IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 730 - What are the reasons behind the stressful life

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

People’s lives are becoming increasingly stressful nowadays and there are many reasons behind this. Many people relate this to technological advancement while others say that high living costs and competitions are the main reasons for this stressful life we have.

In your opinion what are the reasons behind this? What can be done to solve this problem?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
The world today is inevitably becoming more and more competitive. To cope with this competitive world, people have to keep pace with it. Therefore, some people think that lives have become more stressful than before. In this essay, the causes behind this and the possible ways to tackle the problem will be discussed in detail.

In today's high-tech world, there is so much to do for people. People are busy and have no time for anything else. This has, however, impacted the lives of many individuals from children to adults, rich to poor. Firstly, children are anxious about facing the world in future. Therefore, to do this effectively they are fighting for the top position in universities and colleges with their counterparts. This, in turn, leads to the stress of achieving the goal in life. Lack of respect and light bonding in the family often contribute to a stressful life for adolescence. Sometimes the drug abuse issue by a family member ruins the peacefulness of the whole family.  

On the other hand, adults, who have already acquired knowledge and currently in a job, face the tension of salary to satisfy their needs and fulfil their desires. Job satisfaction and the low income they earn is another factor causing stress. Furthermore, life also becomes stressful for those who are unemployed. Interestingly, people who are rich, well to do and have everything in life, also face problems likely insecurity. This is due to the fact that the crime rate is increasing day by day.

Hence, there can be an endless number of reasons behind this. Nevertheless, these problems could be tackled to some extent by enforcing a few laws and regulations. For example, the government should take strict action against theft and criminals. They should be given acceptable punishment for the crime they commit. Secondly, patrolling should be increased in the areas where the crime rate is high. Moving onto the problems of competition and salaries, jobs should not be provided only on the basis of marks and salaries should be increased to some extent with the extra provision of rewards and incentives. Lastly, the unemployment problem should be dealt with and new job opportunities should be opened up for those unemployed.

To sum up, challenges and problems are part of life. Everyone has to face it someday. According to my opinion, it should be handled bravely and by making a few practical changes so as to overcome the stress caused by it.

[ Written by - Fatema Bohari ]

Model Answer 2:
It is believed that the daily lives of mankind have become more stressful these days. There are various reasons that have caused the situation, and the following essay will discuss in details the causes and some of the ways to address the issue.

It is true that the daily routines of people's lives are becoming more stressful nowadays, especially for those who live in big cities, such as in New York, Singapore or Jakarta. One of the factors that have caused the stress is work pressure. Due to globalisation and the free trade zone, business competition is getting tougher these days and it has increased the workload of many employees. Besides that, density and traffic have also contributed to the problem as well. Many people have to commute to work at the earliest time of the day and come home late at night to avoid traffic. As a consequence, many of these people are exhausted, frustrated and burn out with their daily lives.

There are several things that governments could do to solve the issue. Firstly, as the world economy develops, governments should strictly monitor and review employers' treatment of their labours. Governments must ensure that companies have been employing their labours at proportionate working hours to reduce the stress level and to avoid any fatal work accidents. Secondly, governments should also expand their long-term development plan, by developing new areas. By expanding new areas, it is hoped that some of the city people will move to new areas, and it will reduce the density and traffic issues which have caused stress. Thirdly, governments should also add more public facilities, such as playgrounds, parks and sports fields for their residents. It is a fact that doing some recreational and sports activities could reduce the stress level.

In conclusion, many experts believe that the day to day lives of people have become more stressful. There are some factors that have caused problems such as tight business competition, density and traffic problems. However, there are some steps that governments could do to reduce the stress level, and some of them would be by monitoring the companies, expanding new areas and provide more recreational facilities for the public.      

[ Written by - Darwin Lesmana ]

Model Answer 3:
These days, stress is getting the more serious problem that people face and the temp of the enormous rise of this issue is turning into a tremendous challenge. This essay will discuss the causes as well as examine the solutions for dealing with this issue.

It is obvious that today’s modern and complicated world brings an immense amount of stressful pressure on individuals than it was in the past. Firstly, a highly competitive work environment stresses people in a greater way, while previously seeking a job and survival mechanism in the workplace was not too hard.   Additionally, because the current necessity for women to go to work and, at the same time, to be a good wife as well as successfully raise children makes their lives more stressful. Moreover, increasing the level of women’s responsibilities puts enormous pressure on men who still need to earn and share the responsibilities with women.

