IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 1 - People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge etc.). Why do you think people attend colleges or universities?

You should give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
People primarily enrol in a college or university to achieve the necessary education and degree they require to build a career. Apart from the career, people seek higher studies to gain knowledge, to enhance social status and learn more about diverse cultures.
The current society and its educational structures are far different than they had been a century back when a self-educated person could gain a good career and parents could arrange private tutors to ensure their children’s education. But in today’s world, universities are the authority to declare a person to have the necessary education to be ready for the job. People are going to universities because this is the most common way of getting the education. The sole purpose of a college or university is to ensure the proper theoretical and moral education to build the ideal citizens the country needs and this is the system which is unquestionably accepted by the society. People who do not have the plan to use their certificate to get a job either because they have other career plans or may be blessed with inherited fortune.

Many go to these educational institutes to learn values, gather ideas and education they require to be good humans. In fact, education is a borderline between a savage person and a good man and this is another reason the society has adopted the idea of education for all.

Some people go to universities to get further education to enhance their horizon or to improve their job position and salary. Others go to the colleges and universities to let the world know that they are educated. Funny this may seem but many people simply consider the higher education as the status they require to get a higher position in the society.

In conclusion, education, experiencing diverse cultures and customs, getting prepared for the future career, improving job position, subject matter interests and social status are the main reasons for people to attend colleges and universities.

Idea Generation for this IELTS Essay:

Essay Type: Opinion Essay (Give reasons).

Main question of this IELTS Essay:

A. Why people attend colleges or universities?

Reasons: Why people attend colleges or universities?

  • University degree nowadays is mandatory to apply for a good job. To find better job opportunity after graduation and having higher salary are thus the main reasons many students get enrolled in a college or university.
  • This is the most common and perhaps the only method nowadays to enhance our knowledge and skills.
  • Becoming familiar with the latest technology, including computer, digital systems, or medicine.
  • Better social status. After graduation, socially they have higher prestige among their family, friends, or other people.
  • More probable to be able to apply and become prosperous a highly qualified graduate abroad.
  • To improve their social skills by meeting more educated people.
  • To gain training and practical education.
  • These days without the certification from colleges and universities it is almost impossible for someone to claim a good job or to be certified to practice in a specialised field of work.
  • To learn the values, ideas, knowledge and skills.
  • Sometimes promotion and increments are the reasons many professionals get enrolled in further studies in universities.
  • Many people enrol in a special course offered by universities because of their interests in this subject or to gain the knowledge they need.
  • Many people get enrolled in a college or university to maintain a status.
  • For many people, this is an excellent opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skill and experience.
  • University and colleges are the best places to learn about diverse cultures, people and social skills.

[The above points should be helpful to aid you generating your own ideas and then turning them into a nicely written IELTS Essay. Add any point you think we have missed in the comment section.]

Sample Answer 2:
Colleges and universities are often referred to educational, as well as skill-enhancement, hub. Students enrol in colleges in order to acquire knowledge, which enhances their future career prospects. However, there are other reasons why many attend colleges.

The majority of people attend universities to pursue their higher education, which gears up their opportunities in the job market. Likewise, many have a far greater goal in their lives and in order to reach their heights, they choose colleges. A college or university acts as the main basement for the enlightened people. A great revolution has already occurred in the field of technology and that is correlated with the job market. Students seemed to join colleges in order to attain knowledge, which creates avenues for their dream jobs.

Moreover, exposure to the social world is the main constraint for a student and the best place to develop such skills is none other than Colleges. Colleges inculcate a social behaviour to the students and provide a wide range of facilities that allow an individual to enhance skills. Some students join a college or university for social status and some who join from family pressure may also get a good career guidance under the roof of colleges by the experienced faculty who guides them how to develop their profile to match the desired target.

In my opinion, college environment acts as a precursor to a student’s successful career and that is the reason many pupils join in colleges or universities to make their future dream come true.

[Written by K. Naresh]


Sample Answer 3:
The university is a citadel for learning. It is a place where pupils of diverse cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds and religions come together with the major purpose of knowledge acquisition. However, some students enrol to better equip them for their future ambition, while others still attend to feel social status. My personal reason for attending colleges was to increase knowledge.

Let us consider someone who comes to the college for the experience.  I believe the intention, in this case, is not just to meet new friends because this can be done anywhere else. He wants to understand different behaviours and interact with persons from different areas, and various levels of intelligence. By so doing, he gradually imbibes knowledge at different levels and at different points. For instance, I know of a very good friend who always wanted to attend a higher institution. When I enquired as to the particular school he wanted, her reply was simple; “ I do not have any school in mind, all I want is to go get new experience and change my environment”. However, after four years in the university, I observed that her attitude, intelligence, abilities and sagacity has increased greatly. This shows me that the ultimate end of going to the university is to acquire knowledge.

Also, for those who think that their reason for going to school is for career preparation. The statistics suggest that over 70% people who studied a particular course or discipline in Nigeria, do not end up practising the same course, and are never found along the career line throughout their lifetime. Evidence of various microbiologists who are now chief editors in newspaper agencies across the nation is the proof that university does not prepare students for a particular job. One of my idols studied petroleum engineering but he is currently working with the First Bank of Nigeria.

In conclusion, a university for me is like a crucible, a furnace where minds are moulded with the fire of knowledge in other to adapt to the outside world. We may have different reasons why we enter the colleges and universities, but one thing and only but one thing is for sure, the core reason why people attend the university and college is to increase knowledge.

[ Written by - Ume Chukwuma ]

Alternative Answer 4:
A university offers the highest level of education as well as valuable degree required for the students to build their careers. University degrees are essential for the job market, to be versed in a specialised field or to be prepared for the further educations. People attend colleges or universities for lots of different reasons.  In my opinion, three most common reasons for people to join a college or a university are to prepare for a prospective career, to have new experiences, and to increase their knowledge. But there are some other reasons like improving the current job position, to be specialised in a specific subject, to earn a degree to join a job or run a business etc.

Career preparation is probably the primary and most important reason for people to attend colleges and universities. A college or university degree gives more opportunity to have a full-time and stable job. In comparison, a university degree holder is offered a better job that pays better than others. The job market is very competitive now a day compared to any other time in past. Careers such as telecommunication, information technologies etc. need many new employees. At colleges and universities, students can learn new skills for these careers and increase their opportunities for the future. In the whole academic years, the students learn not only the theory but also practical aspects of their future job needs. The universities prepare a structured and coherent syllabus for the students and without these experience and knowledge, it is almost impossible for anyone to make himself prepared for the job and the knowledge he/she required for the specified job position.
Students also go to colleges or universities to have new experiences. For many, it is their first time away from home and they have to live among strangers. At colleges, they meet new people from many different places, races and cultures. They can see what life is from a different perspective. They can learn to live on their own and take care of them without having their family always nearby. The students have lots of opportunities to face the real-life situations while staying at a college or university. They learn to face the harsh situation, learn to treat the superiors, learn how to work to gain a desire aspiration, learn to work as a team member and so on. In short, colleges and universities offer so many different experiences that a student cannot get from anywhere else.
At colleges and universities, students have the opportunity to increase their knowledge about technology, art, history, about themselves and outer world which are impossible to achieve staying outside the campus. As they decide what they want to study, pursue their studies, and interact with their classmates, they learn a lot about themselves. They also, of course, have the opportunity to learn about many subjects in their classes. In addition to the skills and knowledge related to their career, college students also have the chance to take classes in other areas. For many, this will be their last chance to study different subjects. Colleges offer much more than career preparation. They offer the opportunity to have new experiences and to learn many kinds of things.
Many job holders, housewives even businessmen get themselves admitted into universities or colleges for a diploma course. These courses are essential in many different perspectives, like: to learn a new technology (for example, computer-related diplomas), to train up for a new career (for example, photography courses), or to make them ready for more challenging jobs (for example, MBA in Agriculture). I think all these are major reasons why people attend colleges and universities.


Sample Answer 5:
Every human being with an ambition of getting higher knowledge requires attending colleges or universities. The main reason for attending universities or colleges may differ man to man. Someone may aspire to achieve greater knowledge, someone may just want to earn a certificate or someone might attribute it as a step towards career development.
Whatever the reason people refer to attend universities - I would like to elaborate it as a step which is necessary for career development to grasp a required level of knowledge. I believe more or less, people attend universities or colleges to gain knowledge. In university level, people scatters in different groups for different subject areas of studies. Someone selects science someone selects arts. Every human being has their own selection base to get their assumed knowledge which is mandatory to accomplish their ultimate goal in career development. University or college provides a new level of experience which develops self-actualization and confidence in the human being as we know the proverb, “knowledge is power". Knowledge gives us strength and endows with skills that mould our future for betterment. People usually select their career path before entering university or college courses, for example, an aspirant doctor selects medical subject as the university course and therefore they join a medical college.

