IELTS graph 303 - Coffee production, coffee consumption and the profit distribution

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1/ Graph Writing - Pie Charts:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The pie charts below show the coffee production, coffee consumption and the profit distribution around the world.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

You should write at least 150 words.

Global coffee production, coffee consumption and the profit distribution

Model Answer:
The pie charts correlate the global coffee consumption, its production in four countries as well as profit distributions among business segments related to coffee. It is obvious that Europeans and Americans are the primary coffee consumers while South Africa’s coffee generation is the highest. Moreover, companies that deliver the coffee make the highest earnings.

According to the illustration, Europe along drinks more than 40% coffee which is the highest ratio of coffee intake in the world. America consumes 2% less than that while Japanese dissipate only 8% of global coffee. Rest of the world merely consumes 12%.

South Africa contributes to 44% coffee production which is the highest. Indonesia harvests 22% coffee, exactly half of the South African coffee assembly. Japan and Vietnam make 18% and 16% coffee respectively. Interestingly, despite Japan’s being one the top countries to produce coffee, their consumption ratio is comparatively lower.   

Finally, more than half of the profit from coffee is made by the delivery industries. Coffee retailers’ share of profit is roughly a quarter while coffee producers and exporters make respectively 10% and 15% profit.

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Can we explain this graph in past tense?
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