Discussion Topic - Work

Discussion Topic - Work.

Part 1: Introduction & Interview

Q. Where do you work?
Answer: I work as an Assistant Manager in a 5-star and renowned hotel in my country which I really like. I have been working there for more than seven years.

Q. What are your job responsibilities?
Answer: My job responsibilities include, but not limited to, managing front desk professionals and helping them in taking care of the guests and checking to see if the hotel employees are discharging their responsibilities according to the hotel guidelines. I also take part in recruiting, training and supervising staffs for the hotel, handle customer complaints and queries, and ensure compliance with health and safety legislation. Finally, I sometimes also take part in promoting and marketing the business.

Q. What do you like most about your job?
Answer: What I really like about my job is that it allows me to meet and talk to different kinds of interesting people every day from different parts of the world. It also feels great to make them feel comfortable at our hotel after they spend a tiring day outside. Besides, I like to train the newly recruited staffs and when I see them perform well, I feel a great sense of satisfaction.

Q. Is there anything you do not like about your job?
Answer: Well, the only thing, which I don’t really like about my job, is that when our hotel guests complain about our services, despite our best efforts and intention, just for the sake of “complaining”. Well, we just can’t always have it our way, can we?


Part 3: Details Discussion

Discussion topics: Different kinds of workplaces

Q. What things make an office comfortable to work in?
Answer: Several things make an office comfortable to work in which may include a spacious desk, comfortable and height-adjustable chair, comfortable level of room temperature (both during summer and winter time), a good hygienic atmosphere, enough light and proper resting place during the break for office staffs. But above all, good and friendly staffs are what make an office environment really pleasant and conducive for work.

Q. Why do some people prefer to work outdoors?
Answer: Some people prefer to work outdoors probably because they are usually outdoor kind of persons who don’t like to get stuck in indoors for too long. After all, working outdoors would allow a person to enjoy the fresh air and enough natural light all day. Besides, when a person gets to work outdoors, he or she usually get to meet different and interesting kind of people every day and talk with them about an array of issues which may not always be possible if he or she chooses to work inside of an office.

Q. Do you agree that the building people work in is more important than the colleagues they work with?
Answer: No, I don’t agree with the view that building, in which people work, is more important than the colleagues, they work with, because we interact with the people and staffs around us continuously, not the building. So, if the people and the colleagues around us not helpful and friendly, the chances are that we won’t be enough productive and efficient at work no matter how nice and comfortable the buildings are.

Discussion topics: The importance of work

Q. What would life be like if people didn’t have to work?
Answer: If people didn’t have to work, life would be really boring and meaningless. Besides, if we didn’t have to work, the world, in which we live now, would eventually cease to exist. For example, if we didn’t work, we wouldn’t have any place to live, no food to eat, no clothes to wear, no books and school to teach, and no medicine to take when we would become sick. Finally, if people didn’t work, then they would probably do something evil to destroy each other as they say “idle brain is the devil’s workshop”.

Q. Are all jobs of equal importance ?
Answer: No, not all jobs are equally important because we live in an asymmetric world by its very definition. If all jobs were of same or equal importance, there wouldn’t be any wage disparity, nor there would be any need for different kind of qualifications. Besides, if all jobs were of equal importance, nothing in this world would actually get done in a proper manner because nobody would be willing to work under anybody’s supervision or listen to anybody’s advice. However, it can be said that jobs people from different walks of life does is important because they are, and as such, contribute to our society in one way or another.

Q. Why do some people become workaholics?
Answer: Some people become workaholics probably because they don’t have any social or family life outside of their works. They can be workaholics also because they are actually very passionate about what they do and what they want to achieve. It is also possible that they are workaholics because they have very limited people or communication skills that prevent them from mingling with other people.

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