Similarly, a future entrepreneur joins a business school to study business at the university level. I would like to elaborate before enrolling in universities or colleges we decide our future goal. Once our future goal is set we thrive to achieve it. I would like to illustrate whatever the reason people may attribute with university selection, it always refers to achieving new experience, knowledge or a process to start a career. Well, it is sometimes different for few people who has different ambitions but studying different subject matter unrelated to their goals. People attend universities and colleges for further education to ensure their job promotions. There are no alternatives to the colleges and universities to get higher degrees and thus people attend there to get the education they need to secure jobs. Interest is a subject is another reason people go to the higher educational institutes.

Sometimes a few people attend universities as a tradition which has been referred as mandatory by society or family. A mere certificate is enough for them rather a means of gaining greater knowledge. Though it is a rare case which represents a niche segment but as a whole, we human being usually attend university or college as a hope of achieving greater understanding, new skills so that we can construct a good career in future. At the end, it is essential to pronounce that whatever the reason we believe behind attending universities or college’s maximum people take it as a step towards a better future to educate ourselves with knowledge.

[Approximately 460 words | Written by Ariyana Ahmed ]


Model Answer 6:
As today’s work environment has already become highly specialized, graduating from university is a prerequisite to even be able to compete in the job market. Still, the outlook for better career opportunities is certainly not the only reason why people strive for a higher education. Judging from my personal experience, there are several reasons to go to university, such as the desire to contribute to humanity’s knowledge base as well as the wish to tackle unanswered questions about oneself.

First of all, numerous conversations with fellow students uncovered the deeply felt desire to add to a specific field of research and by doing so, advance humanity’s development. This motivation might be directed to a clearly set goal, such as working on a new kind of propulsion engine that might enable interplanetary space travel – or it might be more of a general kind, such as understanding the appropriate application of ethical principles in the light of artificial intelligence.

Secondly, the drive to find out more about oneself can lead people to join the academic realm, so they become enabled to shed light on what still remains in the dark of their own being. For me personally, this was a contributing factor why I initially applied for a university program at the psychology department as I wanted to unravel the mysteries surrounding my own consciousness.

Considering my personal experience and the insights that I gained from my peers, among a variety of reasons, the wish to be part of cutting-edge research and the curiosity about one’s own existence can motivate people to seek a university education.

[Penned by - Demiugos]


Model Answer 7:
College education is a highly revered benchmark around the world. In many countries, without a college level degree, a citizen is not considered eligible for state jobs. People attend colleges for many reasons but career preparation is the most important goal among them.

Most students enrol in colleges for bright career prospects and they study professional and job oriented courses. If achieved successfully with threshold scores, these courses increase the industrial employability of learners by training them with the skills industries need. For example, many companies organise direct campus selection programs in colleges, offering professional courses, to hire ready to utilise resources with rewarding salary packages. To add to this, in many cases, based on education, employees get different remuneration for the exact same job, and college education degrees play pivotal roles in accelerating promotion processes too.

On the other hand, in addition to scintillating future career opportunities, university education also offers many new experiences. These experiences include migration to new countries, befriending new people, working while studying, and, most importantly, learning to adjust with people. If we take a look at foreign students’ data across Europe, it is eminent that around 20 % students in Universities are from Asian countries. These experiences burgeon adaptability skills to pursuers and help in turning future paradigm citizens.

Some people also attend higher university courses to enhance knowledge. Students under this section mostly pursue challenging master and doctorate degrees in their fields. Most of these learners turn researchers and help the progress of the world. Some governments offer enticing whooping packages to the best minds to convince latter to select this study stream.

Finally, considering all reasons to attend colleges or universities, it is clear that the paramount reason is career growth. However, 'gaining new experiences' and 'enhancing knowledge' are also prodigious reasons.

[ Approximately 398 words | Written by Rahul ]


Sample Answer 8:
All the human beings are of different nature and similarly their interests are not the same. A few love to sing while others like listening to the music. In the same way, people attend the colleges and universities have different respective prospective or purposes. Mainly people go to such places for their better career which dramatically affect their future life, to gain the knowledge and to be a good human being, while some attend colleges for enjoyment and to get rid of their homes. But I feel that Colleges and universities should be regarded as a place of worship which give us the sense of good living, spread knowledge and enlighten our life from darkness.

First of all, if we discuss rich parent's youngsters, most of them come to colleges for their time passing and making ruckuses in college. All the day they make havoc everywhere. Studying is just a trivial matter for them. They have no worries about money wastage or future scope. Hence such students get enrolled in colleges for their own willingness to fulfil their ambitions of entertainment etc., but it never means that all are alike. If we look on the other side of the coin, there are some students who are even not able to fill their college fee due to lack of sources but they are dedicated to learn and work hard. They want to study hard to become a successful person. Such students attend the colleges and universities for studying mainly because they just focus on their motto of life. Enjoyment and other activities are meagre to them.

Secondly , other types of students are there who we can say in middle-class family students which can be of mixed behavioural response regarding admission in colleges as either for making friends , fun and study also. By participating in different college events they can fill their life with enthusiasm and charm because they are totally not focused for only study or totally for enjoyment. Hence they are involved in overall college or university atmosphere.

On the behalf of above, it did not mean that these particular types of students are liable strictly to respective activities in colleges but the majority of them are in such manner. In the end, we can conclude that colleges and universities are for the social and individual wellbeing of all. They help to build our character. Every student can get the characters of bonhomie, candid behaviour, bright future and spreading life by proper studying sincerely and overall body growth by participating in extra co-curricular activities of the college.

[ Approximately 410 words | Written by Gurwinder ]


Sample Answer 9:
A complete consideration of people's views about whether to attend colleges or universities is difficult to present because they are so varied. Some would believe that continuing their education is a brilliant way of obtaining the best of both worlds gaining new acquaintances and securing a higher level of education, which might in the future, pave the way to a better job. I have developed my own perspectives as well. There are 3 reasons why I'm convinced that people decide to attend colleges.

One absolutely cardinal reason is the fact that universities offer an opportunity to intensify knowledge in a particular field of your interest. On the contrast, high school educations tend to focus more on a board but a relatively shallow understanding of various subjects. Thus, the option of gaining expertise universities offer is certain to catch the eyes of students.

The second reason is rooted in the fact that humans are social animals. Therefore, when surrounded by a group of friends all applying for admission to colleges, one might feel the impulsive urge to join. It is considerably hard to be persistence in one's own beliefs and perspectives.

Equally essential to the previous two reasons concerning why people choose to continue their education is that a college degree is no longer considered to be "higher education", but rather "basic education". In this day and age, numerous companies regard bachelor degrees as the most basic and foremost requirement. When education level determines the chances of acquiring a job, it leaves you little choice but to keep on studying.    

By way of conclusion, whatever your choice may be, it is essential to think through all aspects before making a final decision.

[ Approximately 280 words | Written by Kelly Ke ]


Model Answer 10:
People attend colleges and universities for various reasons such as gaining more knowledge and enhancing their skills. In a university, people learn many new ways to learn things and improve their talent. Students after completing their schooling or undergraduate courses opt for higher education in universities because of various circumstances around them.

Firstly, they prefer education in reputed universities in order to achieve their goals and dreams in life. People try to do their higher education for their career enhancement such as for promotions in the company they work. Usually, persons with the high level of knowledge in any field will be paid more than the other people with limited skills. This is also a major reason for a person to prefer higher education. For instance, in the case of an Information Technology professional a person with higher level of knowledge and skill in designing a software will be paid more than a person who tests the developed product.

In addition to that people pursue their education in universities in various other countries for the sake of exposing to the new environment, culture, customs and learn how to mingle with people. This scenario is generally seen in students trying to do their business degree. Students come know about the new trends across the world and learn how to deal with various kinds of businesses and improve the economy of their country. Moreover, learning the ways of interacting with the people is a good sign of a healthy society. On the other hand, people not only attend the universities for gaining knowledge and improving their job position but also out of their immense interest in a particular field and curiosity to invent new things in that specific field.

In my point of view, I think people attend universities and colleges for the purpose of gaining more knowledge, experiencing various cultures and customs, improving their job position and their intense desire and passion towards a particular field.

(Approximately 325 words)
(Written by Pushyahass Reddy)


Essay Topic: People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge etc.). Why do you think people attend colleges or universities?

Sample Answer 11:
Certain people think they attend colleges/universities to gain knowledge whereas some other people think to prepare for their career. Another set of people prefers to attend college to get new experiences.

Universities dictate the society with the values present in education. Some people prefer to attend a college to gain knowledge and apply their knowledge in their day to day life. These people choose a university to increase their knowledge only which is useful to the society and they are least bothered about the jobs or job market. Universities should produce knowledge-based professional but not job seekers. People who got sufficient knowledge can overcome any issue in their daily life as well as career. My friend, sham came out of Hindu university with sufficient knowledge never worried about his career. He can easily transoms from one field to another with his vast knowledge what he gained from university.

There is always an opposite side of a coin. Some people prefer to attend universities to increase their career chances as they are so much interested in a profitable career. And companies also prefer certain universities only to recruit for their openings. I selected Nehru University to do my post graduate in computers to attract top IT giants and it really worked for me. Some other sets of people choose universities to get new experiences and enhance their knowledge or to get suitable jobs for them. Ram, one of my state ministers choose a university to get experience in student politics and got successes in main politics also.

