IELTS graph 262 - Number of hours each teacher spent teaching

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Bar Graph:

» You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The bar charts below show the number of hours each teacher spent teaching in different schools in four different countries in 2001.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

You should write at least 150 words.

The number of hours spent by each teacher in teaching.

Time each teacher spent teaching in different schools

Sample Answer 1:
The column graph represents data on average teaching hours by each educator in 2001 in Japan, Spain, Iceland and the USA in the primary, lower secondary and higher secondary school levels. Generally speaking, a US tutor on an average spent more hours on schooling than that of Japanese, Spanish and Icelandic teachers in 2001 and the time spent on teaching increases with the class levels in all countries.

According to the illustration, an instructor in Japan, Spain and Iceland typically spent around 600 hours in 2001 to teach elementary level students. This duration in the USA was the highest, roughly 750 hours. A US mentor taught lower secondary students for exactly 1000 hours in the same year and it was roughly 600 hours in Iceland and Japan. However, lower secondary teachers in Spain disbursed roughly 750 hours each to their students. Finally, the time spent to teach higher secondary pupil in the USA was approximately 1200 hours which was 300 hours less in Iceland and Spain and precisely 700 hours in Japan.

Sample Answer 2:
The bar graph outlines the average duration a teacher spent on three different levels in four different countries in 2001. Overall, the teaching hours at the secondary level was higher than that of primary level and the US tutors spent more time teaching than the teachers in the other three countries did.

A US teacher spent more than 700 hours to teach primary students in 2001 while a Japanese educator disbursed exactly 600 hours for teaching the same graders. Time allocated to teaching elementary student by a Spanish teacher was 50 hours higher than that of Japanese teacher but it was less than 600 hours in Iceland. An American teacher’s average schooling duration in 2001 for lower secondary students was 1000 hours which was 300 to 400 hours higher than the teaching duration by a teacher in the other three countries. Finally, higher secondary students received almost 1200 hours’ lectures by a teacher in the US and this duration was noticeable higher than of other countries. In Japan, an upper secondary level teacher taught for 700 hours in 2001, almost 500 hours less than that of a US teacher. In Iceland and Spain, teaching duration by a higher secondary level teacher was approximately 900 hours, about 300 hours less than that of an American teacher.  

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The bar chart illustrates how long a teacher spent in the classroom in primary and secondary education levels in four countries in 2001.

Overall, teachers in the USA spent the highest amount of time annually in schools while Japanese teachers taught students for the least amount of time on an average. Moreover, teachers allocated more time teaching higher secondary pupils than that of primary and lower secondary students.

It is clearly seen that teachers in the USA spent the highest hours teaching upper secondary students in a year, which took up nearly 1200 hours. They allocated nearly 1000 and 750 hours to teach lower secondary and primary school pupils in this same year. Whereas in Japan, teachers, on average, spent roughly 600 to 700 hours yearly to teach schoolgoers and the durations were lower than that of the other three countries. In Spain and Iceland, schoolmasters contributed almost the same hours in upper secondary classes (900 hours). Teachers in these two countries spent approximately 600 to 750 hours in a year to teach elementary and lower secondary students.

I think it should be Icelandic teachers, not Icelander.