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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 729 - Any child can be taught to become a great sports person or musician

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Many people believe that inherent talent is more important than practice in many fields like sport or music. According to them great musicians and sportsmen are born and can’t be created. However, others claim that talent has little to do with success and any child can be taught to become a great sports person or musician.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
It is a frequently debated fact that some people are gifted with some abilities in their genetic, but the others do not have this kind of prodigiousness. By contrast, some people think that any person could be a successful musician or sportsman by education, practice and proper guideline.

On the one hand, each individual has a tendency on a specific field of art or a science. However, a minority of them are geniuses who show off a splendid success on their jobs. For instance, most of the investors, such as Einstein, Newton, Edison and Graham bell. They were geniuses and had genetically intellectual capacity much more than the other people. Furthermore, this kind of successful people could be seen in sports and music also. Messi and Mozart are the good examples for achieved sportsman and musician. Thus, some people could be more capable than the others in certain areas.

On the other hand, some people think that every child could be a successful person through education. In other words, success is behind the education, continuous practices and working hard. The abilities that people have do not provide a differentiation on the achievements of them. The difference among the people’s success is derived from the quality of education that they got. Thus, any person who were the same position and had a similar education would be able to indicate awesome performance.

Finally, each person has different kinds of abilities, skills, talents in different areas. The abilities, skills and tendencies of children detected in early ages and children should get an education in the fields that they have the tendency. Thus, both nurture and nature are effective on the success of people.

[ Written by - Gökhan Caliskan ]


Model Answer 2:
Throughout the enormous capacity of human history, we came across countless people with extraordinary talents in art, music, sport, science and so on. However, of all these experts, some are innate with a precious gift while others were acquired, trained when they were children. Nevertheless, success is often combined with many factors including environments, the extent of practice, training methods, and indubitably, a certain level of talents. Therefore, I believe in congenital talents, which, to say the least, are the essential element to success.

Mozart, an exceptional musician, showed his superb music talent when he was only three and was able to complete an exquisite symphony as he turned six.
Susan Boyle, an ordinary middle-aged woman who never received any professional training as an opera singer, was able to earn a deafening standing ovation from the whole podium by singing "I had a dream", a song which would require a professional singer to pour their genuine devotion in order to reach perfection. A genetic research indicated that up to 50% of the great artists we came to recognise were born with supreme talents. These prodigies are sometimes so unfairly gifted that they will leave a ghastly gap between those who were trained to be professional and were not supposed to be outrun single-handedly.

Nevertheless, people still claimed that anyone can be trained to become a professional. Jeremy Lin, a rising NBA basketball player who created "Linsanity", had grabbed the sheer opportunity to success by polishing his skills and training ever since he was a child and committed his dedication in basketball no matter what difficulty that lied ahead. Yo Yo Ma, a phenomenal musician, started his cellist training when he was only four and immersed his whole dedication into it throughout his life. These people's success is not instantaneous. Their paths to glory were established through hard work, accompanied by consistent training and still, a certain degree of innate talents.

To put into conclusion, the genetic privilege could not be fooled. Whether acquired or congenital, people will always need some talent to help them reach from good to great.

[ Written by - Chen Emma ]


Model Answer 3:
In today's modern world, we are constantly bombarded with the idea that those who achieve success in their careers or studies are born with certain talents. Some people, however, are of the opinion that every child can be as talented as them as they assert that children nowadays can be sent to classes to learn the required technique. Thus, we will examine both sides of the arguments before reaching a reasonable conclusion.

Admittedly, some people seem to be more talented than others due to the extraordinary achievements they have ever had which then leads to the belief that they are born with a specific talent. They can pick up or learn new things that they have not been exposed to in the certain field, for example, sports or music, much faster than others. It is also believed that parents who have mastered the skills in sports, then their children are more likely to be born with such skills as well. Hence, the children are, normally, able to achieve their aspirations easier than others, in other words, they do not need to work so hard like other people do in order to succeed in their careers or studies.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that other people who do not bear with such talents will certainly fail to reach their targets. I believe everyone can be as successful as those who are skilled and talented provided that they are willing to be more dedicated in making attempts to strike their goals. According to the statistic of a recent research conducted in Malaysia, it has shown that about 75% of the people are not born with specific talents but they are still managed to pay extra attentions to their weaknesses and made a change in order to become successful in a certain career. Therefore, it is apparent that although the majority of people worldwide are not born with talents, due to their patience and endurance, they have stricken their targeted goal.

In conclusion, I believe that every individual around the globe can still achieve their aspirations regardless of their talents as long as they are willing to pay more hard works than others. Our nation will surely to continue to prosper and flourish in the decades to come if there are more citizens who become successful in their careers.

[ Written by -  Lee Wing Qeen ]



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