In conclusion, I prefer to attend college to gain knowledge and not only career or experience only. People who gained knowledge in their core area always get successes in any other area.

(Approximately 285 words)
(Written by Nirmala Pagolu)

Model Answer 12:

Universities and colleges always play an important role in the wellbeing of individual as well as the wellbeing of family and the whole nation. However, there are different type and status of people who are attending colleges and universities for different purposes.

A university or a college has an ultimate goal - to convey knowledge and experiences from past generation to present generation and preparing a good citizen for the society. A well-educated individual and nation can face any challenges of the world.

People going universities and colleges are getting different experiences for life in a good way and socially accepted ways. They meet students from different cultural, religious, race, colour and languages; in addition, they can get information from all people they have met in their student life. And they are getting new knowledge and information from teachers and books.

And in practical life, they implement this knowledge and experience for the betterment of the nation. Besides, these people attend colleges and universities to get necessary degrees and certificates which enable them to spend prosperous, future and save their future getting ruined. Without college or university degree it is impossible to get a good job in any reputable organisation.

My opinion is also the same the main purpose people attending colleges or university is gaining knowledge and experience which enable them to lead a successful life, make them sound and mature who can take a right decision for themselves.

[Written by Maher Ali]


Sample Answer 13:
It’s true to say that people take admission in college and universities for higher education with different intentions. Overall, it depends on the economic and social status of countries. According to my point of view, in today’s world, most of the people get higher education to earn money, especially the residents of underdeveloped or third world countries like Pakistan. In this essay, I will elaborate my view with reasons and examples.

First, if we see in low-income countries like Pakistan, where life is striving for the basic needs like foods and shelters, most of the youths of Pakistan take admission in subjects like M.B.A, Information Technology and other science subjects for a better scope of having better careers and earning good money. Their basic needs for survival outweigh other ethnic values of education. Very few students take interest in arts and other non-technical education.  

While somehow in the west or developed countries where government ensures basic needs of the people, have a different reason for people to attend colleges and universities.  Most of the students in the west still follow the true meanings and reason of education. They take admission in universities to increase their skills, knowledge and characters. That is the reason for progress in research and development. On the balance, I must say that humans of all over the globe have lost the true meanings of education except in very countries in the west. The man has increased the needs and demands for more comfort or for other reasons, but, it is the economical situation of nations which defines the trend of education move towards money or moreover towards aesthetics.

On the balance, I must say that people of all over the globe attend the schools and universities to increase their scope to earn the better income. We have lost the true meanings of education. Lust for money has taken over the thrust and great values of knowledge. It is one of the proofs that now the world rarely produces the great characters like Rumi and Newton. 

[Written by Humairah Farooq]


Model Answer 14:
"From here, light and sacred draughts." – The motto of Cambridge University tells people that a university is a place where enlightenment and precious knowledge is awarded. Since the establishment of the first university, it has been a great honour to be accepted. Today, universities and colleges are much more accessible and therefore, more people prefer to receive a higher education. Several reasons are presented in this essay.

First of all, a large number of people study there for the purpose of a degree, which is beneficial, or even necessary for job application. With a higher degree, applicants are more likely to find a better position. However, with increasing number of students pouring in, the quality of education may be reduced, particularly for students with little eagerness for study.

Acquiring knowledge appears to be the main reason for most students. A university or college is believed to be an ideal place to learn meaningful or useful knowledge. Through libraries, knowledge and ideas of people all around the world can be shared. On the other hand, teaching standard is much superior to high schools. Thanks to these abundant resources, a student can dive into the ocean of knowledge freely.

Nonetheless, the real essence of a university is not knowledge itself, but the methodology of learning. When we scrutinise the synopsis of any programmes, those structures seem to be similar, which without any exceptions, direct to the ability to learn. Perhaps this is the reason why companies have a preference for a higher degree. Good ability of learning accompanies one with his whole life. Hence, studying in a university is undoubtedly a precious experience.

After the analysis above, it turns out that the reasons for receiving higher education are tightly bound to each other. An opportunity of secondary or tertiary education is advantageous in every aspect. Consequently, numerous people are attending universities and colleges.

[Written by Jifang Zhang]


Sample Answer 15:
In schools, we complete our primary and secondary educations. Colleges or universities are there to provide the third stage of our education level. Only a few people are getting the opportunity to attend their tertiary level education. The reason why people attend to colleges or universities may differ from person to person.

Some people attend to colleges after leaving from school is to improve their skills such as vocational qualifications. This is a kind of career preparation for their life. They will learn new skills and new knowledge on vocational training such as dress makings, carpentry, welding, aluminium fittings, automobile, phone repairing, electrical and electronics are some technical training provided in some colleges.

Some are attending to Universities to follow degree or diploma in education, agriculture, medicine, engineering, biochemistry and etc. These are to shape their future career by increased knowledge on a particular field. Many of these courses are teach as full time in government organisations and part time in many private organisations. Nowadays education became a competition since many are attending to universities and colleges. Each person needs to obtain a degree or diploma has become an essential element to find a good job. The educational qualification is the base to provide many good jobs in reputed firms and in higher positions. Therefore, many people attend to these places to improve their educational qualifications to get a good job. Other than this, educated people earn a higher salary than uneducated people. Nowadays money became as a life. To live a comfortable life, people try to improve their educational qualifications in order to find well-paid positions.   

Educated people become prestigious position in the society. Others follow educated people’s value, rules and standards. People wanted to respect by others. Therefore, they need to get graduation, post-graduation, Masters’ degree, Honor, Doctorate and etc. Mentioning their educational qualifications behind their name is a prestige for many people. Therefore, some people attend to universities or colleges, to improve their prestige. Some want to spend the time productively. If a bachelor needs to spend the weekend, could be spent with their friends. Some of them though attend weekend classes to complete a degree before they engage in important responsibilities in life. 

Therefore, why people attend to colleges or universities may give many answers as per the need of the people. There may be one reason or many reasons behind the fact why they do this.              

[Written by Niro]


Sample Answer 16:
To face the period of development, as people, we have to make competition with others for getting what we want and what we need. One thing that people can do is try to get high education. Nowadays people try to develop their abilities in colleges or universities. In reality, attending a university will help us to become great people in the future. There are two reasons why people have to attend a college or university, such as to reach the desired level and to satisfy their life.

Firstly, becoming a success person is a dream to all the people in this world. To reach our destination we definitely need to do something. We should make a sacrifice so that it happens. “Better education, better life”, is a motivation quote and will help us to build our spirit. People will have a huge opportunity if they have a good education. In my experience, there are some of my uncles who have prestigious jobs because they have higher education and degree. In reality, all companies need people who have higher qualifications related to their education to join their company.

Secondly, in life people need something that will make them satisfied. Satisfying in life is an important thing in people’s life, which can make them happy. Having the higher qualification in education and having a good job will make people useful for others. For instance, a child in a family when becomes a success person, s/he can make the parents proud and can give them happiness. They can also go to some tourism destinations for vacation or buy a house or invest for future, and so on.

In conclusion, attending a college or university is important because it will help us to face the period of development, to face how beautiful the world is, and most significantly: we can make people proud of us.

[ Written by Keith Francis Ratumbuisang ]


Sample Answer 17:
In recent times it has become a widespread trend that colleges or universities are not just about education and teaching, but it has become a much broader concept in comparison to older times. People nowadays consider attending colleges or universities for many different reasons and it is quite common that people consider attending colleges or universities as a general trend, though there are many other reasons behind this.

Over the years education has changed and evolved itself to the changing trends and viewpoints of people and so has the concept of students of education and places where education is offered namely colleges and universities. Student's these days not only look for the quality of education offered but their view varies from facilities offered, the extra-curricular activities offered and the type of student culture that exist within the college. A student joining a college these days not only plan on just graduating out but also assess his options or scope to improve his other talents, thus he plans on nurturing them and improving it further. For example, one of my friends recently joined the MBA course in a college but the final deciding factor over other colleges was the sports facilities offered to him at his present college. Earlier times it was just about the quality of education offered and nothing else.

By this, I conclude by saying, by changing times the system in place gets modified or adaptive to the viewpoints of the students which lie not just on educational perspective but for other reasons too.

[ Written by  - Abhijith Radhakrishnan ]


Sample Answer 18:
A college is a place where learning processes take place and go beyond the stereotypic academic learning experience. People attend colleges or universities for a lot of reasons which range from academic, social and other personal reasons. In my opinion, one should not limit his/ her college days to just learning academics and should take the opportunity to learn whatever good knowledge comes his/ her way.

First and foremost, a college or university is meant to increase a person in academic knowledge. For example, a student who gets admitted to a university to study medicine should first of all learn about the different diseases and know how to treat them appropriately. As such, a person learns how to be a good doctor.

Secondly, a college or university prepares one for the career an individual is going to face in the near future. It teaches what to expect in a person‘s line of study. For instance, while I was a medical student and in the university, we were educated on the career prospects of a medical doctor, the various places we could work and what would be expected of us when we eventually get there. In addition, an individual mingles with the different people from different social strata, ethnicities, localities and race while in the university.

