Discussion Topic - Transport

Discussion Topic - Transport.

Part 1: Introduction & Interview

Q. 1. How did you come here today?
Answer: Actually, I live in a different city from where this test is taking place. So, I had to take a train to reach here today even though I prefer to travel by bus. It took me almost three hours to reach here.

Q. 2. What is public transport like in your hometown?
Answer: We have primarily two different kinds of public transports in my hometown. One is the public bus and the other is the train. However, we have private buses and cars and other private transports in our hometown as well. Finally, we have an intercity rail transport system than many commuters use on a daily basis.

Q. 3. Do you think people should use public transport more? [Why/ why not?]
Answer: Yes, I do think that people should use public transports more primarily because they would be able to accommodate more travellers. And, since they would accommodate more travellers, the roads and streets would be less congested with less traffic. Besides, a lesser number of vehicles on the streets means less air pollution.

Q. 4. How public transports have changed in your country during the last one decade?
Answer: Public transports have changed in my country during the last decade or so as their number has increased and so has their comfort level and services. In fact, today more and more public buses have air condition facilities in them and the rent has gone significantly higher as well.

Part 3: Details Discussion

Q. 1. What is the most popular means of transportation in your country?
Answer: While my country has all kinds of transportation to help facilitate the movement from one place to another, transportation by bus, by far, is the most popular mean of transportation, followed by the railway. My country has a vast network of roads and highways, crisscrossing all over the country from end to end, which naturally makes the bus transportation an automatic choice for the majority of people. Besides, the relatively lower cost of bus transportation also makes it the most popular and affordable means to travel.

Q. 2. Do people in your country prefer public transports? Why? / Why not?
Answer: Well, call it a good thing or bad thing, most people in my country don’t exactly prefer public transport, primarily because they are not as widely available as private transports. Besides, whatever little public transportation is available for the use of the public, they are by no means are efficient and comfortable to ride because of the gross mismanagement of the government authority. Then, the relatively higher cost of using these public transportation, in most cases, doesn’t exactly make it that attractive to the common public.

Q. 3. Should governments encourage people to use public transports?
Answer: Yes, the government should by all means encourage people to use more and more public transports if they really want to help the country and its citizens. After all, allowing more and more people to use the public transports would help the government increase its revenue, which (the revenue) then can be used to take care of other development works around the country. But, of course, before this can actually happen, governments must become efficient in order to improve the quality of service, offered by the public transports.

Q. 4. What are the main reasons for traffic congestions around the globe?
Answer: Traffic congestion is caused by multiple reasons around the globe. Some of these reasons may include too many cars for the roadway due to inadequate mass transit options or other reasons. Obstacles in the road, such as double parking, road construction work, lane closure due to some utility works, narrow road and accident, can also cause traffic congestion. Finally, out of sync traffic signals, not enough “green time”, and too many pedestrians crossing the road at the same time are also some of the very common reasons which cause traffic congestion around the globe.

Q. 5. How increasing dependency on private cars can cause global warming?
Answer: Unfortunately, private cars aren’t really able to accommodate as many passengers as buses, tramcars or trains can. Therefore, quite naturally, increasing dependency on private cars has become a major cause of global warming all over the world. In other words, as more and more people are using private cars to move from one place to another, the rate of carbon emission, as well as the emission of other greenhouse gases, in the earth’s atmosphere are only increasing, which is causing some serious global warming in some parts of the world.

Q. 6. What can the government do to improve the public transportation system in a city?
Answer: There are many good reasons to use public transports. So, the government should take the necessary steps to improve the public transportation system in the cities and other areas. To begin with, the government can improve infrastructure by developing new roads, easily accessible to buses and other public transports, and frequent stoppages along the roads. Then, the government can also consider help funding those people or companies who are interested in offering public transportation services. After all, it is really difficult for a company or an individual to spend so much money all by themselves to get into the public transport business.

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