Academic IELTS Writing task 1 Sample 75 - Global sales of games software, CDs and DVD or video

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Column Graph:

» You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The chart below gives information about global sales of games software, CDs and DVD or video.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information.

» You should write at least 150 words.

Global sales of games software, CDs and DVD or video

Sample Answer:
The given bar graph shows the sales amount of Games, CDs and DVDs in the world from the year 2000 to 2003. As is observed from the graph, the sales volume of games software increased over the year and CDs were the most sold items in terms of its sales amount among the given items though VDVs slowly replaced CDs.

According to the data, in the year 2000, the sales amount of CDs was 35 billion dollars worldwide. In this year the sales amount for DVDs/ Video and games were less than 20 billion dollars. The sales amount of these three items remained almost same in the next year with some increment in the sales amount of VDV and games. Over the year the sales amount of CDs decreased and finally reached to just over 30 billion dollars in 2003. On the contrary, the sales amount for DVD/ Video increased significantly and the amount reached almost near the sales amount of the CDs. Similarly, the sales amount of games increased and reached to over 15 billion dollars in 2003.

In summary, DVDs gradually replaced the CDs and games software sales increased for the given period of time.

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+1 # Husssain Enayet 2016-08-26 04:07
The chart provides the changes in global sales of games, software, CDs and DVD between 2000 and 2003. In general, it can be clearly seen from the chart that sales volume of CDs were highest in the given period but DVD replaced its popularity over time while games also received increasing sales over the time.

According to the given chart, global CD sales was $35 billion dollars in 2000. But in the next three consecutive years, its sales amount decreased gradually and in 2003 it made $32 billion dollars. On the other hand, DVD/Video sale amount increased significantly from 18 billion to 32 billion dollars between 2000 and 2003. Finally, the sales of Games Software augmented steadily from $11 billion dollars in 2000 to $18 billion in 2003.

In summary, thought during 2000 and 2003, CD sales earned the highest global money, DVD sales earned second highest during the given period and its popularity replaced the popularity of CDs over the time. Games also gained their popularity which is clear from the increasing sales each year.
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-1 # Madan 2016-07-22 19:22
Question: The chart gives information about the global sales of games software, CD and DVD or video.

Answer: The bar chart illustrates worldwide changes in sales of three different items- games software, DVD/video and CD in billion dollars from 2000 to 2003. Overall, games software and DVD/video sales went up rapidly during the given time. However, CD experienced slightly decline in its sales.

To begin, games software were less popular in the year 2000 among the three items. It was sold around 12 billion dollars globally. But In 2003 sales of games software went up approximately 20 billion dollars. Similarly, DVD/video have experienced a high growth in sales. In 2000 it was around 18 billion dollars and in 2003, DVD/video gained from the sales nearly CD sales around 32 billion dollars.

In comparison, CD was the most popular item in the world, in 2000. During the time it became less popular but still in 2003 CD made the highest sales with nearly 33 billion dollars. Nevertheless, in 2000 CD have experienced highest sales in the world around 35 billion dollars.
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0 # Ali 2015-11-19 01:45
The given chart compares the global sales of the three different media devices namely: games software, CDs and DVD or video in 3 consecutive years from 2000 till 2003 in somewhere based on sales volume in billion dollars. Looking at the details, the proportion of DVD/video sales amount increased steadily during that time.

As is presented as a census of a perusal, inhabitants had been expended 11 billion for games software in 2000 and after approximately 30% growth this volume reached to 14 and 17 million in 2001 and 2002 respectively and stayed in its last amount in 2003. In a similar scenario, DVD/video sales swelled up monotonously and after a big jump in 2002 met 31 billion dollars in 2003 as its peak. In contrary, the CD sales declined slowly and received to 32 billion dollar sales as nadir in later year from 35 billion in 2000.

In summary, the popularity of game software and DVD/video increased during that time and dwellers were paying more money in each year than the last year.
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