Therefore, you get to learn about different cultures and values. For instance, my roommate in the university was a Sudanese. I learnt about different Sudanese dishes and also picked up a few Arabic words from him.

In conclusion, the university is not only a place for academics. You get prepared for the career ahead and also learn some social values and cultures. One should be able to utilise the few years in the university to pick up as much relevant knowledge as possible.

[ Written by  - Abdurrahim Zakari ]


Sample Answer 19:
College and university play an integral part in student's life for various personal and professional reasons. Whether it can the continuation of higher studies to get the desired job or for creating a network with friends at social level through college life, it is important to get admitted in these institutions.   

College life offers great experiences where people continue their career prospects upon a particular field where there is a diverse list of options to choose from. Nowadays, compared to the past, we have more options because of which there has been a surge in competition level as well. For instance, for a commerce background student, there were limited options like being chartered accountant or company secretary etc. Whereas today we have lot more options including these to sustain at fast pace world.

As students, we make ourselves much more matured through this phase of life. Students at their college level want to experience a fun part as well like making new friends, bunking classes, pulling each other’s leg and etc. It is a kind of life which people want to experience before they get into the adult phase of their life. For example, most students tend to make their girlfriends at the college. Whether it can be a vogue or a kind of peer pressure to have one as they cannot resist themselves when they see others are having one.

Not only this, people even get jealous of their pals when they find a beautiful woman with someone else and wish they could also have one. Thirdly, college life brings us a plethora of new experiences during this phase of life. It is during this period we learn how to balance our life both on professional and personal front as well. We also learn how to accept our failures and work on it. In addition to this, we try to find a hidden talent in terms of career perspective as well.

To sum up, college life plays a significant role towards the building up of next phase of life. As it focuses on career prospects, increased knowledge and various factors to look on, it is important for each individual to spend time in a college or university.

[ Written by  - Walia ]


Sample Answer 20:
Certain people think they attend colleges/universities to gain knowledge whereas some other people think to prepare for their career. Another set of people prefers to attend college to get new experiences.

Universities dictate the society with the values present in education. Some people prefer to attend college to gain knowledge and apply their knowledge in their day to day life. These people choose a university to increase their knowledge only which is useful to the society and they are least bothered about the jobs or job market. Universities should produce knowledge-based professionals but not job seekers. People who got sufficient knowledge can overcome any issue in their daily life as well as career. My friend, sham came out of Hindu university with sufficient knowledge never worried about the career. He can easily transoms from one field to another with his vast knowledge what he gained from university.

There is always the another side of the coin. Some people prefer to attend universities to increase their career chances as they are so much interested in a profitable career. And companies also prefer certain universities only to recruit for their openings. I selected Nehru University to do my post graduate in computers to attract top IT giants and it really worked for me. Some other sets of people choose universities to get new experiences and enhance their knowledge or to get suitable jobs for them. Ram, one of my state ministers choose a university to get experience in student politics and got successes in main politics also.

In conclusion, I prefer to attend college to gain knowledge and not only career or experience only. People who gained knowledge in their core area always get successes in any other area.

[ Written by  - Jayesh Joseph ]


Sample Answer 21:
Education is an inevitable part of human being in this modern era, the main reason for this is to gain a better job. The focus of this essay is to scrutinise some reasons of attending college or universities in the following paragraphs.

First and foremost, the primary reason is that to get a better career. In order to be employed one should be academically qualified, as the unemployment is increasing the demand for the job is also increasing hence the more qualified and experienced you are, the higher chance you get to be settled with a better job. The second reason is that to gain more knowledge vocationally. Attaining knowledge is vital for a better productive and quality work. For example, an engineer has to attend a college or a university in order to study the basics and logic behind the subject scientific theories.

On the other side, a drawback of attending college or university is that education is considered as a status in the society from the old days. Thus people who are not skilled will go to universities in order to get higher positions. For example, a pupil who is not skilled select to learn medicine to become doctors by paying millions of donation to get respect in the society. One of the other reasons is that education in universities changed as a routines steps taken by the younger generation as a part of life. Thus the need for education is often forgotten by students during their studies and they pay a little attention to their university studies.
To conclude, the main aim of attending a college for many is to gain knowledge and to get into a safe career but this is not the only reason for an increasing number of college or university students these days.

[ Written by - Anu Scaria ]


Sample Answer 22:
Essay Topic: People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge etc.). Why do you think people attend colleges or universities?

The importance of education and educational institutions in our modern life is undeniable. Some people considers education and university degree as an integral part for catalysing job opportunities whereas others consider education as an asset for validating their existing knowledge. Thus, this essay aims to explain both the views for attending a formal educational institution like a college or a university and therefore, leads to a logical conclusion.

At the outset, there are innumerable reasons for pursuing further studies in higher institutions but the most conspicuous is that people prefer to obtain higher qualifications such as advanced diplomas or degrees to embody themselves in the job market. For an instance, nowadays employers prefer tertiary qualified employees to be employed for their workforce, thus attaining higher education act as a catalyst for career growth opportunities. It is quite impossible for an individual to get a good job without a college degree and that is why so many students are attending schools these days to ensure a future career.

Furthermore, some mature students get admissions to universities to fortify and update their skills and knowledge to utilise their ample quality time. For example, in the healthcare sector, nurses choose post graduation qualifications to validate their existing knowledge for recency of practice and also make productive use of their time. Similarly, many engineers, doctors and other professionals get enrolled in further education to enhance their knowledge, credibility and to research. For instance, one of my uncles who is 65 years old is a senior professor and he is involved in different research projects in the university he works in. Many of his students are over 35 years old.

Based on the above discussion, it can be concluded that most people study for career preparation while few attend universities for their interest or as an asset to keep them up-to-date.

[ Written by - Sarb ]


Sample Answer 23:
Getting admission in universities and colleges is the common way to fulfil the requirement of education in a professional manner. In this modern life, most of us have different reasons to join the tertiary education. In my opinion, the career preparation is the only reason, which forces young generation to get admission in higher education but we can not ignore the other reasons such as getting new experiences and new knowledge.

In this modern era, the opportunity to get a good job is impossible without professional studies. Nowadays, the big companies only accept your application for a job if you have a related professional qualification. In contrast, twenty years ago the companies respected skills workers without their professional degrees. In 2007, British Home Office offered those professionals who had four years university degree and more than five years work experience in their field, in result government offered British citizenship. It is not the only reason, most of the young students have different thinking.

On the other hand, getting new knowledge is another reason to enter a university for many. After completing secondary education, not all the students get admission for further education. But some of the graduates want advanced studies in the specific field to fulfil the requirement of their career. For instance, medical student after completion of their bachelor degree, they search for advanced knowledge such as cardiology and pathology. Finally, some skilled professional studies require more experience such as technical education which needs more experience so college only places to polish this type of skills.

In short, we can not ignore any of the reason for getting involve in higher education but in current period career preparation is the most popular reason.

[Written by - Miandran]

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0 # Huda 2019-04-08 03:03
I'm looking for partners to practice speaking. If you are seriously willing to do that, WhatsApp me on 00965-97173914.
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-1 # Unna 2019-03-23 12:38
In this modern age, gaining knowledge, career preparation, and education; all have become synonymous with attending colleges/universities. Attending colleges is an expensive affair in terms of cost and time. While different motivations out of eloquence can be quoted for attending universities; all of it boils down to career preparation, though, a particular career choice may be monetarily motivated or by out of interest.

The culture of obtaining an advanced degree is deeply entrenched into today’s corporate world. Management and technical hierarchies in most companies are based not only on the degrees but also the schools from where these degrees are earned. Specific degree requirements are laid down in job advertisements which compel candidates to earn advanced degrees in hope for a bright career in the corporate world. Degree requirements as a determinant to candidates’ eligibility for a particular job have been motivating people to attend colleges/universities at least for the last 250 years.

While attending university is a primary ticket to advancing one’s career in certain professions like marketing, sales, management, etc, there are certain professions which are exclusive only to degree holders. As an example, someone, no matter how great of a legal mind he may be, cannot be admitted to the bar unless he has passed a bar examination from a law school. Likewise, one cannot imagine a medical doctor who has not gone through rigorous theoretical and practical training at a medical school.

To conclude, career advancement and in some cases, career choice in today’s world is determined by the academic degrees that you earn from a college or a university. While exceptions may exist, the majority of the students pursue academic degrees out of compulsion for career preparation.
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0 # Elmz 2019-02-13 20:52
Education brings a bounty of advantages for us. Some people focus on their studies to prepare themselves to get a good job while others want to gain more technical and academic knowledge. Although there are several reasons for people to enrol in a university or college, for me, the two main purposes are to get career qualifications and to make their dream come true.

Most of the people are trying their best to finish their studies because they want to qualify for the job they want to apply to. The unemployment rate has risen significantly during the last decade and applying for a job has become stiffer today than ever before. Therefore, having a complete and solid credential will give an edge compared to other applicants. For example, if there are 100 applicants to a specific job posting, the recruitment manager of that company will definitely consider the applicants with higher academic qualifications. For this reason, people tend to study at a college or university to qualify and to get hired.

