Discussion Topic - Films/Movies

Discussion Topic - Films/Movies.

Part 1: Introduction & Interview

Q. Do you enjoy watching movies? [Why/Why not?]
Answer: I was a huge fan of movies in the past but I don’t really enjoy watching movies these days much mainly because most of the movies have no or very limited artistic values and no good storyline. Besides, I like watching historical TV documentaries, reading a good book or visiting a new place instead of watching movies. I feel like could have probably done something more constructive (such as learning some computer design or programming) than watching movies each day.

Q. How often do you watch a movie at a theatre or hall? [Why?]
Answer: I don’t really go to a movie theatre or hall in order to watch a movie because if I want, I can always watch a movie right at my home in my home theatre system. Besides, I can watch any movie at home in a more relaxing manner which is not always possible in a theatre. Since reading, travelling and watching TV documentaries are more important to me than watching movies, I hardly go to a theatre. Thus I go to a theatre, maybe once or twice, in a year primarily to accompany my friends.

Q. Do you have a favourite movie that you watched more than once? [Why/Why not?]
Answer: Yes, I have watched a number of movies more than once but the most favourite one is “Titanic” because it has managed to bring back one of the most tragic events in our human history in such a lively manner by blending a very touching love story with it. Apart from that, I have watched "Road to Perdition", "Casablanca", "Citizen Kane" and "The Godfather" multiple times.

Q. When was the last time you watched a movie with your family?
Answer: I don’t really manage to watch a movie together with my family that often because I remain busy with my job and other important priorities of life. Anyway, the last time, I watched a movie with my family was about several months ago when we were enjoying a long holiday. We watched the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" together and we all enjoyed it.

Part 3: Details Discussion

Discussion topics: Watching films/movies

Q. What are the most popular types of films in your country?
Answer: My country has a rich history of making good films which receive international awards from time to time. Anyway, popular film types in my country may include romantic movies, action movies, drama films, fantasy films, comedy movies, children’s films, thriller films and war movies among others. Documentary films on some historical events are also popular in my country.

Q. What is the difference between watching a film in the cinema and watching a film at home?
Answer: There are several differences between watching a film in the cinema and watching a film at home. First, in the cinema, we can watch movies on a really large screen while we don’t have the same advantage at home. Secondly, while we can watch a movie at home in a relaxing manner according to my own pace in a homely environment, the same can’t be said about watching a movie at a cinema theatre. Thirdly, we need to pay for the ticket whenever we want to enjoy a movie in a theatre but that's not applicable while watching a movie at home. While watching films is ideal when we want to enjoy a movie with the family, a movie theatre is a better place for friends and social gathering.

Q. Do you think cinemas will close in the future?
Answer: Yes, I think many, if not all cinema halls, will close in distant future because people can easily buy their home theatre system in order to watch the movies on a big screen (of course, a big home or room is needed for that purpose). Besides, people can watch virtually all kinds of movies right at their homes on their TV with satellite television channels, video streaming service like Netflix and by “pay per view” (paying to watch favourite movies on television). Some theatres, in my opinion, will survive as watching movies, as an activity, is often considered social activity by many and a good excuse to gather with friends and spending time outdoors with the family.

Discussion topics: Theatre

Q. How important is the theatre in your country’s history?
Answer: Generally and historically speaking, theatre in my country has played a major in the history of my country, especially in gaining its “independence”. In fact, theatres in my country galvanized the public opinion in starting the liberation war. Besides, the rich culture, we have today, including dramas, music, song, movies dance and other forms of arts, owe a lot to the theatre of my country.

Q. How strong a tradition is it today in your country to go to the theatre?
Answer: Today, we still have a strong tradition in my country where still many people go to watch theatrical display because the use of modern technology has made theatre more sophisticated and improved. Besides, more and more companies and corporations are coming forward to sponsor the artists who perform on the theatres so that theatre lovers can enjoy good performances.

Q. Do you think the theatre should be run as a business or as a public service?
Answer: In my humble opinion, theatre should be run as a business because in today’s world, everything has become expensive and governments around the world are struggling to pay for the basic public services, let alone paying for theatres. Besides, theatre doesn’t exactly fall in the category of “public services”.  So, if theatres are run as a business, then they would be able to generate their own income so that they can take care of their own expenses instead of relying on the government.


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