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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 237 - In some countries children have very strict rules of behaviour

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

In some countries children have very strict rules of behaviour, in other countries, they are allowed to do almost anything they want.

 To what extent should children have to follow rules?

Give reasons from your own experience and examples where relevant.

Model Answer 1:
People in different countries follow and adopt different rules in dealing with their children’s behaviour. There are no laws for this made by any country’s government but this depends on the culture, values and people’s live styles.

The children who are the future of this world should be taught to follow a set of rules so that they are aware what is good and what will be bad for them. The rules that are meant for their good should be followed in true spirit e.g. how to behave with parents, elders, teachers, friends, siblings etc. as these are the manners that will help them to achieve success and they will ultimately transfer this to their children. These practices are passed and transferred from generations to generations so that the society is developed morally & ethically. Ethical and moral values are very important for any society and without these, a society cannot nourish and go forward.

Now if children don’t follow the rules the society it cannot run properly. Anxiousness and anxiety will rule and people will be frustrated as their children instead of following rules are disobeying them. This will reflect in lives of people also and their life will be disturbed. I have seen families whose life has been destroyed as their children didn’t listen to them and revolted against their parents /elders. In the most developed nations children in the name of freedom of expression do not listen to their parents and leave them and ultimately the whole family suffers. But the children should have the right to ask about any rule they think is not correct and clarification should be provided to them so that they can accept the rule from their heart.

 The children should follow in true spirit the rules and regulation made by the society, parents, elders etc. Children don’t have enough awareness to decide about the right and wrong and which rules will help them and which rule if not followed will get them in trouble. The society should explain the children the pro and cons of rules so that children don’t consider the rules as weight on their shoulders and in fact feel proud when they are following the rules.
(by Mubashir Mehdi)

Model Answer 2:
The period of childhood is the most critical stage in the lives of children. Some people think that children must be monitored and under surveillances during their childhood. Others have no such strict rules upon children. However, for many reasons which will be mentioned below, I strongly believe that children must be controlled by their families.

The first reason why children have to be put under notice is that they cannot distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. To illustrate, every family is solely responsible for its children behaviour. In other words, their parents must know how and what kind behaviour their children are heading to. Such knowledge will immensely help the family to maintain their children and provide them with a good conduct. Consequently, such children will be of a noble and great behaviour.

The second reason why children must undergo strict rules of behaviour is that they are the pioneers of future. In other words, children should be taught and instructed with a good pattern of behaviour which appeals to all those around them. Additionally, the family is the first who can implement such way in order to be able to cope with their lives properly. Hence, having obtained and acquired such good behaviour, children are expected to be the future-makers who will excel in their lives.

To recap, it is without denial that children should be subjected to strict rules of behaviour. This will direct them to the right path and will tremendously contribute in shaping their future. So, every family is advised to do the above in order to produce a promising and noble child whose contribution in society will be of great importance.

(by  - Abdulaziz Alharthi)


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Essay Topic:
In some countries children have very strict rules of behaviour, in other countries, they are allowed to do almost anything they want.

To what extent should children have to follow rules?

Sample Essay:
Countries have divergent customs for the children when it comes to following strict rules. When some countries have strict rules for youngsters, others have made them simple and relaxing. Personally, I believe that children should follow rules so that they become better human beings and successful in life, but the rules should not be so stringent that they destroy their creativity and make them hate those rules.

Children are the future of a country, so we have to provide them with proper nourishment and opportunity for mental growth from an early stage in their life. We also have to teach them how to respect others while also developing moral values. For this, they require proper guidelines throughout their childhood, where its passes from generation to generation. While we have to allow them some freedom so that they become creative, permitting them to do whatever they want would bring catastrophic results as they are often unable to distinguish good from evil due to their lack of experience in life. So a more balanced approach is far better. For example, many schools have strict rules that learners must follow and yet, these schools offer freedom to children to take part in fun activities and enjoy their time at school. This balance in regulation makes many children like their schools despite having some stern rules when it comes to disciplinary issues.

Moreover, parents, teachers and legal guardians often impose rules on youngsters that are highly beneficial for the children even though youngsters do not feel that way. Take waking up early in the morning, eating vegetables, taking a shower, not using vulgar words or taking part in outdoor activities instead of playing computer games as some examples. If children are given complete freedom in deciding what to do and when to do them, they would perhaps end up incorrectly doing most of them. They would realise this with maturity but it may be already too late by then. However, parents and society should understand that imposing rules every now and then and forcing children to abide by them always make youngsters apathy towards those rules which could backfire.

Finally, I would like to conclude that rules must be there so that the young generation would nourish under the guidance of the elder as children do not have enough knowledge what is right or wrong. We must also let them enjoy their childhood, and give them some freedom to nurture their creativity and potential in life.

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Children are the pillars of our nation and some people believe that they should be under surveillance during their childhood because their cognitive development is faster during this period and things learned during childhood determines the future of a child. I will discuss some issues in the succeeding paragraph regarding how strictly they should be fostered and how rigidly they should be imposed to rules set by others.There are a plethora of reasons why children should follow some rules which are for their own betterment. Parents should let them do things as long those activities are not harmful to them. Some sets of rules should be imposed so that they learn good moral and ethical values. Furthermore, if they have good utopia where they dwell, they can learn about right or wrong and can manage all situations in future.Thereafter, toddler have an enthusiastic mind and they learn, festivity and ecstasy in every little thing in their childhood. Parents should impose some rules so that they know the boundaries. This will help them to become a good citizen and successful person. However, the rules imposed by the parents, teachers and others should not be so rigid and whimsical that it affect negatively to their children’s psychology. They should be consulted first regarding anything they want to do. If this does not work and a child breaks a rule over and over again they some strict measures could be taken. Children would follow or deny obeying a rule only when they feel that they are disconnected and that’s why parents should take great care and allocate time to spend with them. In conclusion, children should follow some rules but they should not be overwhelmed with rules and regulations in every step. A thoughtful measure should be taken by the parents and teachers to up bring a child properly and to let him develop his inner talents.