answer: With the introduction of new technologies, the chances are that the mode of communication will completely be transformed in the next 30 years or so with things like “body implants” and “holograms”. However, the most popular way of communicating in the future will probably be by wearable technology, including smart watches and augmented reality glasses. Besides, it is also possible that people are using some kind of “coded” language to communicate with each other, and the purpose of it, of course, will be to minimize the time and efforts to communicate.

Q. 5. Regular communication fosters a relationship while the absence of communication diminishes it. To what extent do you agree?
Answer: Yes, I fully agree with the suggestion that regular communication indeed fosters our relationship while the absence of it diminishes it. After all, we human are “social animal” and as such, are also in constant need of companionship and comfort from other human beings in order to become a functioning member of society. And it is because of this comfort and companionship that we try to communicate and reach out to each other. Without this communication, things are bound to fall apart sooner or later, because our “sense of belongingness” gradually crumbles under the “pressure of loneliness”.

Q. 6. How has the way you used to keep in touch with people in your teenage years changed?
Answer: Keeping in touch with my families, friends and relative has always remained a priority for me, but unfortunately, this task was never as easy in my teen years as it is today, since, during those teen years, I either used to write letters or visit a rich neighbour’s house to make a phone call in order to communicate with the people. But, of course, gone are those tough days of my teen years as, today, I can communicate with everybody in this world literally in a blink of an eye by using modern technologies like smartphones, computers and the internet.

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