However, there are ways to tackle such problems. The main solution could be introduced by the government. For example, it can make the problem of seeking a job less stressful by creating more workplaces and organising agencies to help potential employees meet their future job. Also, the government can create more social organisations that help families share the responsibilities of raising children.

To sum up, it is evident that the level of pressure that makes persons feel more stressed is gaining momentum. There are several causes leading to it such as hard to find a job and the fear of losing it as well as growing responsibilities on families. In spite of that, various solutions exist to mitigate these issues.

[ Written by - Natalia Svetlova ]

Model Answer 4:
In the twenty-first century, it is admittedly, apparent that the lives of people around the globe are becoming harsher which eventually cause the citizens to become more stressed. It is important to establish the causes and effective ways of solving the problem.

Undoubtedly, following the development of nations, the world has become more competitive in terms of career for adults and study for youngsters. Nowadays, employees are expected to do more work as compared to previous days in order to secure a decent job. They may work overtime most of the working days without being paid extra by the company just to finish off loads of work. In addition, students are also becoming more stressed as they are sent by their parents to attend extra tuition classes so that there are improvements in their academic performance.

Furthermore, people, these days are more status-conscious and materialistic. Every minute they are thinking of ways to earn more money so that they may become affluent one day which allows them to fulfil their own demand. They believe money is the best tool to gain happiness but in fact, they are wrong. These are the reasons why citizens are more stressed than previously.

However, there are tonnes of ways which could prove useful in kerbing this problem. Wise time management is crucial for everyone to have an organised and well-planned timetable. By doing so, people have a specific time of relaxing like spending time with family or friends rather than bury their heads into their works. It is significant to socialise with others or sometimes sharing your problems with family can help people to unwind. Furthermore, exercise plays an indispensable role in mitigating the negative impacts of this problem. During exercise, a chemical is known as endorphin will be released which keep our mind off from stress for a certain period of time.

In conclusion, there are several causes which lead to a hectic life. Nevertheless, there are a handful of ways to cope with this problem. I believe we can live in a harmonious and yet relaxing environment provided that we follow the stated practical ways of de-stress.

[ Written by -  Lee Wing Qeen ]

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Mike W.
"Cope up with" doesn't exist in English. The phrase is "cope with."
I don't think model 1 is a good essay. Many mistakes, not clear, and many irrelevant ideas.
Samuel Gill
People’s lives are becoming increasingly stressful nowadays and there are many reasons behind this. Many people relate this to technological advancement while others say that high living costs and competitions are the main reasons for this stressful life we have.

In your opinion what are the reasons behind this? What can be done to solve this problem?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Essay Answer:
In this rapidly advancing and scientific revolutionary era, where technological advancements have enthralled the entire world, life has become enormously stressful in an unprecedented manner. Man has attained extreme success in various areas but also generated innumerable health risks. According to my perception, the competitive world, unavoidable circumstances, excessive expectations and limited resources can be considered the reasons for this convoluted problem.

To commence the discussion, life has become more stressful than the bygone era. Firstly, in this technological and highly competitive world, every individual has enumerable aspirations to become successful and achieve a prosperous life. Higher expectations towards achieving excellence in their particular fields make them so worried that they turn an oblivious mind and ears towards the real significance of life. Moreover, growing inflation and limited resources can be considered a notable reason for this menace. Most people find it inconvenient to fulfil all their needs and become victim to various stress-related problems.

Reinforcing my perspective further, many people are suffering from blood pressure and diabetes due to their lifestyle and food habit. According to expert doctors and psychologists, this generation demonstrates a reluctance to outdoor and physical activities as they have sophisticated gizmos. They have so little time to prepare their food that they are dependant on fast food, and all this shifting lifestyle comes with consequences like increased anxiety and poor physical and mental health.

To overcome this problem, individuals need to apprehend their circumstances and try to live a contented life. Secondly, people should endeavour to manage their finances according to their income sources. Apart from this, they should develop an adaptable and flexible attitude to life. Finally, they should live an active life and rethink their diet which has a striking influence on their living standard and stress level.

To conclude, we can comprehend that people suffer from stress-related problems due to their spontaneous negligence towards their health and due to their impractical expectations of wealth and success. They should refrain from excessive aspirations, adopt an optimistic approach to overcome the trials and tribulations of life to live a stress-free and comfortable life.