IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 250 - Young single people no longer stay with their parents until they are married

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

In many countries nowadays, young single people no longer stay with their parents until they are married, but leave to study or work somewhere else. Do you think this trend has more advantages or disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
It is a fact that a lot of young people leave their parents' house when they complete their graduation from high schools. They prefer to live independently as they continue their higher education or decide to work. This trend has its' own positive and negative side, but I personally believe that it has more benefits than the drawback.

On the one hand, many people believe that leaving parents house during the young age has a disadvantage. It is undeniable that many young teenagers are not yet ready to live independently by themselves. Many of these people are not yet matured in making decisions and in differentiating between right or wrong for them. As a consequence, many of the young people become addicted to narcotics and alcohol or became pregnant at a very young age.

On the other hand, despite the disadvantage, living independently at the young age has some advantages for them. Firstly, they will learn how to manage their own life and appreciate the time. They learn how to set some priorities in their life, as they have to make schedules for studying, groceries shopping, doing the laundry or cleaning their apartment by themselves. Secondly, for those who leave their parents for work, they would reduce the burden of their parents. Parents could stop the financial supports for their child and could be allocated for the younger children or for their retirement plan.

In conclusion, it is true that many young age people choose to live independently these days after they have graduated from high school. Although the trend has a drawback, but I personally believe that it has more advantages for both the child and the parents as well.

[ Written by - Darwin Lesmana ]

Model Answer 2:
Nowadays, people leaving homes at an early age - is quite in a vogue. Some people consider that staying away from home in young age either to study or for work has more advantages than disadvantages.  In my opinion, leaving parents behind and moving apart has many drawbacks than benefits.

Today, the world has become more competitive than before. With the growing advancements and modernization, lust for power, money, better lifestyle has also increased a lot. Young people always try to cope up with this fast moving world. Hence, in search for their desires they move away from parents and home at an early age either to study further or in search for better jobs. I admit that this is essential, as it provides exposure, increases job perspective, better salary, modern lifestyle and so on, but there are disadvantages as well. These are as follows:

First of all, youngsters when they move out, they are totally unaware of the world and its challenges. They initially feel isolated and sometimes feel homesick. This can lead to depression if they don't find a way to get rid of it. For example, a student may find it difficult to stay alone after he/she has stayed with the family for a long time. Secondly, problems of accommodation may arise as moving to a new place and finding a proper room to live is quite a tedious job. At this point of time, people may get frustrated and cannot concentrate on the goal that they have been here to achieve. Lastly, a most common problem that many people face is self-satisfaction. If they find themselves not satisfied, they tend to indulge in activities that are not acceptable to the society. For example, salary and promotion issues compel workers to commit crimes such as theft, robbery etc.

To conclude, for all the above-mentioned points, it is essential for the parents to be with their children to support them, encourage them to move further and above all provide them with love and care. Therefore, in my view, though there are some advantages of leaving homes early but disadvantages are far more than that.

[ Written by - Fatema Bohari ]

Model Answer 3:
Deciding on whether to stay with family until you get married or to leave for education or work is a difficult question. While there are advantages to both options, I believe that living separately is more beneficial. This is due to the fact that it is important to become self-efficient at the young age.

On the one hand, living with family has certain financial benefits. If you like to live separately it would require a lot of financial resources and some families could save a lot of money if children stayed. Moreover, life with parents wouldn't be as stressful as it would be if you live alone. You will have enough time to find the job you want or to start up your own business. However, the main point in such tradition is that children could be protected from improper decisions. If they live with their families, they are not responsible for their families or jobs and they do not need to take major decisions as parents would mostly do that.

A number of advantages take place when a person decides to live independently from his family. For example, people who go abroad to study at prestigious and honourable universities will probably have more job opportunities and higher annual salary. Living separately is also a great step in creating a family because no one will interfere your relationships or give pieces of advice. Lastly, it is an essential step in young people's life and this is the only way to be prepared for grown-up life. When decisions have to be made and possible mistakes would only be your burden.

In conclusion, although living with parents is simple and effortless, it is crucial to leave your comfort zone at a certain age, to be ready for facing real life difficulties.

