Graph Writing # 14 - Typical stages of consumer goods manufacturing

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Flow Chart/ Diagram:

The diagram below shows the typical stages of consumer goods manufacturing, including the process by which information is fed back to earlier stages to enable adjustment.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the process shown.

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Typical stages of consumer goods manufacturing


Sample Answer 1:
The provided flowchart illustrates the process of consumer goods production in an orderly manner and includes various stages of production and sales together with the feedback supplied towards the earlier stages which allows improvements and modifications throughout the process.

The product manufacturing process is initiated with the purchase of raw materials and manufactured components which are kept in storage until the production process is planned. Production planning stage involves product research and design. The process is carried through the stages of assembly, inspection, testing and packaging of the final product sequentially which is then dispatched for sales to the consumers.

Production planning provides feedback for storage. Likewise, sales provide feedback for both production planning and market research, which in turn provides feedback for advertising and packaging. Similarly, both market research and testing provide feedback for design.

In summary, this flowchart illustrates the production process and the feedback provided at various stages of goods manufacturing.

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Sample Answer 2:
The given diagram shows the stages of manufacturing and process adjustment of the consumer goods.  As is observed from the flowchart, the goods manufacturing is a complex process which is done in several stages and information is sometimes fed back to earlier stages to make some adjustments.

Firstly, raw materials and other components are stored together and production planning is done. Two major process involves in the overall manufacturing process: one is manufacturing process itself and another one is the information feedback process with which the adjustment of the manufacturing is done. After the product research, the design part is done and this input is used in product planning stage. After the production planning is complete the assembly, inspection, testing and packaging stages are done sequentially. Feedback from testing phase is used in the design stage and which led back to product planning stage. Again, the market research affects the design and advertising stages and inputs from the market research stage are used in the packaging stage. The final two stages are dispatch and sales. The information flow stage gives feedback to other stages to refine and adjust the process.

In summary, the consumer goods manufacturing process involves both the multi-staged manufacturing and research methods. The manufacturing stages involve the storage, assembly, inspection, packing to the sales methods whereas the research stages include market & product research, design and advertisement.   

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Sample Answer 3:
The given diagram shows the steps of the consumer products manufacturing process, as is clearly shown in the diagram that goods manufacturing is a complex process from collection of raw materials to the end product.

As the process clearly shows the first stage of product development is collection and storage of raw materials and manufacturing components. The second stage involves designing of the products and production planning and it’s a lengthy process which includes supervision and monitoring designing progress frequently, and before market surveys, it is necessary to test the product to be aware the quality of the product. If the product is quality wise good then the next stage is packing of the products and make advertising for sale. In this production and manufacturing process, there are mainly two types of processes- the flow of manufacturing process and the flow of information feedback.

In summary, it is value chain development process that starts from collection of raw materials to the end or final product for sale, in each stage of this manufacturing process value is added to products.

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Feel free to correct me, I’m really struggling to describe the flow chart… That’s why I’m sure I’m making mistakes. So please help me.

Answer: (Modified version)
The diagram illustrates different steps of product manufacturing as well as methods using which useful feedback are provided to initial stages for regulating the product quality and production process.

As we can see, the flow of information and feedback take time and effort in order to make the product appropriate and adjust the production process. Moreover, many surveys and feedbacks are also needed to make good design and making good advertising.

First, if we follow the manufacturing process, it is obvious that raw materials and manufactured goods are stocked in storage units before they are transferred to the production planning phase. After choosing the materials which are suitable with the design (based on research), it would be sent to the next steps, but the goods that are not useful would be sent back to storage. The next steps are assembly, inspection, testing, packaging, despatch, and the finally the sales.

Three steps, particularly, need more attention and feedback. First, in the testing step, in which products should be matched with the design, second in packaging, in which products should be suitable with the market research, and finally, sales - which is the ultimate target for manufacturing goods.

Just before finalising the sales step, it needs to be reviewed again and again with the planning and market research phases. For sales, it would be important to do the advertising and re-design.

The flowchart provides information that involves two aspects - one is the process of consumer goods production and the other one is the feedback system.

