Discussion Topic - Holidays

Discussion Topic - Holidays.

Part 1:

Q. 1. What do you do when you have a holiday?
Answer: When I have a holiday, I try to stay at home as much as possible, watching some interesting TV programmes or helping my mother to cook some new and delicious food items (yes, I love foods that much). Sometimes, I go out in order to hang out with my friends or watch a movie at a nearby theatre. If it's a long holiday, I plan to visit a tourist attraction in a faraway city with my family or friends.

Q. 2. Whom do you usually spend your holidays with?
Answer: I usually try to spend my holidays with my family member as much as possible, watching movies at home or visiting a good restaurant or café in order to enjoy a lovely afternoon. Sometimes, I try to join my friends also to play some soccer game or billiards.

Q. 3. Why are holidays and important to you?
Answer: Holidays are important to me because it allows me to enjoy some quality times with my family members after a long and tiring work schedule. Besides, holidays also gives us the opportunity to refresh ourselves so that we can be ready again for the tough and hectic work schedules that are ahead of us.

Q. 4. What do people usually do during the holidays in your town/village?
Answer: People in my hometown usually hang out with their friends and families and relax. Sometimes, they go to watch a movie at a local theatre while some other times they enjoy some games. Sometimes, some of them even go to visit some distant places in order to either see their relatives or see some interesting places.

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