IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 251 - When choosing a job, the salary is the most important consideration

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic: 

When choosing a job, the salary is the most important consideration.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
It is certainly true that payment is a necessary thing to consider in preferring a line of work, but it is not the most important one. This argument will be proven that a harmonious workplace and love of work are the leading factors in choosing a job.

For one, working with people in our job area harmoniously is more significantly weighed in work preference than what a person may earn. For example, I am currently working as an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) nurse in a tertiary level and a private hospital called the Urdaneta Sacred Heart Hospital here in the Philippines, and I have chosen to work in this unit because I have too many companions in the hospital. My workmates, friendship and support for my career growth are things that I considered more important than my earnings every month. So I believe that working in a harmonious environment is more about taking into considerations.

In addition to this, loving what we do is as important as working in an environment harmoniously when choosing an occupation. For instance, I have a strong compassion for other people, especially for the elderly as well as I love touching their lives make a difference, which is nursing is all about. Thus, I preferred to become an ICU nurse. I am also certain that all of the professionals chose their line of occupation because they are happy with what they are actually doing.

In conclusion, harmoniously interacting with our co-workers in our work environment and being satisfied with what we are doing are the most important considerations in selecting a job. It is not the salary. So choose an occupation with a supportive environment and that you are happy to do with.

[ Written by -  Rona Lyn Olivar ]

Sample Answer 2:
Many people contemplate their salary as the most salient feature of their job while others believe that other aspects could be more important. In my opinion, a job should have ethical demands and needs to be passion-oriented and salary is not the most important aspect. 

Let us first examine why passion is a prominent part of people's professional life and hold more importance than salary. No doubt, passion acts as the fuel that drives people to withstand the caustic side of their work. If people chose a job that is not connected to their passion, they will fall victim to depression and perform poorly at their jobs no matter the salary. On the other hand, if we examine successful people's stories, we would find that almost all of them have been in the career that they were passionate about. Suppose Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, both of them were tech enthusiasts, and therefore took technology as the means of their career.


Besides, a job needs to be ethically demanding and people need to find something to do for humanity and society besides the remuneration it offers. Doing something for people not only will provide mental satisfaction but also will strengthen the purpose of their job life. Take Mother Theresa or Nelson Mandala for an example. Both of them are highly admired for their works for humanity and they did their best because they knew they were doing something for others and to make the world a better place.


To conclude, salary is somewhat important for people to support their expenses but if they do not feel attached to their work, they will feel exhausted in their life. They will also be suppressed by the undue pressure that could have been avoided if they had the passion and ethical context in their job. This is why salary is not the most important aspect of a career.


[Writtne by - Amin]

Model Answer 3:
Payment from a job is one of the essential aspects for people to consider but it is not the only reason people take a new job or continue the existing one. I personally believe that there are other important considerations while choosing a job.

Without any doubt, salary is essential in order for people to survive and a great proportion of people rely on the money they get from their jobs. Most of the job-holders pay for their housing, utility bills, food, treatment, travel, education and so on from the money they get from their employers. It is evident that if employers stop paying the employees, there would be virtually no one left to work in a company. Teaching, sports, painting, politics and research are considered to be professions where passion is more important than money. However, if there is no money at all, I have doubt that anyone would pursue these careers.               

However, money is not the most important concern for someone to choose a job and there are other important considerations to start and continue a job. Passion and interest to the work, for instance, drive most of the people to work. For instance, many established artists, actors, writers and scientists who have already amassed a great fortune would have stopped working if the sole purpose of working would have been the money. From my personal experience, I can say that while choosing a job people most of the time consider a job they would enjoy rather than the money they would earn from it. Other important aspects, like the job security, career prospect, work environment, relationship with the colleagues and bosses are all important to choose a job. Personally, I would like to have a job that suits my educational background, let me learn and implement my ideas, have a great working environment and then I would consider the money I will get for the job.  

To conclude, salary is an important aspect for picking a job but other factors in combination play more vital roles and have more significance than the money.

Model Answer 4:
It has been proven that salary has been one of the important factors when people are looking for a job but undeniably, different people have various opinions about their favourite job which are directly depended on people’ ages, their characters, expectation, qualification and the economic situation.

