Graph Writing # 155 - Plan A & B shows a health centre in 2005 and in present day

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Map:

» You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

Plan A below shows a health centre in 2005. Plan B shows the same place in the present day.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

» Write at least 150 words.

Plan A and B of a health centre in 2005 and in the present day

Model Answer 1:
The plans, A and B, illustrate the refurbishment of a health centre in two different years (2005 and the present). Overall, there have been massive changes in the health centre over the period given. The centre has clearly been enlarged and its layout has also been changed to meet the demand.

In 2005, the main entrance was located in front of the health centre with 12 car parking spaces outside. From the main entrance, there were some seats along the hallway for clients to wait for consultation. At the end of the hallway, there was a reception desk for clients to register. In addition, an office and a consultation room were located on the left of the desk, and on its right, there were two more consultation rooms. Finally, a physiotherapy room was built behind the desk.

In the present day, the layout of the centre has been revised. The main entrance is now situated in the left corner of the centre with a reception desk and an area for children to play. Meanwhile, there is a large common area in the middle of the centre for clients where seats are available alongside the wall. All original rooms and a newly added room called the minor operations room, on the other hand, are now allocated to the common area. Finally, the size of the car park increased by twice with 30 spaces.

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Sample Answer 2:
The plans illustrate the development of a health centre from 2005 to the present day. Overall, it is clear that some major changes have been taken place to the health centre.

First of all, the only room which remained unchanged in health centre since 2005 is physiotherapy room. There is an extra minor operations room being added next to it, thus the size of the garden has decreased. In the present day, there are more seats available to the patients than that in 2005. In addition, there are 4 consulting rooms now compared to that in the year 2005 which had only 3 rooms. The main entrance is, noticeably, shifted to the bottom left corner of the health centre with additional children's play area. The reception desk is now placed near the entrance which is opposite of children's play area.

Lastly, the car park slots have been increased to 30 spaces in the present day from only 12 spaces in the year 2005.

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Sample Answer 3:
The two illustrations show the previous and the latest plans for a health centre in 2005 and in the present day. 

In 2005, the main entrance was located in front of the health centre with 12 car parking spaces outside. From the main entrance, there were a number of seats where clients could sit and wait for consultation. Moreover, there were three large consulting rooms and an office where clients could be accommodated and a reception desk in the far corner from the entrance. From there, there was a physiotherapy room, located behind the reception desk where clients undergo musculoskeletal rehabilitation. 

In the present day plan, the health centre is revised in this way. Both the entrance and reception desk are transferred in the left corner of the health centre and a playing area created opposite to the reception desk. They added another room for consulting purposes but not as large as the previous plan before. Likewise, spaces are expanded for car parking up to 30

slots. While the office and the physiotherapy room are in their original structure, a minor operating room is added beside the latter. To sum up, the present day plan is constructed with more rooms added although smaller in size compared in the past.  

[ Written by - Kent Julien ]


Sample Answer 4:
The illustration compares that arrangement of the health centre's rooms and facilities in 2005 and in the present day. It can be observed that the health centre has been renovated and it has more rooms and less space for garden these days compared to that of 2005.

According to the plan A, in 2005, the health centre's car park could cater only twelve motor vehicles. From the entrance of the building, the reception desk was at the centre of the building and that was surrounded by three consultation rooms and the office. There are seats for people at the left side of the entrance in the reception room. The hospital also had a physiotherapy room which was located behind the second consulting room. Moreover, the garden outside the building was quite wide and surrounded the health centre.

The renovation took place in the hospital and nowadays there are additional facilities in the health centre such as operating room for minor procedures and a place for children's recreation. Now the parking area can accommodate thirty cars and wider compared to their carpark area in the year 2005. It can also be observed that some changes were made in the reception room. Moreover, its entrance is relocated at the left-side of the building as well as its reception desk which is a few steps away from their entrance door. A new consultancy room was added and today, the health centre can perform minor operations as they have a dedicated operation room adjacent to the office and just beside the physiotherapy room.

[ Written by - Christy B. ]

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Nguyen Thuong Vu
The given plans show how a health care centre in 2005 that has been renovated recently. As can be seen, the facilities have improved significantly, except for the physiotherapy room.

To begin with, the number of parking spaces for cars increases to 30, and this also means the garden area has been reduced. In 2005, the entrance directly led to the waiting area inside, which consisted of the reception desk and several seats. At present, however, the entrance is brought to the left corner, and a person must walk through a children's play area to reach the waiting area, which are now bigger and has more seats. The reception desk has also been relocated, opposite the play area.

The office has been made smaller, and CR3 is moved to the right. Conversely, CR1 is now next to the play area. The position formerly belonged to CR2 at present belongs to an additional CR4. And finally, to the left of the physiotherapy room, there is a new one for minor operations.

Sahadat Anik
One map shows the layout of a health centre back in 2005 while the other shows the current structure. It is clear from the diagrams that the health centre building has been extended to accommodate more patients.

As the illustration suggests, the parking space was extended more than double to facilitate more cars. The entrance has now been moved to the left side of the building and the reception desk has been moved near to the entrance. While seating facilities were just after the entrance in the previous design, now it has been scattered in the reception area and the capacity has been increased to support more people.

Moreover, the office has now been shrunk to some extent. The consultancy rooms have also been shortened and a new consultancy room has been introduced. A children's play zone has been built near the reception area. A minor operation room has been constructed beside the physiotherapy facility. Finally, the garden space was bigger in the 2005's plan. The current plan shows that the garden space has been shortened to make way for more building space.

The maps compare the floor plan of a health centre before and after some development works, between 2005 and the present day. It is evident that significant modifications have been made in terms of usage of floor space.

The health centre has been redeveloped from 5 rooms to 7 rooms. In 2005, the health centre had 3 consultations rooms, an office and a physiotherapy room. Visitors could access the main entrance from the 12 spaced car parking area, which led to the reception desk and 11 seat area in the building. In the present day, the space of 3 consultation rooms has been replaced with the main entrance that leads into the adjacent reception desk and children's play area with 2 seats. Moreover, the central seating area has been modified from 11 to 14 seats and gives better access to all rooms.

Moreover, the space between the office and physiotherapy room in the northern end is now replaced with minor operations room. Also, the old entrance and consultation room have been substituted with 3 smaller consultation rooms, giving a total of 4 consultation rooms. The parking space is now larger to contain 30 cars. However, no change has been made to the physiotherapy room.

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