On the other hand, some people are pursuing their studies to turn their dream into reality. Such people target their future profession since their childhood. For instance, my cousin has always wanted to become a mechanical engineer and he has finally finished his studies and graduated with honours from an engineering university and his major was mechanical engineering. Therefore, another reason for enrolling in a college is to get the desired diploma or degree.

To conclude, there are various reasons why people want to educate themselves in the university. However, in my point of view, the two main reasons are to get a job easily by obtaining the minimum qualifications and to live the life they wanted to have from their young age.
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-1 # Ashraful Islam 2019-02-12 12:29
What band score will we get if we write like that?
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I love this website so much. It's WONDERFUL.
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Mind blowing job sir. Really it is a great service for students. God bless you.
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Is anyone there to practice speaking section? I am seeking a partner to improve my speaking skills. I am about to give exam on 17th January 2019. Please do reply as soon as possible.
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0 # Sewwa 2018-06-13 16:52
Hi, may I know do these ‘writing task 2’ questions refer to academic writing or GT writing? I’m going to take IELTS academic, thus worry whether these are up to the academic writing standard. Thanks.
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+2 # Anand Ahlawat 2018-05-02 19:42
People join colleges or universities for numerous reasons - gathering experiences, shaping career and gaining knowledge are some of them. In my opinion, having a great career is the major reason for university education.

Unlike past, people across the globe these days have far better awareness regarding their career path. People are always looking for some courses, which could make them eligible and in turn, provide better job opportunities. Especially there is a growing trend of taking help of educational institutions for establishing futures. According to a recent study by Nasscom, 80% of the students admitted to Master’s program at BHU in the year 2018, have future plans of doing PhD. They enrolled in the Master’s program only to get eligible and enhance their future career.

Moreover, on the similar lines of the better career prospects, people join colleges for getting a platform to get campus placements. The recruitment firms have strong feeling that the knowledge of the candidature depends on the quality of education gained by him at the varsity. It is relatively easy for people to find a suitable profile at colleges instead of trying outside. For instance, a majority of the IT companies like TCS, HCL and Infosys hire 90% of the fresher directly from colleges.

To wind up the discussion, the downtrodden look up to education as the means to uplift themselves by creating better careers and the capable use education for enlightenment and maintain their position in the society by having better careers and jobs. Education acts as a ladder for bright future.
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-1 # Ashiq Hussain 2018-03-19 16:37
Sir, your materials and opinions are really amazing, helpful and way to the right path. I am going to take IELTS this weekend in Toronto, Canada - Academic IELTS. If you have any best advice for me to follow, please email me. Thanks.
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+3 # IELTS Mentor 2018-03-20 14:13
Keep faith in you and do not worry too much. This is the best advice we can give you now. Since you have only a few days left for the exam, we would not barrage you with new streams of tips and strategies. Best of luck.
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+11 # John 2018-01-12 00:20
The objective to attend colleges and universities differs from one person to another. It totally depends on what stage of the life and/or career someone is. A person who is straight out of the school will join a college so that he achieves a degree and can apply for jobs while someone in his mid-career would do so mostly from personal interest or for promotional prospects. This essay discusses some of the reasons for joining higher educational institutes.

Colleges not only teach an individual how to make progress academically but also improve one’s social behaviour and skills. Companies nowadays prefer hiring people who have at least a college degree. This is probably one of the most prominent reasons parents want their children to go to colleges.

Individuals with 10 or 15 years' experience will join college just to move up the ladder in their career or to increase their knowledge. Part-time courses being offered by colleges for the same exact reason. For instance, IT-related courses and different management skill courses are taken by thousands of professionals in different colleges and their main objective is to get ready to move forward with their jobs.

Global competition is one of the key aspects of modern world. With the inception of globalisation, I have seen people attending colleges just for being globally competitive which also helps them migrate to developed countries like the USA, Canada or Australia. With the point-based immigration system, education has become an integral component of an individual’s success in migrating to a country he likes.

To conclude, people mainly attend colleges or universities for jobs, promotions, migration, career success, knowledge and skill development and most important of all to be globally competitive.
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0 # A.K.M Ashfaq 2017-12-14 14:48
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+3 # Roman Decoz 2017-08-03 13:30
Can we use following sentences in IELTS writing task-2?

I am confused about these both because some people told me that we can not use words like "This essay" and "the points elaborated above" in writing task -2 academic.

Please reply me. I am waiting for your suggestion.
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0 # Amybee 2017-10-16 05:55
It's better not to use those. Don't know why but every professor I know said so.
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+17 # Ahmed Al Dhaheir 2017-08-01 20:45
It is a good idea to give us many samples but you should put the scour for each one and I think if you give us the best 5 samples only to know that are the best.
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0 # Chris 2017-07-01 10:40
Nowadays, many people enroll in local or foreign colleges or universities for various reasons. In my view, people choose to study in the tertiary educational institutions to prepare for their future career and gain different experiences.

In this 21st centuries, many companies demand a tertiary education qualification from the job applicants because this ensures that applicants possess the necessary knowledge to handle the work given. Hence, many people attend colleges or universities to seek for a certificate to enable them to get a job with a better salary and career prospect. Some choose to enroll in demanding courses provided by prestigious institutions to get a more competitive qualification to secure their job application. By studying in such institutions, they will be able to deepen their knowledge and obtain experiences required by the firms through presentations, group projects and internships. In short, one of the reasons that people choose to attend college or university is to obtain necessary qualifications for the job they desire.
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-6 # A Khan 2017-06-05 04:27
Is there any penalty if you write too long, like 350 words plus?
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-3 # IELTS Mentor 2017-06-10 18:22
No, there is not. But if you write less than 250 words, you will be penalised.
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+19 # Shaghayegh 2017-06-01 18:21
Why don't you refer the band score of every sample? - like 7.5, 8 or 5.5 etc.
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-1 # IELTS Mentor 2017-06-10 18:33
Nice recommendation.
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-1 # Katherine 2017-04-23 03:34
Quoting Elline:
Hi guys, actually I need a partner to improve my speaking skill and the other skills, though. If there is anybody I would be glad. So I'm giving my phone number, which is +989382858143. I'm looking forward to your reply.

Are you interested in communicating with me?
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Hi Katherine, I am also looking for speaking partners. I am in India I will be in Kuwait next month.
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0 # Raju GHIM 2017-01-12 23:47
Deciding to attend university is a difficult choice in one's life. One may opt for career preparation or increased knowledge. In my opinion, attending university is more advantageous. This is the fact that the university offers better education and numerous opportunities. Someone, please give me some feedback on this topic.
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+8 # Sahar 2017-01-01 16:03
Could you please mention the band score of each sample?
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-1 # Hasnat 2016-11-10 10:03
I agree that a college or university degree plays a key role in entering in the ocean of knowledge. But in my humble case, war and poverty deterred my formal education. I started a journalist's career in 1972 at the age of 17. Now I am a leading advertising copywriter and copy editor. An avid proofreader, too, May I get a chance entering in your "enlightened" forum for a job or for a career "schooling?"
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+3 # Cherry Anne 2016-10-12 17:09
Why are people obliged to go to school? People go to school because of several reasons. Firstly, it is because they want to gain new experiences, and explore different things at the universities. Secondly, it is a preparation for their future career as they want to become an expert in terms of the fields they want to have their career in the near future. Finally, it is due to the fact that they want to broaden and enhance their knowledge and skills. They can only get those things through attending classes in a formal educational institute like a college or a university.

In my opinion, people these days, want to become degree holders because this is a preparation for their future career. Nowadays, because of growing competition in the job market, if someone is not educated or graduated from any college, it is difficult for him to get a decent job that could sustain him and his family needs. It is a mentality in our generation that in order for us to secure our future and to have a better opportunity, we must be a degree holder, which has some negative impacts and it is also unfair to those people who have skills but unable to support themselves in getting an education.

In conclusion, the most important reason why people go to the colleges or universities is because they want to have a better life, they want to become financially stable through the jobs that they could get if they have academic qualifications.
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+11 # Saira Iqbal 2016-10-09 04:34
Education is the only way through which humans can be differentiated and distinguished from other animals. Many people have different reasons for going to the universities or colleges. In my opinion, people mostly attend a university or join a college to build up their career, and to get more knowledge.

To begin with, people who have greater knowledge are welcomed everywhere. Education is a de facto in this modern world and without it, someone does not get the respect in a society or get the proper knowledge to build up a career. University is the only place where you can get a degree which will be recognised by the higher authority where you apply for a job. In the developing country like Pakistan, most of the people go the universities for ensuring a better career. Many job holders even continue their further education in order to get the promotions or tap on to new career opportunities.

A university has greater impacts on our lives as we study and enhance our knowledge in different subjects as well as on other perspectives. In a college or university, we meet new people from different social statuses, different languages, cultures, traditions, even different religions. And this way, our way of thinking improves. We learn different aspects of culture and life which would have been impossible to gain without attending such an educational institutions.

