IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 473 - Younger people are not suitable for important positions in the government

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some argue younger people are not suitable for important positions in the government, while others think this is a good idea.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

You should write at least 250 words.


Sample Answer 1:
Government jobs at key positions are very critical and require serious responsibilities. Decision making done through important positions creates a long-term impact on the growth of the country in different sectors. Many people believe that critical offices in government should only be awarded to more experienced bureaucrats, while others believe that one should benefit from the creative and thriving skills of the young generation. This essay will look at both sides before drawing a conclusion.

One the one hand, many argue that influential positions in government should only be given to older and experienced candidates. They say that experience give them necessary skill set which is vital in their decision-making skills. For instance, in the case of militancy in the country, a General would be more effective in mitigating the situation as compared to a lieutenant who has recently graduated. Moreover, they believe that young people, due to lack of field experience are unable to manage large teams and are unaware of government operations, procedures and regulations. Their induction in key positions can have catastrophic effects on the growth of the country.

However, there are several plausible counters in favour of this argument. Young generation brings creativity and innovation in their work, which is vital for prosperity in the modern era. Their enthusiasm and dedication are nonpareil with older people. For instance, young government health workers successfully raised the awareness of polio vaccines in the country. Their efforts are evident from the charts where the number of polio cases registered every quarter is decreasing. Often government jobs require rigorous screening based on different criteria and if the youth is successful in passing out those that there is no harm in awarding important government jobs to young aspirants.

Although the above arguments provide firm evidence for both sides of the argument, it is felt that healthiest approach in offering key government jobs is to ensure they follow rigorous training programs.  Thus, a person's age should not be a discriminating factor in awarding government jobs.

[ by - Syed Tauseef ]

Sample Answer 2:
GovernmentYoungsters nowadays are getting drifted towards government jobs. Whether it’s a duty with normal shift or holding a position in the ministry, they can be seen everywhere. While some people are of the opinion that young generation is not capable of holding higher positions in government jobs, others believe that it is a great idea as it has several benefits.

Firstly, people of young generation have a very different mindset. As a result, change in the functionality of the system can be seen. Also, this will accelerate the functioning in every government department because of the capability of the youngsters to work faster. This can be seen in many departments such as road construction, a study shows that a significant change has been noticed after the appointment of young engineers at a higher level. So, we can say that giving government jobs of higher authority to youngsters have certain advantages.

However, there are areas where experience plays a vital role. Many decisions that a person has to take depend on his prior experience in that field. A chief minister, for instance, has to decide about various things that will have an effect on the whole of the state. If he is inexperienced and takes certain wrong decisions, it can be detrimental for many civilians. Though there are people to guide but in the end he will be the sole person responsible. Therefore, we can say that experience gained with age is very helpful and plays a key role in any job.

Although the experience is required to work efficiently, I believe that there are certain areas where youngsters will deliver a better performance. Hence, youngsters should be given chance and should be promoted.

[ by - Kapil Batra ]

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Pan Xuedan
Writing Task 2: Some argue younger people are not suitable for important positions in the government, while others think this is a good idea.Discuss both views and give your opinion.Answer: There have been a lot of arguments whether juveniles are adept enough in vital positions in a government or not. I think it has both advantages and disadvantages for a government to recruit younger people for suitable and important jobs. Indeed, it is quite noticeable that important government posts are undertaken by comparatively aged people because it takes time for people to reach those positions. The lack of experience, skill and maturity could be a great hindrance in performing well in those job positions and that is why experienced employees are preferred for those decision-making jobs. Problem-solving ability, team management, diplomacy, taking actions promptly and so on require abundant working experience and a large amount of time.For example, an experienced chief could deal with emergencies promptly, while younger people may be at a loss to overcome such difficulties. So it is not easy for youngsters to handle the government affairs.However, a significant body of evident shows that younger people have innovative ideas, a fresh mindset, a global perspective and technological knowledge which are beneficial to promote the social and economic development and this is exactly what the governments in this modern era need. Younger leaders are more creative than older ones because they not only have a better education but also the exposure to the world and technology. There are many innovation business entities such as Facebook and Google which have changed the traditional communication and young people have introduced those to the world.To conclude, in my opinion, younger leaders could create new opportunities for governments due to their brilliant ideas, energy and vision. They put their ideas into action can take challenges and think from a different perspective. Since they are not afraid of making mistakes, they can do almost anything and this is what the government in this century require.
Essay Topic: Some argue younger people are not suitable for important positions in the government, while others think this is a good idea.Discuss both views and give your opinion.Answer: Nowadays youngsters occupies a great number of higher positions while this was not that common in the past. This is the reason behind the argument whether younger people are appropriate for higher positions or not. This essay deals with both these views before arriving at a logical conclusion. On the one hand, some people believe that youngsters lack experiences and cannot handle the difficult situations in a decision making position. For instance, during auditing a company, an experienced staff can identify the mistakes faster than a fresher. In addition, youngsters are prone to act very fast without rational thinking. So sometimes their decisions are inappropriate and an organisation suffers astonishingly as a consequence. Moreover, this group of thought argues that experienced older staff members remain as the part of the organisation through thick and thin. Therefore the higher position should be dedicated for the senior staff members.On the other hand, opponents of this belief opine that the new generation is energetic and have better learning capability. For instance, most of the senior personnel are not technologically sound even though computers are used in their offices. Furthermore, younger people are inclined in their career and update their knowledge and grab every opportunity and take challenges. These are the reasons most IT companies have more young employees than older employees. Young people are more dedicated, can solve new issues very soon and can think in a fresh perspective. This is what makes them better suited for business organisations that require bringing innovation. To conclude, both junior and senior employees in higher positions have pros and cons. In my opinion, the higher positions should not be decided based on an employee's age, but on someone's performance and dedication.