[ Written by - Max Kolyada ]

Model Answer 4:
It is not uncommon these days that in every country, young unmarried individuals are not living with their parents any longer because they choose to go abroad for study or work purposes. However, in every certain change, there are always benefits and drawbacks as I will now be discussing.

My first point is, as a young adult, leaving our homes to study or work overseas will benefit us personally and professionally. For instance, when I was studying for a three-month course for initial registration for overseas registered nurses at IHNA (Institute of Health and Nursing Australia) in Heidelberg Hts. Victoria, Australia, I learned a lot more about myself in that twelve weeks program, because of the unique space in which I learned, experienced and spent exploring an Australian culture. My maturity has increased as well as my self-confidence and I gained personal growth. Also, an entire range of professional opportunities has opened up to me after I finished the initial registration partly due to the skills and internship experiences I acquired in one of the prominent hospitals in Melbourne, the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Thus, I am now a professional ICU (Intensive Care Unit) nurse in a tertiary level and private hospital here in the Philippines, the Urdaneta Sacred Heart Hospital.

On the other hand, leaving our own home & our family will make us feel homesick that may sometimes lead to depression. As for my experience in Victoria, I was so alone and always missed my parents. Even if there is technology to make my communication ready and accessible with them, still it was not enough. As a result, I almost got into a depressing state if only I did not learn how to cope up. So these are the possible disadvantages of living away from home.

In conclusion, I think that this trend will have a positive and negative impact in our lives. But if we manage to adapt this situation, this will give us more benefits than problems. So in order for us to achieve this, perhaps we have to socialise more often with our classmates or co-workers to avoid depression.

[ Written by - Rona Lyn Olivar ]

Model Answer 5:
These days a lot of parents worry about their children’s independent behaviours. In fact, it was a custom that youth leave their homes after they married in many countries but at present, mentioned custom has changed and young people make their own life because of other different purposes such as study or work. While there are some disadvantages on this new behaviour trend, advantages are more considered and so, this essay has tried to cover the reasons.

In the past, it was defined that anyone should marry and young people live with their parents to save money and increase their abilities to make their own families. It was logical that they didn't separate from their parents as they specified marriage as their life goal and according to those days' lifestyle, living with parents was preferred by young people and was beneficial.

But nowadays, youth have a new perspective of life. In other words, they do not believe that marriage is the most important goal in life and they should be independent as soon as possible to have their interested lifestyle. Therefore, new targets have been replaced and youth not only do stay with their parents until they are married, but they go to other cities or countries to work or study. In fact, it makes a good opportunity for young people to be independent and help them to understand the meaning of life including its difficulties and ups and downs.

I think, therefore, parents always want that their children obtain living skills and perhaps, allowing them to be separated for any reasons is the best way for this purpose and undeniably it would bring lots of advantages for young people.

[ Written by - Milad Rahimi ]

Model Answer 6:
Over the past few years, there has been an increasing trend of adolescents staying away from home and parents to another place for the purpose of getting a good qualification or employment. There are various pros and cons of this trend which are elaborated in this essay.

On the one hand, I believe there are certain positive effects on the juveniles who choose to study or work away from their residence. Firstly, it helps the young ones to become more independent when the parents are not around them for spoon feeding. Moreover, they are able to make decisions by themselves that makes them more confident. Secondly, the experience of living far from home makes the children more responsible at a very young age. For instance, a person doing a job will know how to carry out the expenses and to save the money, when he is not living with parents. Finally, experiencing the different phases of life and learning from them can be possible when one is living away from his family.

On the other hand, the negative sides of this trend should not be ignored. Becoming independent and leaving parents for the career might cause the children to become emotionless and they may not feel the love that develops while living with parents. Furthermore, some of them can feel lonely and homesick that hinders their success for which they might be struggling.

In conclusion, considering both the aspects of living away from home for personal reasons, the advantages of this drift far outweigh the disadvantages.

[ Written by -  Madiha Junaid ]

Model Answer 7:
In the past, young people only left home once they got married. Nowadays, though, youngsters tend to leave earlier. While there might be some disadvantages to this phenomenon, I believe that its benefits far outweigh them.