In short, everyone has his prospect of joining the university but some common reasons are most prominent which are career preparation and gathering knowledge and experience. Rounding up my words at the conclusion, universities are the only platform from where refined candidates are freed to compete in different walks of life, and make their lives from better to the best .
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+9 # John Wick 2016-09-26 16:05
University is a fortress where people meet, interact, and get an immense amount of information. It is also a place to strengthen students' experiences not only in academics but social and professional life. People enrol in the university for various purposes- some want to expand their current knowledge and pursue an expertise, others want to prepare for their future career and lastly to further advance their careers.

University creates an organised curriculum to help students gain more intelligence and develop advanced skills in their academics areas. It also helps students gain experience to communicate and collaborate with different people with different languages and cultures. Some universities even provide some advanced facilities which are free to be used by the students and greatly enhance their knowledge in real life situations.

Other people use the experiences gained in a university as a tool to prepare themselves for their future careers. Studying in a university enables a person to become reliable, trustworthy and disciplined which are crucial characteristics that are needed by most of the companies. The degree gained in the university provides an added testament that you are a qualified person for the job. Lastly, some people who already have careers, still enrol in a university. This is due to the fact that it increases their career prospects, empowers a person to seek a higher level of job, while some people take this opportunity to switch and start a new career path.

In my opinion, colleges and universities are the cornerstones of our modern world and without being educated in such a formal educational institute, we cannot become learned, experienced and skilled to work, socially interact and lead a good life.
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+4 # Marinda 2016-08-29 10:08
Dear Mentor,
I'm planning to get 7.5 band score. Is this essay and the other ones you have published before are relevant to get high band score?
Thanks for your efforts.
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+12 # Marinda 2016-08-28 17:20
Universities and colleges have the authority to provide certificates and offer higher degrees of education. Students enrol in colleges as it is an inevitable phase in the education system to ensure getting good jobs after graduation.

Universities are a paradigm shift in student's life after passing secondary schools, in my point of view, it is the first step for achieving our own goals as we will be specialised in a specific field whether medical, engineering, economical, commercial, architecture and so on.

Universities and colleges include many teachers and students from different countries and this will create new relations and exchange different cultures. Also, the teaching techniques are various, there is no specific syllabus as in the schools, but the studying is mainly reliant on searching and making projects within team works, and this will prepare students for the market-force. Moreover, campus contains students from both sex and this will help boys and girls to compete, cooperate and communicate together, this will be a balance for the pupils who graduated from single gender schools.

Some people, after graduation, are eager to apply for the higher studies to get a master degree or diploma to occupy higher positions with a good salary. Even some universities provide scholarships and travelling abroad to study in the international faculties.

In conclusion, the universities are playing a major role in our life and the governments should subsidies it and support internship programs to provide the society with a qualified workforce.
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-1 # David Ghim 2016-08-27 13:19
The purpose of university education has been a hot topic in the news recently. Some people are of the opinion that university education is mandatory to apply for a good job; however other people disagree. In this essay I will discuss both opinions.

Please someone give me the feedback of my introduction of this essay.
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-6 # Sri Lanka 2016-08-10 11:10

When I was ten, schooling was one of the most dreadful events in my life because of the headmaster. I had to go there because I was asked to do so by my parents. There was no ambition on that boyhood. Then I went to university because I badly wanted a job. It was the truth about me. But in this globalised world, different people have their own, maybe strange reasons for going to a college or a university. Mainly people attend a college or university for enhancing knowledge, career preparation, gathering practical experience, meeting people or simply as a hobby.

I still believe more than two third of the college attendants mainly have one mission - that is to gather knowledge on different subjects. Especially when it comes to parents, they mainly bother about their children reading books and passing exams to have a white collar job. Meanwhile, those students might have an opposite view than the parents. Their target might be to meet friends, pass the day and attend the classes, only to get rid of the parents and teachers frowning eyes.

When students become mature, they might try to find a way to earn some money. On this occasion, they mainly target career preparation and to arm with practical knowledge to get a job for earning. Universities have a great demand here and that is why universities are delivering many practical experiences for the job seekers.

Other than these, main purposes of going to a college could be meeting people and studying as a hobby. Some people are bored of sitting in front of computers and they try to find a way to deal with this loneliness and stress. Colleges and universities are the better answer for them.

In conclusion, though various people have different reasons for attending in higher educational institutes, most of these reasons fall into some main categories- gathering knowledge, meeting people, career preparation and escaping for boredom.
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+1 # Rahad 2016-07-27 01:16
Do you believe at every stage of career progression, following/using all of these steps are equally important? Explain your argument with valid examples.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+1 # Rahad 2016-07-27 01:15
Do you believe at every stage of career progression, following/using all of these steps are equally important? Explain your argument with valid examples.

Please give me an article/essay about this topic.
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0 # Farooq Sattar Shoro 2016-07-20 22:15
According to the test requirements, all above writings are flawless and beautiful. But the main purpose acquiring knowledge or education is more important for everyone because education makes us perfect human being, whoever, securing a good job, good status and reputation it's all about money and selfishness. To become a good human being is more difficult than to earn money. So it is, in my opinion, education is the only thing that could make everything.
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+3 # K.Naresh 2016-07-13 19:05
Hi friends here is my attempt on the above essay topic. Please let me know, if I have made any mistake.

Often, colleges and universities are referred to as educational as well as skill-enhancement hub. Students enroll in colleges in order to acquire knowledge, which enhances their future career prospects.

A majority of people attend colleges/universities to pursue their higher education, which gears up their opportunities in job market. Likewise, many have a far greater goal in their lives and in order to reach their heights they choose colleges. A college or university acts as the main basement for the enlightened people. A great revolution has already been occurred in the field of technology and that is correlated with the job market. Students seemed to join colleges, in order to attain good knowledge, which creates avenues for their dream jobs.

Moreover, exposure to social world, is a main constraint for a student and the best place to develop such skills is none other than Colleges. Colleges inculcate a social behaviour to the students and also it provides a wide range of facilities that allows an individual to enhance his/her skills. There are some other types of students, who join a college or university for social status and some who join from family pressure, may also get a good career guidance under the roof of colleges by the experienced faculty who guides them how to develop their profile to match the desired target.

In my opinion, college environment acts as a precursor for a student’s successful career and that's the reason why many are joining in colleges/universities.
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+2 # Shivani 2017-01-29 18:01
I think you should explain in the introduction what you are going to discuss in the following paragraphs.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-4 # Radhi 2016-07-20 04:18
The introduction is not up to the mark. You need to write more convincing and powerful 'Introduction' to get a high band score. This essay would quality for 5.5-6.0 band score max.
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+2 # Immaculate 2016-07-01 02:09
Deciding to continue college education depends on the individual interests and circumstances. Choosing a career is the most crucial part in one's life. In my opinion, people attend colleges or universities for various reasons, but mainly for career preparation and to increase their knowledge.

Since, knowledge is a tool for one's future, and formal educational institutes like a college or university offer knowledge enhancement, many people decide to enroll there. Nowadays, everything has become very competitive and everyone wants to be at the topmost level. Thus achieving knowledge and then having a suitable career is an important part of one's life and tertiary education helps people to reach their goals. It is believed that "an idle mind is the devil's workshop". This shows that empty brain is of no use and to fill our brain with knowledge and information we need university education.

In addition to this, during our college life, we tend to become a complete person or as a whole, we learn and experience many new things and these experiences prepare us for the future. To prosper in life one must have goals and this can be achieved only by proper education. Universities are the platform for today's scientists, researchers, doctors, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, leaders, and so on. In this modern time, without the college education, hard-work alone cannot bring success. Many farmers, for instance, are hard working but use primitive methods in farming, while the use of technology could have been much more productive and education makes the difference between a farmer with technology and a farmer with his labour only.

To conclude, university education has a great importance in one's life as it prepares someone for the future, and help becoming an enlightened person in the society.
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+4 # Lady Shah 2016-06-21 19:09
Attending a university has become very popular in today's society. Unlike before, youngsters today have high ambitions and they lust for growth and success. In my opinion, reasons for higher study in a college or university vary according to what students plan and how they set their goals.

Although higher education is not the only way to gain knowledge, in my opinion, it is the best way available. In today's world, it is compulsory to have at least a college degree for getting a good job. It has become a matter of prestige in society to be educated, unlike the past. Some people also attend colleges to become familiar with the latest technology like software. Moreover, some seek the development and improvement in various domains such as space, medicine, literature, commerce, arts etc. While many are interested in developing theories and research like cancer, global warming, life on other planets and all of these people attend a college or a university to fulfil their aims.

Interestingly, there are many students who wish to study at a foreign university in order to get exposed to another country's culture and life, some want to learn the language and use it in their everyday life. Furthermore, a lot of students think about social life and may even enrol for the mere pleasure of experiencing campus life and meeting new people and make friends.

In general, reasons for attending a university or a college vary greatly and the enrollment have increased over the time.
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+33 # Metal Queen 2016-06-11 06:26
I think it would be better if you put the essays with their scores and organize them according to their band score. That would be easier for us!
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+4 # Vemith 2016-07-19 17:48
Please mention the band score for those essays and letters.
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+7 # Zina 2016-06-01 19:24
A university degree is still synonymous with such notions as success and well-paid job among a large portion of the population. However, its role in achieving career and business heights is getting dubious with a number of examples when university dropped out people become iconic personalities. The primary reason people enrol in a university is probably to build a brilliant career, but this is not the only reasons.

