Discussion Topic - Transport

Discussion Topic - Transport.

Part 1:

Q. 1. How did you come here today?
Answer: Actually, I live in a different city from where this test is taking place. So, I had to take a train to reach here today even though I prefer to travel by bus. It took me almost three hours to reach here.

Q. 2. What is public transport like in your hometown?
Answer: We have primarily two different kinds of public transports in my hometown. One is the public bus and the other is the train. However, we have private buses and cars and other private transports in our hometown as well. Finally, we have an intercity rail transport system than many commuters use on a daily basis.

Q. 3. Do you think people should use public transport more? [Why/ why not?]
Answer: Yes, I do think that people should use public transports more primarily because they would be able to accommodate more travellers. And, since they would accommodate more travellers, the roads and streets would be less congested with less traffic. Besides, a lesser number of vehicles on the streets means less air pollution.

Q. 4. How public transports have changed in your country during the last one decade?
Answer: Public transports have changed in my country during the last decade or so as their number has increased and so has their comfort level and services. In fact, today more and more public buses have air condition facilities in them and the rent has gone significantly higher as well.

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