In fact, there is an acute difference between aged employees and fresh graduates to find their desired jobs. In another word, the youths consider work experience and want to enhance their abilities when they are choosing a job. While considerably ages and experienced people are looking for the better salary as they have obtained enough skills on their professions.

Also, the economic situation is another important factor when people are choosing their jobs. Put another way, some people prefer to have a job with a lower wage while the country is experiencing the shortage of work. For example, these days some European countries such as Greece or Spain are struggling with the bad economic situation and there are lots of unemployed people living there. So these people just want a job no matter how much the salary is. And the last parameter is related to people’s characters. It denotes that people have various requests from their jobs and it is not possible to write a prescription for all of the people on this matter. For instance, some find the work environment as the most important factor of a job, some other pay attention to the quality of relations between colleagues and some just are interested in the figure of the salary.

I think, therefore, satisfaction in a job is such a sophisticated issue and it is not logical to believe that the salary is the most important parameter for a good job. Perhaps because of this reason, lots of researches have been conducted to find the best job elements to satisfy employees.

[ Written by - Milad Rahimi ]

Model Answer 5:
In today's expensive world, needs of the people are growing day by day. To fulfil all their desires, money is an important factor. Therefore, to some people, salary is the first thing to look at when choosing a job. To an extent, this can be considered right, but, I cannot totally rely on the amount of money I am being paid for my work. There are various other factors to be seen when looking for a job. Some of them are discussed in the below paragraphs.

People enjoy their jobs when they are doing the work that they wanted. Hence, personal satisfaction is the factor that matters. For example if a doctor works in a high profile hospital of a city, where he gets a handsome amount of salary, but does not enjoy his work because he is not getting to experience different types of patients and cannot experiment with his skills as he would be doing if he were in a rural area. Then what is the use of having a high salary? His skills are being restricted. Job satisfaction is, therefore, important for the person to give his fullest in the field.

Second, vital factor to see is the ambience of the workplace. The colleagues, with whom he is going to work and the employer should be cooperative, understanding, friendly and make up a good team so that it is easy for the person to work with and feels comfortable and relaxed. Finally, comes the reputation of the company or a workplace. Good rapport in the market and with the customers is necessary to achieve success in future; otherwise, the growth will be hampered.

To sum up, the aforementioned factors should be kept in mind when choosing a job. According to me, salary off course matters, but it is not only the thing that should be looked for.

[ Written by - Fatema Mohammad]

Model Answer 6:
The salary is regarded as one of the most important factors while making a choice between jobs. Salary is the real outcome of the job performed and hence it becomes a prominent part in job selection. However, I completely disagree that salary is the most important part of choosing a job. Job satisfaction and career growth are equally important aspects of the job to be considered. I shall prove these parts in following paragraphs with more details.

Most people give preference to job satisfaction over the salary. Job satisfaction includes work-life balance, vacation, quality work and many more parameters. It is scientifically proven that job satisfaction adds to well-being and happiness to human lives. For example, a person earning less will be happier than the person earning big bucks but going through extreme stress and pressure at a workplace. Thus, job satisfaction should be considered as an important factor while choosing a job.

People also give equal importance to career growth when it comes to selecting a job. Promotions, new skills, job responsibilities are some of the parts of career growth. People tend to give importance to these attributes of the job as it becomes path breaker for their future career.  For example, sometimes more salary can be only claimed if a person is holding a certain level of position in an organisational hierarchy, thus, it becomes vital for people to be considerate about this career growth aspect also.

In conclusion, I completely disregard the salary aspect of a job while choosing it. In my view, job satisfaction and career growth should be seen as the most vital aspect while making a choice between jobs. In the modern world, it is advisable to become circumspect about job choices by equally evaluating all aspects of the job.

[ Written by - Noghan Odedra]

Model Answer 7:
Most people believe that the wage is the main factor of making a decision for a career. In my opinion, I disagree with this idea as I will discuss in the following paragraph.

There are several reasons that make me not suppose to support this idea. Firstly, I believe that job satisfaction will make people working with efficiency and productivity. Secondly, you might get more stress when you get more salary. For example, most of the occupations including a doctor, or a pilot get a higher salary. However, they are taking more responsibility in their roles as they are working with people lives so they could make a smaller mistake or any mistake could not be made while they are working. Finally, money is not everything. Some people are addicted to the amount of money and spent a lot of time on their career without recreation, or society with other people such as friends, parents, and loved one.