A university degree is viewed as indispensable for a successful work path. For example, reputed companies keep close ties with renowned higher educations to get talented students into their company and offer internships. Some young people, however, consider college or university to be a good chance to live away from home and become fully independent from their parents and make new friends. Despite this, nowadays many people who started their own business and achieved success, have never attended a university, which shows that a degree is not so essential as it used to be. But this is not a convincing logic as the proportion of such successful people is ignorable.

University degrees also bring social status. A group of people would, however, say that they attend universities to learn new things and prepare them for the future. For some, it may be an excellent opportunity to have friends from different backgrounds. Last but not least, acquiring some special skill to start a career is also a reason some people get to the colleges. For instance, someone can never claim himself to be a doctor unless he has a medical degree.

In conclusion, the reasons for attending colleges may vary from person to person but the most common reasons are career preparation, learning new things, exploring opportunities and being a skilled professional.
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+5 # Israa Mahdawy 2016-05-18 00:28
Knowledge is the key to the brighter future and countries and cultures would not have evolved without exceeding levels of improvements every day to give the humankind better lifestyle and wisdom. In this essay, I am going to discuss the various reasons why people attend colleges or universities.

First, universities had helped people throughout the history by teaching the mankind. Knowing about the past and culture is considered as an important essence to build better future. From the early age, the humankind has searched for knowledge as they explored the universe and the earth in which they had lived in. They did remarkable progress by depicting their daily life and knowledge they gathered on the walls, bones, or stones such as their appearance, fighting with animals, battles with other men and a lot more. That has helped to create countries and generations in the long run. In the same way, universities and colleges offer cumulative knowledge of the humankind to build a generation who will lead the future.

However, colleges not only offer education in history but also in many other fundamental subjects like science, arts, economics, finance, technology, medicine, environment and a lot more. Each subject had helped people to have new experiences of learning and serving others. For example, Science has helped people to better understand the world and universe and has accelerated technological advancements such as electricity, transportation system, telecommunication, the Internet and many more wonderful things that have made our existence on earth comfortable and easy.

In my country, people mostly attend colleges or universities to achieve a higher degree for getting jobs. People who achieve greater education had better job prospects and they are considered as enlightened people. Nonetheless, many others enroll in a college to meet new people, learn about different subjects, make friends, enjoy their academic life, become confident and to have social status.

In conclusion, people choose to go to the universities and colleges for a variety of reasons depending on their thoughts, situations and experiences in life. Having opportunities for improvement with knowledge is seen as a privilege and people are bound to attend a university to have the opportunity.
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+3 # Fortino Vazquez 2016-05-10 15:19
Our forefathers believed that they need colleges degrees to be educated and start a career. Many people, on the contrary, were against this belief because they thought attending colleges or universities was a waste of time. However, it is not the case nowadays and it is well known that education is the route to prosperity and people who attend colleges are looking for new experiences, social status, education, career preparation and knowledge.

Although some people end up working after elementary schools, there are others who attend colleges or universities to further enhance their career. People with dreams and high aspirations are motivated to seek new experience and knowledge and continue their education, even on weekends. Another reason why people attend colleges or universities is social status, especially in developing countries. Educated people are still respected in a society and their opinions are greatly valued.

Although every year many young people fail to attend colleges either because of the lack of money or lack of interest, others begin to organise their time and activities in such a way that they start attending a college or universities. These students show a desire to continue their education with the only objective of career preparation. For some, a university is a place to meet new people, learn new things and gather experience. Finally, to fulfil someone's dream to become a professional like doctor or engineer, there is no alternative to getting university degrees.

In conclusion, the reasons for attending colleges vary from generation to generation and most obvious reasons these days are getting a better education, learning new things, gaining social status and having a better career.
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+1 # Fortino Vazquez 2016-05-12 16:17
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+11 # Leonard 2016-04-06 10:35
I have brainstormed and found the following points for the essay development. These points should be helpful for you to develop and plan your own essay. Hope they would be useful for you. Reasons why someone these days attends a college or university:

1. To gain more knowledge and learn more skills so that they can become successful in their career.
2. To increase self-confidence, to make new friends, to learn about new things and to find more about the academic life.
3. There is no alternative these days to acquire knowledge or certification. Colleges and universities have become the main places for shaping students' future.
4. It is proven that graduated from colleges and universities earn more money than less educated persons.
5. Some people do not have alternatives rather than attending higher studies. For instance, someone can't be a lawyer or a doctor without the degree from a college or university.
6. Many colleges and universities provide great opportunities for networking with renowned organisations which help fresh graduates find high-paying and lucrative jobs.
7. To enjoy the academic life.
8. Their parents and society bound them!!!
9. To have a girlfriend or a boyfriend! (LOL! I am sure you don't believe me here but it is true.)
10. To learn about diverse culture and aspects of life.
11. It is prestigious for students and their parents.
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+3 # Upasana 2016-03-26 11:14
Thanks, this is so much helpful for students like us.
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+2 # Mercy 2016-03-02 06:03
Great post. I Agree that people attend colleges for different reasons but it mostly comes to great careers.
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+24 # Chaitanya 2016-02-27 05:42
Essay topic:
People attend colleges or universities for many different reasons (for example, new experiences, career preparation, increased knowledge etc.). Why do you think people attend colleges or universities?

Since decades, the advancement in technology has kept on accelerating and people have a desire to increase their knowledge and technical aspects to incline the technology and their career. Universities are the best places to learn new subjects and some innovative concepts. Evolution takes place in universities and there are many factors that make all the people heading to universities.

Firstly, after completing the secondary education, people seek to continue their studies with under graduation and followed by post graduation as well. Universities divide the courses based on the subject and majors and admit people in order to train them for the respective courses. Universities will conduct the assessments, so the people who are trained should pass the assessment to get an under graduation or post graduation. The certificate given from universities is mandatory for all the job opportunities.

Second, the university study and experience will expose students to various types of people, cultures and languages. Due to this exposure people can develop their personality development principles and behaviour.

After university, every student will apply for a job according to their awarded degree. This will help people financially to sustain their family and children with all needs in the society. Moreover, our society respects the educated people.

In conclusion, people should go to universities to gain the knowledge for respectable living with all moral, social, financial and technical principles in the society.
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+1 # Sakib 2016-01-26 15:00
Yes, I know I talk about practice all the time! But I still urge you to write as often as you can in the months before taking the IELTS exam. Don’t worry about not having any good ideas to write about. You don’t have to be a philosopher here. Transcribing your daily activities into words at the end of the day is more than enough. Keep doing this consistently while getting feedback on your writing, and you will see your writing skills improve within a couple of weeks.
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-1 # Emdad 2015-12-10 17:49
This is helpful indeed, it will bring a good band score on writing task- 2.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
-8 # Akhila 2015-11-29 08:57
Can we write points instead of paragraphs in task 2 academic writing or at least mention some points in between the paragraphs?
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
+1 # IELTS Mentor 2016-07-20 03:56
To answer your question- You should not. Points are not allowed in this type of essay writing. They are appropriate in academic presentations.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Justin Tran 2018-12-29 17:51
How can I post my writing here? Please show me.
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0 # Sakina 2017-08-27 11:27
I really need help in writing.
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+3 # Sheikh 2015-11-08 03:29
The human being, in every period of history, seeks for progress. In the Agricultural era, the man was working in farms, then, in next stage of culture so-called “Industrial Revolution”, stepped into another phase of life. This kind of progress, as shown in history, has been associated with progression of science and knowledge. The knowledge teaching trend, firstly used between basic humans by kind of speaking and this trend made progress until today which we see the great educational centres named “Schools” and “Universities”. In the following paragraphs the reasons for people joining colleges and schools are discussed.

In every era, there are different types of people who affected humankind and the world and great parts are the scientists, teachers, artists and researchers. Obviously, these persons had a distinctive lifestyle, however, there is the mutual point in the life of all of them and that is entering to university. Universities, laboratories and other great educational institutes are interesting for those who are passionate regarding science and curious about everything. On the other hand, in every society, the level of educational degree affects the amount of respect. Therefore, some people to gain more respect attend schools and universities to achieve a higher degree and more respect from society.

Additionally, there are organisations which are paying the employees based on their academic evidence, so a group of people in academic places like colleges are forced to obtain degrees to raise their salary.

