Letter Writing # 193 - Letter to manager asking permission to attend the conference

IELTS Letter Writing / GT Writing Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You recently saw an advertisement about a business conference that can be helpful for your work. Write a letter to your manager asking permission to attend the conference.

In your letter, say:

      - What is the conference about?
      - How did you know about the conference?
      - Explain to him/her why it is important that you attend this conference.

You should write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any address.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear ......

Sample Answer:

Dear Mr Billison,

I am Charles Pattison, a junior project coordinator at your organisation. I am writing to seek your permission to attend a really helpful business conference organised by Business Flyer, a prominent human resource development company from the UK.

The conference, as advertised in the Daily Business Insider, will bring together like-minded young business professionals and would focus on steps to make a powerful digital footprint. The newspaper mentioned that it would be a three-day long discussion and aim to develop leadership skills of the participants so that they can bring innovation and success in digital marketing.

Right after I saw the advertisement for the conference, I called the coordinator and they advised to reserve a seat if I am interested. It will continue from 21st to 23rd February, from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm.

Our company has recently started taking the digital marketing seriously and I believe I can contribute more to it if I gather insights from the conference. The discussion topics are quite up-to-date and I believe those are actionable contents based on a sound curriculum.

I would request you to allow me to participate the conference and oblige thereby.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Pattison

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0 # Mehak Sharma 2018-03-20 07:28
Why the names at the starting of the letter I.E. after 'I am...' and the name at the end are different?
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0 # IELTS Mentory 2018-03-20 14:01
Hi Mehak Sharma,
Thank you for this. It was indeed different. The writer has rectified this.
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