Overall, the complex manufacturing process is carried through multiple stages which involves research methods and subsequent feedbacks which allow for improvements and modifications if needed.

The process is initiated once raw materials and manufactured components are available. This is then stored initially as the production planning needed to take place first. Once done, it is then proceeding to the assembly stage which is closely followed by inspections. At this point, the packaging is commenced as it passes through inspection and testing. It is dispatched to different store locations to be sold to consumers.

With regards to the feedback system, product research needs to be conducted in order to produce a design which is guided by market research and testing. Similarly, the design determines production planning. Packaging, by the way, is influenced by market research which then affects advertising. Consequently, sales determine future production planning and market research and then the whole cycle continues.

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Rashid Ali
The provided diagram depicts the process of consumer product manufacturing which consists of several steps including information feedback process which helps to apply changes in the manufacturing method, especially in production planning and packaging steps.As the diagram presents, before the initiation of the production planning, fresh materials and manufacturing components are kept in the storage. The feedback from the product research, testing, product design and market research are taken into consideration while planning for the production. Then the manufacturing process is carried out through several steps including assembly, inspection and testing. Test results are often supplied to the design team so that they can provide information to the production planning team for better planning. Finally, after the product packaging, which considers the market research input, the goods are dispatched for sales. The advertisement of the product takes input from the market research team. During the production process, there is various feedback which is generated at various steps and supplied to the production planning and packaging team. The feedback is mainly produced in product and market research phases which feed information to the packaging, advertising and design teams, in addition, design step is also fed by product testing findings.
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Hi, I do not mean to be critical. I was just making a point about the fact that the process should start with the research, not the collection of raw materials.... This is a tricky process because there are many steps and I think the trick is to try and use a minimum of excess words and to try cover as many steps as possible in an efficient way. Here is my sample; The diagram depicts the process of consumer goods manufacturing, and includes various stages in which feedback is supplied to earlier stages to allow for adjustment.Firstly, with input from both market research and product research, the product is designed and sent to production planning for assembly, using raw materials and manufactured components supplied from storage. After assembly, the product is inspected and tested, before being packaged and dispatched for sale. Feedback may occur in the following stages: Information from sales is supplied to market research, which in turn supplies feedback to advertising and design. Information from sales is also given to production planning, which later informs the storage department of any new requirements. Finally, results from testing are sent to the design department.All in all, this is a non-linear process in which the flow of feedback in various stages allows for improvements to the final goods produced.
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Could somebody please give his opinion on my version for this example?The given flow chart illustrates the eight main stages of consumer goods production, from the basic substances to the final product, ready for sale. As it can be observed, it is a complex operation, influenced by the process of the information feedback that follows the opposite direction of the production process. Firstly, raw materials and manufacturing components are collected and put together in a storage. At the same time, studies about the product are made which leads to its design. The next step is preparing a production planning from both storage and design of the artifact. After 5 other steps (assembly, inspection, testing, packaging and dispatch) the product is ready to be in the market. This whole procedure is controlled and regulated by the feedback information. They mainly come from market research defined directly from sales and affect different phases of production like advertising, packing and designing. There are some steps of the manufacturing process that give important information to other phases of this chain of operations, like sales to product planning which influences the stage of storage and the testing to the design of products.
Obviously, the process does not start with the collection of raw materials.... How can a manufacturer collect raw materials if they do not know what they are going to manufacture?? The first steps should be product research and market research.
The given diagram illustrates the consumer goods manufacturing process. Through the different stages, information is collected in order to refine the manufacturing process, quality of the goods and for on time adjustment for the end products.Firstly, the manufacturing process is initiated with the collection of new ‘raw materials’ and ‘manufactu red components’ for the storage to prepare for the production planning. After the product research, the design is one of the stages that take into account of production planning. It is indeed a long process which includes assembly, inspection, testing, packaging and dispatching the finished products for sales. During the process, the feedback information are frequently collected, for example, when testing the products, important test results are provided as feedback to the design stage. The ‘sales’ department gives their feedback to the ‘market research’ department which will contribute to the stages of advertising, packaging and designing. This information will also be taken into consideration in the early stages for better production planning and storage.
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