Discussion Topic - Your country

Discussion Topic - Your country.

Part 1:

Q. 1. Which part of your country do most people live in?
Answer: People in my country are spread out all over pretty much evenly except, of course,  in the capital city where population density is way more than the rest of the country. On the other hand, population density in the south-west part is rather low because that part has a lot of mountains and as such, not very accessible.

Q. 2. Tell me about the main industries there.
Answer: My country is can’t exactly be considered as an industrialized one because we don’t have that many heavy industries apart from iron rod & metal manufacturing industry along with refrigerator and motorcycle manufacturing industry. We also have tea industry, garments industry, jute industry, fisheries industry and electric appliance manufacturing industry among others.

Q. 3. How easy is it to travel around your country?
Answer: My country has extensive road infrastructure networks which are pretty much crisscrossed all over the country, and as a result, travelling around my country is not really difficult. However, since we have a rather large population but not enough transportation, travelling around the country can be a little difficult sometimes. Whenever I travel to distant parts of my country with my friends or family, I rather take the train to make the journey pleasant and hassle-free.

Q. 4. Has your country changed much since you were a child?
Answer: Yes, my country has changed very significantly since I was a child as it has developed in pretty much all aspects. GDP has increased, the average income of people has increased as well, and as a result, the living standard of people has improved with it as well. People are more educated these days, and more industries and road infrastructures have also been built.

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