IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 236 - Technology will completely replace the traditional teacher in the classroom

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

The presence of technology in the classroom has become more and more apparent and offers students tremendous resources with which to supplement their education. Given time, technology will completely replace the traditional teacher in the classroom.

Do you agree or disagree with the above statement?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
Technology has advanced tremendously and significantly in the last century. This progression is conspicuous in a school-room today. Although some opine that, this technology trend will replace the classic teacher's role, I strongly believe that the position of standard instructor at essence in the educational process. This will be proven by analysing how the teachers are able to cater students' requirements, as well as, catalyse and discipline them.  

It is agreed that for comprehension aim the ability of selective explanation at paramount importance for various pupils. For instance, students are diverse of their assimilation degree, and the skilled instructor who is capable of fulfilling these varieties of learners need in form of rephrasing or simplifying his conception. Obviously, the computer-based teacher is not aimed at that humankind unique task. Thus, these new devices are not ideal to dismiss the human participation in teaching procedure.

In addition, motivation and discipline are critical keystones in the educational procedure. This is certainly true in dealing with children who need sensitive approaches to fortify their perceptions and skills. In contrary, the computer-based course is directed to implement in a constant non-interactive procedure. Therefore, human instructors could not be replaced fruitfully with advanced apparatus.

To put it in a nutshell, though contemporary modern technology has a significant influence on our life, I personally believe that the essence role cannot be simply replaced or subtract in favour of computerised lifestyle. However, we should utilise this equipment in order to reinforce the teacher's contribution in the educational progression. 

(by Ahmed Elmoher)

Model Answer 2:
In this digital era technology is playing an important role in all major sectors and 'education & teaching' is no exception. It has definitely changed the way we learn and teach. However, there are several reasons that make me believe that technology will never be able to replace our conventional teachers completely.

Firstly, technology cannot make decisions the way humans do. For instance, in a class, if a student does not understand a topic, a teacher can decide to explain it in a different way or even with a familiar example. Technology cannot relate to our day to day lives. Also, a machine or a software cannot differentiate between good and behaviour and subsequently, cannot handle it with a punishment or a reward. Technology will never be able to handle a class full of kids the way teachers do while being loved, respected and inspiring students at the same time. Every student is different and may need a different treatment which teachers do the best. I believe that technology can help the teachers to teach more efficiently but can never play their role.   

Secondly, the logical matrix lacks an emotional repertoire. Teachers play a very important role in motivating and guiding students, not only in their academics but also in their personal lives. Technology cannot do that. Unlike machines, teachers can gauge when to be funny, serious or sympathetic. Moreover, though we need to use technology on a daily basis today, not everyone is tech-savvy. I myself still prefer blackboards over slideshows for learning. A complete technology driven classroom seems very mechanical to me.

All these points fortify my opinion that technology cannot replace teachers. Nonetheless, the way it assists teachers will arguably change over time with new innovations; hopefully only to better our learning experience!

(by Gunjan Mahindre)


Model Answer 3:
It is undeniable that technology has been increasingly used through the world and also applied in a wide range of field, and it is apparent in the classroom recently as well. In my opinion, it is not possible that technology will totally take the place of the role of traditional teachers in a classroom.
Teaching is not the only thing that a teacher does in a classroom. In process of teaching, there are plenty things to do such as providing all kinds of supports, supervising their behaviour, directing their studying target and catering all needs of pupils. A very significant aspect of that is to observe closely and focus on the learning process including their feedback and their status. Given that students misunderstand the topic in a classroom, teachers will try their best to rephrase the topic, change the way to make it clear until students can comprehend the content. However, a computerised teacher would be less in-tune with what students need.
Despite that technology does help students by providing mass information pools which break borders of nation and language, we should consider more about the process of study process in the classroom. Two-way communication of students and teachers build a comfort zone and friendly study atmosphere for each other. If students need help to deal with their academic problems and mental issues, teachers can actively guide them and helps them with their own practical experience which technology would be hard to duplicate it.
In conclusion, even technology benefits students a lot, it is still quite impossible for it to completely take the place of traditional teachers.

(by Fan Eva)

Model Answer 4:
Technology is increasingly being used throughout the world. Thus it is apparent in classrooms as well. It is quite unrealistic that technology will replace teachers in future. This will be proven by analysing how teachers can cater to student needs as well as motivate and discipline them in the classroom.

An Important factor in teaching is the ability of teachers to shape teaching style as per the students’ requirement. As an example, if a student does not understand any of the topics being taught in the classroom, the teacher can make them understand by rephrasing the topic. The computerised teacher will not be able to understand what the students require and thus technology will not replace teachers.

Motivation and discipline are key factors in teaching for any student's academic success. This is very important in classrooms as the children need to be taught motivation and discipline very effectively. A teacher only could do this when the student requires it. A computer-based teacher will not be able to accomplish this as there is a judgment needed to understand if the student is acting in an inappropriate manner which teacher could do. Hence it is clear that students need teachers.

Following the analysis of the ability of teachers catering as well as motivation and discipline to the students, it is clear that teachers are always needed in the classroom for student's success and hence technology will never replace them. In future technology will be used in the classroom by the students, but it will not take over the classroom.

(by Sumathi Chenchaiah)

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