IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 644 - The best way to reduce crime is to give longer prison sentences

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people think that the best way to reduce crime is to give longer prison sentences. Others, however, believe there are better alternative ways of reducing crime.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:

Crime is a serious problem across the globe and all countries are trying to deal with this pressing issue. A section of the society believe that prison sentences for a longer duration can help reduce the crime, whilst others disagree and argue that there are other better ways to solve this. This essay agrees with the argument that alternative ways such as educating people and giving them resources to earn are far more beneficial than confining them to a prison cell. This essay will discuss both points of view.

To begin with, many people believe that offenders should be punished with long prison sentences because this phenomenon can invoke fear among other criminals. In other words, if a person is already aware of the intensity of punishment before committing any crime, it will discourage him from becoming a criminal. For example, in the UAE, the rapist and the murderer usually get lifetime prison sentences, resulting in making people think twice before committing any serious crime. Hence, imposing strict punishment deters people from committing atrocities.

However, I believe that alternative ways such as providing proper education facilities and employment can solve the issues far more effectively. Sufficient education and job opportunities keep the masses busy and away from crimes. To exemplify, in Sweden education is free for everyone and the country’s authority is continuously working for more employment opportunities. That is the reason why Sweden tops the list of peaceful countries where the crime rate is almost ignorable.

In conclusion, longer prison terms certainly instil fear in the minds of potential criminals and discourage them from committing offences. However, eradicating the root cause of crime by providing education and employment opportunities is a far better option.

[Written by - Rohith Reddy]


Model Answer 2:

In the modern century, the world suffers from the increase of crime rate throughout many nations. This eventually breeds the fear of innocent civilians and forces them to demand stronger punishment on those who committed a crime. Some insist giving prisoners longer prison sentence, and others insist alternative ways will be more effective and I lay my thoughts alongside the alternative ways as well.

There are many benefits of sentencing offenders longer prison period. The longer the criminals who committed serious damage to others such as steal, violence, arson and murder are separated from the society, the higher the chances of the innocence being safe increases dramatically. During the time in prison, the offenders will have an opportunity to get them rehabilitated through many services available inside. For instance, they could reflect their own behaviour and educate themselves the way not to re-offend once they are released. Moreover, this long period of the prison sentence will work as a deterrent to future criminals.

On the other hand, others argue that there are more effective ways to reduce the crime rate. They insist that sparing their life after committing serious crimes involving one’s life will be only wasting the tax that citizens paid. Hence to sentence to death will show a powerful warning to other, which result in a stiff drop in crime rate. In my opinion, these people can be of the service to the whole community during their imprisonment. The labour force from these criminals will be a great contribution to the societies. It does not imply that these violent and dangerous people will be released and walk around the inner city freely. They will be under heavy supervision. For example, they will be tied to the heavy chains and placed in construction sites to assist the building companies or they could be working as farmers when the harvesting season comes.

To summarise, there are clear grounds both for and against long imprisonment. Thus the government must protect innocent lives from brutal and reckless criminals by researching the best method out of all these fine arguments.

[ Written by - Jun Park ]


Sample Answer 3:

Crime levels have been increasing at an exorbitant rate in the recent decades. The methods with which to kerb the rising levels of crime are often a debated topic. Some argue that the best way to reduce delinquency is to give longer prison sentences, while others contend that there are better alternatives to tackle this epidemic. Both sides of this debate will be analysed in this essay before a reasoned conclusion is drawn.

Many believe that handing out longer jail sentences is the right measure to be employed, this makes sense as the main purpose of such punishments is to deter individuals from committing crimes in the first place. For instance, Saudi Arabia, where ramifications for committing a crime are much harsher than the rest of the world, has much lower crime rates than even the most developed nations. This example illustrates the fear that harsher sentences can instil in the hearts of potential criminals. Hence, it is obvious why this point of view has garnered support.

On the contrary, some argue that there are better alternatives than longer prison sentences such as educational programs and community services. Take a study conducted by a non-profit organisation in my area, for example, which found out that people become more empathetic after spending time with people from disadvantaged backgrounds. As a result of this increased sympathy, people are less likely to commit heinous crimes. Therefore, it is comprehensible why this is a popular opinion among many.

After musing upon both sides of this argument, it is felt that a balance should be struck between handing out longer prison sentences and other measures. It is hoped that felony rates will be decreased in the coming years and the world will become a safer place to live in.

[ Written by - Sameed Qureshi ]

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