Discussion Topic - Health

Discussion Topic - Health.

Part 1:

Q. 1. Is it important to you to eat healthy food? [Why/why not?]
Answer: Yes, I think it is absolutely important to eat healthy because it is said that “health is wealth” and “you are what you eat”. Eating healthy keeps us physically fit in order to care of everything in our daily life. Besides, eating healthy helps us remain free from different kind of illnesses.

Q. 2. If you catch a cold, what do you do to feel better? [Why?]
Answer: If I catch a cold, I try to take lemon juice in hot tea, mixed with honey, as often as possible because lemon juice helps keep our immune system strong. Besides, I also take enough rest when I catch a cold because resting helps recover and regain our bodily strength.

Q. 3. Do you pay attention to the public information about health? [Why/why not?]
Answer: Yes, I do pay attention to the public health information because they do contain some important health tips from time to time which helps us keep free from diseases. Besides, I pay attention to them because I don’t really like to visit doctors and pay a hefty amount of fee for some simple reasons.

Q. 4. What could you do to have a healthier lifestyle?
Answer: Remaining healthy is the best gift one can have. Anyway, I certainly could take enough sleep, walk about an hour every day and cut the consumption of fatty food every day in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I could also try to remain stress-free because stress can really harm our health.

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