IELTS graph 227 - Procedure for university entry for high school graduates

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Flow Chart:

» You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The diagram shows the procedure for university entry for high school graduates.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

The procedure for university entry for high school graduates

Sample Answer 1:
The given flow chart illustrates different steps that a high school graduate has to go through to be admitted to a university. Overall, the process begins with the application submission and ends with the completion of the university entry.

According to the illustration, to be able to apply for the university admission, someone has to complete the high school diploma. The initial step involves getting the application form online and then submitting it to the admin. The admin categories applications in two main groups – rejected and accepted. Those who have been rejected are either permanently refused or given an opportunity to reapply for a different subject. To apply for an alternative course, a contestant has to go through the whole process again. The accepted pupils are also classified in two categories – directly accepted and provisionally accepted. Those who are provisionally accepted need to submit further documents and this process usually takes two weeks. On the contrary, who are fully accepted for the admission, select their preferred subjects and register with the dean of the faculty. After the completion of these steps, a student is considered eligible to enter the university and these final steps also require 2 weeks.


Sample Answer 2:
The flow chart depicts the steps involved in getting admitted in a university for high school graduates. Overall, to get admitted to the university someone must have a high school degree and finally, the Dean of the university approves the admission.

Getting back to details, high school graduates first need to download the application form from the university website and then fill it up. The filled application forms are then sent to the admin. The admin department either accepts an application or declines it. There are two types of acceptance – complete enrolment and provisional acceptance. Those who have been provisionally accepted need to submit more documentations within 2 weeks to the admin department. Their papers are then reexamined. Those who are accepted for complete enrolment then select their preferred subjects and register with the dean of the university. At the last step, the students get admitted to the university. On the contrary, applicants who are rejected are either given the chance to apply for an alternative course and go through the same steps again or their applications are discarded.


Model Answer 3:
The flowchart illustrates the steps that a high school graduate needs to follow to get admitted to the university. As can be seen, there are various steps that a high school degree holder has to go through to be accepted as a university student.

Once a student completes his high school course, he needs to complete an application form to apply for the university and this application form could be downloaded from the university website. Candidates then need to send the application to the administration. Applicants receive a reply two weeks later and the reply includes a rejection, an acceptance or a provisional acceptance. Candidates who get a rejection can either apply for a different course or can cancel their applications. On the other hand, provisional acceptance means more documentations are required. When a candidate receives an acceptance, the applicant needs to select a subject, and then register with the dean. When all these steps are completed, a candidate is ready to start his university life.

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Jay Prakash Bharti
Ioana Cozma
The given flow chart shows the steps that high school students have to take in order to enter university. Overall, each student begins once they have obtained their high school degree, at some point they will be accepted or rejected, and this may end with either entering university or cancelling their application.

Firstly, each student has to have a high school diploma in order to apply. Then, they are required to download and complete an application form from the university website and send it to the admin. Once the application form reaches the administration, there are three pathways: acceptance with complete enrolment, provisional acceptance, and rejection. If the applicant is rejected, they can cancel their application or complete an application for an alternative course, and resend the new application to the admin.

On the other hand, the applicant may receive either a provisional acceptance or a complete acceptance after two weeks of the administration receiving the application. If the applicant receives a provisional acceptance, this means they are required to provide more documentation, once this has been compiled, this can be sent to the admin, where it can be reassessed. However, if the applicant receives a complete acceptance, they are required to select a subject, then register with the dean and finally enter university.