On the other hand, considerations in the earning with a career also have some positive sides. To begin with, money is not everything but our quality of life depends on it. With a huge amount of money, we are able to purchase a bigger house, a luxury car, and other things that make our live convenience. Another reason to take wages into consideration is the more salary will push us to work harder that it opens an opportunity to get into higher positions. Moreover, a high salary represents a successful in our live. Most of the people who get higher payment on their career are the one who has got an outstanding education, high level of technical skills, or participated in many activities that benefit to the social.

In conclusion, I don’t believe that earning is the main features to take into consideration while choosing a career, job satisfaction should be the first factor to consider while selecting an occupation, without it, we will not happy with our roles and we can’t grow up with our career path.

[ Written by - Napawan Srisuksawad ]

Model Answer 8:
Employee hiring and retention are two utmost important tasks of Human Resource department of modern enterprises. Organisations spend a great deal of money studying the reasons of attrition. And many of them conclude that compensation is the biggest reason why an employee accepts a job offer. I too think that salary is the most important motivating factor for one to accept an offer.

Firstly, one needs to understand the motive why anyone looks for employment. It is obvious that one does a job to earn money, to support his family and so that he can lead a good life. With time, everyone's need changes and one top of this, inflation makes things increasingly unaffordable. An employee starts looking outside when he finds himself stretching to meet his family need. Second reason is that when an employee feels he is not paid enough he would start finding a new job. Infosys Technology's HR department's exit interview, when they try to find the reasons why an employee has left the job, data reveals that 80% of people leaving job has the salary as the first reason. This shows that compensation plays the biggest role in employee's decision of switching job or taking new offer.

However, there are many other important reasons why one selects a job such as work-life balance, the opportunity to rise in the organisation's hierarchy, work culture etc. Study by Bangalore human resource organisation revealed that 50% employees provide non-salary as one of the reasons for taking a new offer. From my personal experience, I have seen many of my colleagues taking a new offer in search of other better opportunity or to switch career.

Therefore, we can safely conclude that salary is not the only consideration while choosing new job but it is the topmost reason why one takes a new job offer.

[ Written by - Ramanuj Sharma ]


Sample Answer 9:

We cannot deny that we work to earn money so that we can put food on the table for the family. However, we also look for job satisfaction, growth opportunity and social recognition from our careers and only salary can not make us happy in our professional life. I, therefore, believe that salary is not the most important aspect when choosing a job.

To commence with, salary is important because without money we will perhaps not get a job. Some people are always after money and do not hesitate to change their job if they are offered a higher salary. However, to others, job satisfaction is equally, or even sometimes more important as it ensures work-life balance. Many people would not compromise their job satisfaction for the money they are offered. Many top executives, who resign from large corporations in order to work for smaller companies or run their own companies, are great examples of how much they value job satisfaction over the wages they earn.

Moreover, "growth opportunities" is another aspect people often expect in their careers and it can become even more important than the initial wage they are offered. A moderate salary and a great career growth aspect are far better than a higher salary and no career growth - according to many professionals, and they are prudent enough to envision the future than to run after only money. Finally, people often want to be in a career that is socially appreciated and valued. For example, a few of my colleagues left high-paid private jobs to take government jobs only because that would give them social recognition, and I quite understand the rationale for their decisions. For them, status and power are more important than the money they earn.

In conclusion, job satisfaction which ensures a work-life balance is often more important than the money we get from our job. Moreover, career growth and social recognition often drive us to choose a job that brings us less money than we could otherwise make from other high-paying jobs.


Important aspects of a job other than "salary":

1. Job security
2. Job satisfaction
3. Great working environment
4. Opportunities for the use of skills and abilities
5. Appreciation and rewards
6. Feeling safe at the workplace
7. Social recognition
8. Passion for the work
9. Contributing to the betterment of the environment and people
10. Benefits and compensation
11. Respect and trust
12. Great co-workers and management
13. Retirement benefits
14. Good work-life balance
15. Learning and career development
16. Company's financial stability

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