There are two reasons why young people should not leave home earlier. Firstly, not all youngsters are ready to live away from home. An example of this would the type of people that are easily influenced by friends. Such people might lack the ability to resist their friends' temptation to get involved in dangerous situations, such as drug abuse. Secondly, parents would have to experience empty nest syndrome sooner than expected. This might be even more pronounced since they worry whether their children are mature enough to live on their own.

Despite the plausible drawbacks, I think there are more advantages that can be obtained. One of them is that young people would sooner be more independent and reliable. Since they could no longer rely on their parents, they have to depend on themselves. For instance, they would learn to do household chores, which they might not have learnt otherwise.

In addition, the parents-children relationship is likely to improve once both parties experienced living apart. Young adults might realise just how much they miss their parents, whom they might have taken for granted all this time. Thus, both sides are likely to make extra efforts to treat each other better. Besides, parents would have more time to take care of themselves once their children left home. The bond between the husband and the wife can even deepen this way.

In conclusion, while I agree that there might be some drawbacks to the trend of young adults leaving their home earlier, I believe that there are more advantages to it. Thus, parents should let their children live away from home, even way before their marriage.

[ Written by -  Helen Lim ]

Model Answer 8:
Nowadays education and job have become very important part of everyone's life. Without good education or job, it is difficult to survive in the present expensive world. Getting good education & good job is becoming an essential part of everyone's life. In order to fulfil this, sometimes people have to stay away from their parents. This has positive as well as a negative impact.

Firstly, when there is a thirst for quality education, sometimes it is difficult for people to get admission in a good college or their field of interest, in the vicinity of their home. This makes them go away from their house and study in college/school which is far away from their family. They end up in staying in a place near the college. This development will help them to spend most of their time in college rather than to spend time in travelling alone. This will also make them access the library on weekends. Also, sometimes it will be cost effective as the student spends less money on travel. In addition, if they stay near the college they can do combined study, with their fellow classmates thus making them easier to understand the subject and have a successful educational life.

On the negative side, it is when people stay away from parents, have less contact with parents and parents have less control on them. As a result, they fall into bad habits like drug abusing and unprofessional way of making money. This destroys their education and this will have a huge impact on their career and spoil their future. Secondly, people need to travel or stay away from their home depends on the job they are into. For example professions like marketing, sales normally require a lot of travelling and sometimes they even have to stay in a different city in order to reach their target. Some professionals, especially who are in the software field, need to work in their client place for a longer duration. This duration may reach up to 4-5 years depending on the type of project they are handling.  In one hand, this movement has advantages as people become more independent and thereby, it increases their self-confidence. It also helps in making the responsible citizen for the future. On the other hand, when people stay away from home they get exposed to bad companies, which will lead them to bad habits and destroys their career.

To sum up, staying away from home will have both the advantages as well disadvantages. However, from the above discussion I opine that there are more advantages compared to disadvantages. Also, I feel the people who go away from home have to be in good touch with their parents. They should regularly visit their home during their holidays / vacations and also attend some family functions. In this away, they can maintain the family bonding, together with their professional or education life.

[ Written by -  Prakash Chandra ]


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Essay Topic: In many countries nowadays, young single people no longer stay with their parents but leave home for study or work somewhere else. Do you think this trend has more advantages than disadvantages? Answer: In today’s modern world study and work play an integral role in our life. Education is the third eye of the human because without education one cannot achieve the goal and survive in this competitive world. Hence a great number of people chose to leave home to study or work. I think this trend has more advantages. I would like to state that leaving home for higher study or work has a number of pros. Firstly, they complete the higher study and improve their portfolio as well as knowledge for a better future - acedemic and personal life. Secondly, it also enhances the communication, interpersonal, self-dependence and leadership skills and those are quite important qualities for anyone to outshine in the future. Thirdly, it also creates a sense of discipline and develops new skills among people. Fourth, it also enhances the friend-circle and creates a brotherhood. Thus the advantages of this trend are quite significant.On the other hand, there are a number of cons of this trend as well. It can impact the cultural and traditional activities and belief of someone. Moreover, it also affects the living and eating habits and many students build a bad diet habit. Moreover, a bad company may ruin someone's life as there is no one to look after a young student. Finally, being all alone often creates a depressive and sad feeling among those who stay far away. In conclusion, to leave the house for work and study at an early age is good for youngsters, but parents should keep an eye on their life’s also and make regular contacts wth them.