Discussion Topic - Visitors

Discussion Topic - Visitors.

Part 1:

Q. 1. What would you suggest a visitor should see and do in your country?
Answer: Bangladesh, the biggest delta in the world, is a beautiful country which attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year because of its natural beauty and rich traditions. However, to suggest a couple of places, tourists should particularly be interested in seeing the longest and natural sea beach, our national museum, and the biggest mangrove forest in the world in addition to enjoying exciting and delicious street foods.

Q. 2. Are there any traditional arts or music you would recommend?
Answer: Bangladesh has a very rich tradition in arts and music. To recommend traditional music, the name of “Bhatiali” comes to my mind which is a genre of folk songs that beautifully expresses the simple happiness and sadness of the daily life of farmers and villagers of my country. Besides, we have a rich collection of artworks that a tourist can enjoy if he/she visits the National Museum and the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Dhaka which that has a rich collections oriental art, drawing, painting, sculpture and crafts.

Q. 3. Tell me about the kind of foreign visitors or tourists who go to your country.
Answer: Many tourists come to visit Bangladesh every year, but most of them come either because of leisure tourism or cultural tourism. People, who come for leisure tourism, mostly from Europe and Asian countries, generally seek to break from the daily stress of life by resting and relaxing while cultural tourism allows the tourist to witness the traditional lifestyles, fairs and festivals of my country.

Q. 4. In what ways has tourism changed your country?
Answer: Tourism has significantly changed my country as more and more people are visiting Bangladesh every year. In fact, the contribution of tourism to our total GDP is about 4.5% which certainly is not a small matter. Besides, because of tourism, my country has developed its infrastructures in tourist spots by building many new luxury hotels and resorts and other tourism facilities. As a result, a great number of direct and indirect employment and business opportunities have been created in the last few years.

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