Letter Writing # 216 - Complaints about the reception area where visitors arrive

IELTS Letter Writing / GT Writing Task 1:

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

There have been several complaints about the reception area where visitors to your company arrive. Your manager has asked you to suggest how the reception area could be improved.

Write a letter to your manager. In your letter,

  • describe the complaints that have been made
  • say why the reception area is important
  • suggest how the reception area could be improved

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:

Dear ...................., 


Sample Answer 1:

Dear Mr Reynold,

I am writing to you regarding the complaints about our reception area that we have received over the past few months, and to share my opinion about how to address them.

Many visitors stated their dissatisfaction with our reception area and most of the complaints were due to the fact that the place is overcrowded, they often have to wait for a long, and there is no desk to fill in the forms. They also showed their concerns that only one receptionist cannot serve them promptly, and it kills their valuable time waiting and talking to the receptionist.

Needless to say, the area where visitors arrive and wait is extremely important as it represents the image of our company and gives the first impression of the organization. Taking this into consideration, it is highly important to enlarge the reception area by annexing the room next to it. Moreover, it would be a good idea to equip the place with an additional sofa set and a desk for the visitors to use. Finally, hiring a second receptionist would be definitely worthwhile.

I am hoping that you would look into the recently lodged complaints and implement the suggested changes to better serve the visitors and keep our reputation intact.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Almond


Model Answer 2:

Dear Mr Michael,

I am writing with regard to the complaints we have received about our reception area over the past few weeks from our visitors. I have personally looked at the complaint logs and would like to share my suggestions to address the problem.

People who had to deal with our reception area mostly expressed their dissatisfaction about the congestion and delay in getting service. They also vehemently complained about the lack of proper sitting arrangements. Finally, many of them were dissatisfied as we do not have a desk and arrangement for filling in forms in the reception room.

Needless to say, the reception area and the service provided there represent our company's image. This is the first place where a potential client visits and if we fail to give a good impression, we would surely fail to increase our client base.

As a solution, I would suggest that we need to extend our reception area and hire a second receptionist. Perhaps, we can annex the adjacent room to the existing reception area and provide a desk with papers, pens and other amenities so that visitors can easily fill up the forms.

Thank you for giving the matter a top priority and I hope you would consider my suggestions to keep our visitors' complaints to the minimum level.

Yours sincerely,

Christie Barlow

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Dear Mr Richard,

We have received several complaints from our business partners and customers regarding the incompetence of the reception department. I am writing this letter to share some recommendations based on my personal experience.

Firstly, language is a barrier. Most of our visitors are from western countries and they speak only English. In our reception department, we lack staff who can speak fluent English, even if they do speak English, it is difficult for them to guide visitors. Secondly, they are not well-trained receptionists. They don't have expertise in communication despite having necessary degrees.

Some of our visitors can be our potential business partners in future. Reception is the area where they get the first impression of our organization. Dealing with the visitors professionally where they arrive can help us avoid any sort of visitor’s inconvenience.

We need someone at reception with having expertise in linguistics and communication. Staff with better interpersonal skills should be preferred.

Thank you for giving the matter your attention and hope to hear your reply soon.

Yours sincerely,

Waseem Khan

Dear Mr Morgan,

I am writing this letter to offer my suggestions in order to overcome the issues and concerns lodged by the visitors regarding our reception area. The complaints have been raised typically about the sitting area near the main entrance.

The reception area portrays our initial impression to our guests which enables them to develop a sense of professionalism of our company. However, these constant complaints have triggered an alarming situation for us to tackle.

I would like to suggest a few possible solutions to these concerns. First, we should instantly remove all the bins placed extremely close to the visitors' chairs as they are the primary cause of the bad odour. They also make the place obnoxious and less healthy. Secondarily, we should train our receptionist to attend our incoming guests proactively.

Also, kindly let me know if I could be of any help in this regard.

Yours sincerely,

Sumeet Jaggi