Discussion Topic - Career & jobs

Discussion Topic - Career & Jobs.

Part 1: Introduction & Interview

Q. What job do you do?
Answer: I work as a "Senior Sales Manager" at one of the leading consumer electronics producing companies in my country. I have been doing this job for the last five years and I love my job a lot.

Q. Why did you choose that particular job?
Answer: My education and prior job experience were suitable for the job when I applied for it. Besides, I chose this job mainly because it allows me to work with the clients in the field for a certain part of the day, and thus allowing me to enjoy outdoors also at the same time, while for the rest of the day, I can work in an office environment. The salary package and other benefits that the company offered for the position were also attractive. After working here for about half a decade, I can say that I love my job.

Q. What other work would you consider doing in the future?
Answer: One day, I would like to consider working as a “Sales Director” of a major consumer electronics producing company in my country so that I could apply some of my own and unique “selling” techniques and thus becoming a leading sales professional in my country.

Q. What do you like about your job?
Answer: I like several things about my job, but the best thing, which I really like, is that it allows me to communicate with people, not as a salesperson but as a regular person, in order to meet his or her needs like a good neighbour. I also like the way my opinions and views are valued by the senior management in the company.

Q. What skills do you want to enhance to do better in your job?
Answer: I would certainly like to improve my communication skill in order to do better in my job because, after all, communication is everything in a sales job. Besides, I would also like to enhance my “analytical skill with data” so that I could better understand the market.


Part 3: Details Discussion

Q. Do you think job satisfaction is more important than salary when choosing a job? Why? Why not?
Answer:  think that both job satisfaction and salary package are important when choosing a job, mainly because a good company offers both. While job satisfaction is important for work-life balance, better financial security in a world where “money” is pretty much important is also required.

Money can't buy “satisfaction” and “happiness” no matter where we live and what we do and that's why job satisfaction plays a pivotal role in making us happy in life. However, it is also true that when I know that I will be paid a “handsome” amount of money for my efforts and time at the job, I would have that much-needed extra incentive to work harder and smarter. 

Q. How has technology changed the way we work?
Answer: Technology has become an integral part of our work one way or another because it has allowed us to work smarter and faster in a demanding environment. It is the technology through which we can collaborate among our fellow workers, by using teleconferencing and video conferencing even if we live a world apart from each other. Besides, it’s through the modern technology like “cloud server” on which we can store millions of our important data in seconds and just forget about it, as opposed spending months in sorting the paper files and documents. Technology also helps us reach millions of clients and thus make business expansion and sales growth possible while allowing the customers to do extensive research about a company and its product or service.

Q. What skills are more important for young people in your country to have a better job?
Answer: Some people in my country believe that we probably need only “networking” (knowing the right people in the right places) to have a better job in my country. But this is not the whole truth. Educational qualification, communication skill, presentation skill and experience in the related field, in my opinion, help young people land on their desired jobs. Moreover, one would also need time management skills, project management skills, great analytical abilities, technical and technological skills, team-working skills, instant problem-solving skill and multi-tasking skills in order to get a better job in my country.

Q. Which kinds of jobs have the highest salaries in your country? Why is this?
Answer: As far as I know, the jobs of bank managers, software development managers, engineers, financial planning managers, attorneys, architects and medical doctors attract the highest salaries most of the times in my country mainly because these sectors make the most money. Besides, these professions have been associated with prestige and high status in my country for a long period of time, and as such, they get the best values for their work and service by their employers. Finally, since we don’t have enough qualified professionals in these job sectors, and as a result, businesses and companies don’t mind paying them high salaries.

Q. Are there any other jobs that you think should have high salaries? Why do you think that?
Answer: In principle, I believe that everybody should be paid a high salary because they all contribute to our nation one way or another. But, unfortunately, in the real world, it doesn’t happen. Anyway, people who are involved in cleaning and maintenance should also have a high salary because they work day and night to keep our cities clean and healthy. After all, if we don’t live healthily, we won’t be able to enjoy our life and function to our full capacity. Besides, I also think that teachers should have high salaries because they work tirelessly in order to build a nation, and by building responsible and productive citizens.

Q. How do you think our career affects our personal and social life?
Answer: Our career affects our personal and social life in a very significant way primarily because if we don’t choose our professions carefully, we won’t be able to have proper work-social life balance. Working too much and for too long hours may affect our physical and mental health rather negatively which, in turn, would affect the way we communicate with others around us. Besides, if we don’t get paid enough from our jobs, the chances are that we would look down on ourselves and develop low self-esteem due to having insufficient funds to live by.

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