IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 474 - How important is dress code in our lives

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

How important is the dress code in our lives? Do you consider that dressing appropriately is important or are you of the opinion that everyone should be able to wear exactly what they like?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
Whether dress code is important or not is a debate that is going for a long time. As far as I am concerned, I think the dress code is important and should be followed especially in schools and offices. The way person dresses up gives a lot of indications about their attitude and personality and therefore can sometimes make or break you.

Firstly, having a dress code gives you the feeling of unity and togetherness. Many times having a dress code could make people forget their differences and work towards a common goal. For example, all the sports team and government organisations such as police and armed forces have same dress or uniform, which instils the feeling to being part of the team and working for a common goal. Many schools have dress codes, which is very vital to make the student understand that the in spite of differences in their cultural and financial background, they are equals and will only be evaluated based on merit.

Dress codes are also important in offices, especially in customer facing roles. When a person interacts with the clients, he or she is representing the company and dressing appropriately is essential. Different companies have different styles of work which represented by their dress code. For instance, a financial institution generally has a formal dress code, since it gives the impression of being attentive and serious towards their work. Suppose if a person dresses in torn jeans with loose fitted T-shirt and loafers, I am sure clients would not be comfortable giving their money to such hands. Similarly, if you work in fashion industry, you are expected to be funky and experimental and not wear formal clothes. So, it is important to dress according to the profession you are in.

In a nutshell, the “first impression is the last impression” and therefore, it is crucial that dress code is carefully chosen and followed.

[ by - Preeti Ghuraiya ]

Sample Answer 2:
There is no denying the fact that dressing plays a vital role in one’s physical appearance. To choose a proper dress is something of a dilemma to the public because they sometimes are confused. But nowadays people are becoming very conscious about choosing proper clothes appropriate to the situation. Whereas some people give priority to comfort or simplicity and choose casual wear often. Before rendering my opinion, I think it is necessary to take a glance at the arguments of both sides.

According to the situation, generally, people choose traditional wear at festival time or at social events like marriage, party, birthday occasions etc. Sometimes, they choose to wear formal clothes with a suit at the working places or offices. Office wear represents professional approach towards work and creates a more realistic working environment. There are many organisations or companies prefer common dress for all their employees at working place. It develops certain moral values like unity, team spirit, etc. Modern business management strategies have accepted the importance of common dress code to create a better working environment. However, fashion trends also influence the people’s choice to select clothes. Especially youth is becoming more and more fashion conscious nowadays.

In contrary, some people prefer to wear casual clothes or the clothes which make them comfortable. Generally, their preference is comfort over smartness. Meanwhile, some people are so simple by nature or they believe in simplicity and don’t give too much attention to recent fashion trends.

In my opinion, I would prefer to wear clothes appropriate to the situation because time demands it. The main reason for my propensity for this is due to the fact that good appearance always creates a good impression. Summing up, I would say the choice of clothes depends on one’s lifestyle.

[ by -  Ashish Nimavat ]

Sample Answer 3:
I agree that the dress code is very essential in all walks of life because one has to do this regularly. Since the ancient days, it is well understood that the quality of dressing plays a key role in a person's life. Let’s look at this in a detailed manner.

Firstly, if we look at the needs, I could say people do different activities on a daily basis. For example, a man who works in an automotive mechanic shop may have to go to a school for his daughter's admission, or to attend a marriage function and numerous others. He needs to adapt to the occasion in hand, and he cannot wear the same repairman dress for a function.

Secondly, dressing suitably has many advantages. For example, in our school, we used to wear uniforms which every child had to. This helped in keeping away the financial status among us. In another case, when you go for a business meeting, an immaculate dressing gives you extra confidence to represent your company in a forum. If you are on a party wear for a marriage function, it complements the occasion well.

On the contrast, if you don't maintain a certain dress code, it might result in mishaps. When I went for a visa interview in last September, I got rejected albeit I answered all the questions reasonably well. The reason being I did not go in my best dressing. Those 2-3 minutes are hardy sufficient to judge a person whereas a perfect shirt and pants could have helped me to get over.

In summary, dressing according to the occasion is a necessity. It adds value to you and it yields favourable results than when you are not. So, dress perfectly and half the battle is done.

[ by -  Ragupathi ]
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Good appearance always creates a good impression.
There is a famous saying in the South Asia that ‘Half is the Personality, if so his dressing is’. Since the ancient period, it is well understood that the quality of dressing plays a key role in an individual’s life and is often associated with the career, status or attitude of a person. And hence it is important to have an agreeable dress code with some liberty while choosing them. Firstly, dress codes are intended to provide a uniformity, especially at educational institutions or corporate firms. It is an unwritten decree which expects everyone to adhere to it. The notion behind the uniformity is that it weeds off the imbalance that might exhibit among the students or workers out of the socio-economical difference. Secondly, the proper dressing is always appreciated as a good trait and a part of professional etiquette. Improper dressings, on the other hand, may not suit for certain situations. For an example, a party-wear will not go well in a religious congregation. Finally, for certain professionals, it is mandatory to have a prescribed dress code, such as an apron for health care professionals, as it helps people to easily identify them. Nevertheless, dressing as formulated is often considered as an oppression of the liberty in the choice of clothing. Wearing apparels which are comfortable will enhance the productivity of the employees, and this was proved my certain studies on the efficacy of the employees. Moreover, dressing as what we like, might help us out of monotony. However, there should always be a check on the dressing as too much of liberty might turn into absurdity.To sum up the thought and the choice of attire are an individual’s choice and should be permitted. But when it comes to the demand of the dignity of an institution, association or a ceremony, there should be a vigil on the choices as it might end up in profanity.