General Training Writing Task 1 Sample 39 - You are writing your first letter to a pen pal

IELTS Letter Writing / GT Writing Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You are writing your first letter to a pen pal. Describe your previous studies and work experience, your current activities, hobbies and interests.

Tell your pen pal that you will be visiting him/her.

You should write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write your own address.

Model Answer 1:

Dear John,

Hi! This is Raj, from Delhi, your pen pal. It was nice to learn from your letter that we both share quite a lot of common interests and hobbies. The subjects that we had opted in our respective secondary studies are co-incidentally common. As a matter of fact, it is due to this reason that the industry which we both are employed is also common.

It is good to learn that you are also serving a Financial Industry, after your specialisation in the stream of Finance. However, ironically, the respective companies in which we both are employed are arch-rivals in the industry of Finance.

Well, that is something on the professional side of us. Due to immense work pressure, I have lately joined yoga and meditation classes. However, I still never miss my age-old hobby of swimming. It is hard to recollect even a single day, barring the weekly off, when I miss a dip in the swimming pool. Apart from this, the weekly off is generally devoted to spending time, strictly with family. The overall credit to my health, however, goes to the one and a half session of yoga classes in the morning.

Hey, do make it a possibility to spend a few days at my residence and attend the wonderful classes of yoga. In the meanwhile, a programme by the ‘Yoga Institute’ is going to be held in your city in the month of November. I have enrolled myself for the same. The programme is for a week wherein the boarding and lodging are taken care of by the Yoga Institutes.

I will certainly try to come and meet you during the week.

Let us catch up in the coming November and till then take care and keep in touch.

Your pal,

[Written by - Neeraj Mehra ]


Model Answer 2:

Dear Mithila,

Hi! My name is Jane Zhang, and I obtained your name and address from Pen Pals International. I am very glad to have this chance to write to you and become pen pals.

Let me first introduce myself. I’m currently working as a computer programmer in a large multi-national company. I graduated from Tsinghua University with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science in July 2004. While I enjoy my current job, I’m interested in pursuing a Master’s degree and hope to begin graduate studies next September. My hobbies include listening to pop music (especially U2), playing the piano and erhu (a Chinese instrument), and playing tennis. I’m also very interested in travelling and have visited every province in China at least once.

This summer, I will be travelling with my mother to California. She will be attending a history conference at the University of California-Berkeley, and I have just received permission to go with her. We will stay in California for a total of 2 weeks – from August 2nd to 16th, 1999. If you are free, I would be very happy to meet you in person. Perhaps we could spend a day or two together.

Well, let me finish here. I am already eagerly awaiting your reply to this first letter. Please tell me all about yourself and your interests. I hope that we can become good friends.

Yours truly,

Daniel Red.


Model Answer 3:

Dear Ahmed,
I hope this letter finds you well. In today’s letter, I would like to tell you about my past employers. I had worked for Siemens as data analyst over 2 years followed by a three years’ experience in UMT as a data specialist. Most of the tasks were similar at both places that were to collect data from company’s outlets and find out the hidden pattern and indicators.

Nowadays, I have taken a year off from my current employer and would like to fulfil my wishes. I am very fond of exploring the world and meeting new peoples to know about their culture and traditions. In order to pursue this, I have visited over 10 countries and more to be expected in coming days according to my plans.

I am very health conscious and regularly take part in physical activities. For this reason. I own a membership of the renowned fitness centre ‘Shape’. You will find me there in most of my evenings. I was planning to visit you since a year but unable to get free time. However, I will surely come on next weekend; we will enjoy delicious dinner at Taj hotel located in your surroundings.
Best regards

[ Written by - Fahad Sultan ]

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