Discussion Topic - Study

Discussion Topic - Study.

Part 1:

Q. 1. Where do you study?
Answer: I study business administration at one of the leading universities of my country as a postgraduate student in my final year, and, of course, I am loving studying at my university since the day I started.

Q. 2. Which part of the course do you enjoy most?
Answer: I have to study several courses to get my degree, but the part of my course, which I really enjoy the most, is the part where it asks me to do “case study” on some renowned and established companies. I enjoy it because it allows me to learn how a very ordinary company with a very humble beginning manages to reach the pinnacle of its business success.

Q. 3. What is your favourite subject?
Answer: My favourite subject is “Business Communication” which I have to study at my university as a core requirement for my degree. I find business communication to be a very interesting subject because it teaches me how to be an effective communicator not only in professional life but also in my personal life.

Q. 4. Is it a difficult subject to study?
Answer: Yes, it is indeed a difficult subject to study, but at the same time, it is also very interesting because it teaches me how to motivate people and manage very difficult issues as well as think critically in a demanding environment.

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