To sum up, it would be suitable that many people attending different schools that result in more society awareness, although, it is mandatory to remember this quotation: A wise man has knowledge but having knowledge doesn’t guarantee to be wise.
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-5 # Nikhil 2015-10-31 05:25
What words are maximum used in writing task 1 and writing task2? Please answer. I have an exam in 30 minutes.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # IELTS Mentor 2015-10-31 07:42
The minimum word requirement for IELTS writing task 1 and 2 are 150 and 250. There is no maximum limit defined.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Ruhit Sharma 2016-04-30 09:47
Sir, I need an expert to get my writing task 1 & 2 examined. How I can send my practised writing tasks to you so that you can verify what my writing tasks score. Please kindly inform me.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Maja 2015-12-30 16:27
Should the second task always be written in form of an opinion essay? Is it the only correct form?
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+1 # Tareq 2015-10-14 03:23
Education is the backbone of a nation and in today's advanced world, it is almost impossible to prosper in a career without proper knowledge and educational qualifications. The appropriate procedure for achieving knowledge thorough study is attending colleges and universities. Pupils mainly get admitted in colleges and universities for achieving proper knowledge and skill for their future carriers.

We are in the era of 21st century, where everything is advanced technology based and technology changes day to day with new and appropriate one. So it is essential to take appropriate knowledge and that can be from colleges and universities. Most of the students in colleges and universities study for their career preparation to manage a better job. That is why most of the brilliant students are on behind most demanded subject like the computer, engineering, medical and others. Some of them are also interested in pure science and mathematics to achieving knowledge for research and development.

Besides career preparation, a few number of pupils are aimless, just getting experience from those educational institutes. Some experienced employees are also studying in universities for enriching their knowledge and gaining new experiences for the better carrier and better development. They sometimes just come to hone their previous knowledge. Very few also go universities just for showing that he or she has some higher degrees but are not getting a proper education. For example, few people take Master's or Ph.D degree through online study by sharing their experience or their known knowledge and that degrees have no impact on their real knowledge enrichment.

From the above-stated details we can make a clear scene that most of the people are studying in colleges and universities for achieving knowledge for their future career.
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-3 # Muhammed Shamsuddin 2015-09-19 23:19
It is considered that formal education has a paramount importance to enhance someone's knowledge. Many people go to a college or university to acquire higher education which is mandatory to get a better job. The present world is so competitive and without proper education, one cannot expect to have a decent job.

It is too difficult to live without proper education as education will guide us in every step in our life. Learning valuable lessons and getting a proper education is only possible in a college or universities these days. This is why the majority of the people attend colleges and universities to become educated and to have a certificate to prove that.

Other people go to college to let the world know that they are educated. They go to a college or university to get social status. In the ancient period, someone with extensive travelling experiences and practical knowledge was considered as a wise person. In present time wise people are those who have higher degrees and extensive knowledge. Considering this formal education institutes are important to become educated and wise.

Some people might go to a university to fulfil their parents’ wishes. They focus less on education and try to enjoy their time there. Others might attend a college to get certification to practice a career like a lawyer, doctor or an engineer. Without the certification, they will never be allowed to start their career.

In conclusion, we can say that people mainly enrolled in a college or university to acquire knowledge, which will assist him to have a better career, better life, give him a social status and respect.
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-7 # Kyzer 2015-08-03 05:44
Education has done tremendous impact on one's lives. There are various reasons why people enrol themselves in an educational establishment. This essay will analyse the role of these in moulding people and how to be attuned in the society.

It is thought that the major role of the school to every individual is to gain knowledge. When people enter a university, they are being bombarded with enormous theories, laws, and principles which are necessary for their subject course. For instance, first-year students are not treated babyish by their professors instead, went on to the subject matter and focus on things that would integrate information learned to its application to society. This results learning a task and equipping them with adequate knowledge for future enhancement and utilisation.

Following this, another important aspect of attending university institution is preparing students fully weaponized with skills needed in their certain field of specialisation. Many on the job training (OJT) are handed for to ensure skills are hastened and improved. For instance, before a student nurse could actually come across to a real patient, he would be initially dealing with dummies as a client and apply all the talents and skills learned from their mentors to make right that there is no room for any avoidable mistakes. However, some refute that having dolls as patients are a lot different from true to life situations.

In conclusion, despite the many functions of tertiary education, expanding discernment of
all the information acquired and contriving students in their future are the most significant role of this. These will aid engage the full potential of each either in the workforce or as members of the modern community.
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+3 # Balkinder 2015-07-22 14:22
These essays are awesome.
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+1 # Sudip Kumar Pant 2015-07-22 02:53
Increasing value of education creates the need for deep knowledge of a specific field. Attending colleges or universities help to get deep knowledge of a particular field, so this is being common matter like compulsory to get enrolled in college or universities. However, attending college or universities for people is much crucial. Entering college for further study is a formal way to becoming a successful person in life.

Basically, students attend colleges for their further study. Students have their own interest that they choose academic subjects related to their interested field after schooling and try to find achievement on their chosen field. In the days of school life, students could not able to decide their interest. So, until school life subject content are designed based on every aspect of the field like History, Science, Social Science, Mathematical, Arts, commerce etc. related to their practical life. Knowledge gained from school life students have chance to choose their interesting field.

Another reason behind people getting enrolled in a college or university is to achieve a degree they require to get a job or to build a career. Without a valid certificate, it is impossible to claim for a better job. The sole purpose of college and universities is to provide technical and moral education to the people and that is why they become a valuable asset as well as an ideal citizen for their country. Furthermore, Some people go to college or universities for their status up gradation and salary increment.

Thus, attending college or universities is a common matter for the people who need better and successful life.
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0 # Emelia 2015-07-11 19:59
A very good website you have here but I was wondering if you know of any community forums that covers the same topics discussed in this article?
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+2 # Vinit 2015-07-06 13:11
Many of us enrol to universities /colleges as a part of career expansion, for better job opportunities, to research or for intense studies on the particular subject. I would like to categorise people admitted to universities/colleges as groups depending upon their goals and future concerns.

Mostly, when asked people reply that university education is essential for better job opportunities in future. A better job comes with better earnings and adds to the comfort and quality of one's life. For example in my country India most of the schooling students plan to complete their university education. Without a college or university degree, it is cumbersome to find a job. So, for this category of people university or college enrollment is a step to have a prosperous life ahead.

For some other people, educational degrees and specialisations earned from universities are ornamental in purpose. They consider it as a status symbol. According to this group, a university enrollment and a better educational profile will enhance someone's social status. To my experience, it is true, as my residence association secretary is elected annually on the basis of few criteria s the most important among which is their educational profile. For other people, college and universities are places where you mingle with different people from different walks of life, hence you gain knowledge on world diversity.

There is yet another group of people, who gets admission to colleges for doing some intense study on subjects of their taste. For them, it is about the passion they keep for learning. Quite often is such cases, job is not a necessity due their inherited fortune.

In my opinion, the majority of students enrol universities in the dream of having a prosperous future, where they stand a chance to obtain a better job and career.
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+12 # Avery 2015-06-13 19:08
I just want to say that it's possible to write a 400 words essay within 40 minutes. I don't know what IELTS requires, but for TOEFL we must write an essay within 30 minutes and I can manage to write more than 450 words during 30 minutes.
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0 # Meridith 2015-05-20 13:48
Great article. Keep posting such kind of information on your page.
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+33 # Nima 2015-05-14 04:43
The humankind has always been interested in learning and expanding their knowledge. From the ancient time till now, people have investigated in the world to find new things and acquire useful knowledge. They added knowledge in their disposal day by day and that has helped them to advance as a civilisation. From my everyday experience and observation, I think people attend colleges or universities for several reasons. They go to university to find a decent career, job promotion, learn new things and to find better social aspects for a better life. I will try to cover every aspect of this subject by presenting some examples and reasons in the following paragraphs.

First of all, people enrol in a university to find a better job, to get a better salary and to have a better life standard. They want to learn new things and methods to solve everyday problems, invent new things for the better life (better food, more efficient treatment and increasing human life expectancy and so on). Secondly, some people register in college to increase their knowledge, calmness, morality and culture. These aims are more important than financial aspects or a secured job. Learning new things, novel experiments and research have motivated their spirit than money. They love science, arts and commerce and expanding their knowledge, they sink to education. Nowadays college and university education is the symbol of one’s skill level and also a unit to measure someone's morality. In fact, people with college degrees and sound educational backgrounds are more valued in a society than illiterate people

To sum up, most of the humankind go to a university or a college for several reasons, in addition to learning new things and development circle of knowledge they want to earn more money and find better personality for themselves. They go to educational place for planning and constructing a brilliant future.
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-14 # Yamu Aryal 2015-09-25 10:29
Quoting Nima:
Short, sweet, and better than most of the samples given above. Good job.
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-12 # Subin 2015-04-21 13:22
This is awesome stuff.
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-3 # Subin 2015-04-21 13:21
Are they all band 7+ essays?
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+16 # Hassan 2015-03-01 12:40
Why the website does not recommend 2 or 3 essays "sample answers" as a maximum?
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+9 # Yelena 2015-01-26 02:04
Thank you for these essays. I would just like to say that it is impossible to write 400 words within 40 minutes in real IELTS. Good luck to you all.
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0 # Md Rezaul Karim 2016-10-18 06:38
In the GRE analytical writing, it is suggested to write 500 words within 30 minutes. So, take it very easy. #Yelena
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-1 # Jiang 2016-04-15 05:26
I cannot agree with you anymore. I have been suffering from it for a long time.
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+9 # Ali Hayder Shoikat 2015-01-18 17:30
So great and very helpful.
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