IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 2 - Nowadays food has become easier to prepare

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?

Give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience.

Write at least 250 words.


Model Answer 1:
With the advantages of technology, the human has shifted to a lifestyle in which individual requirement for delicious food has emerged not just to fulfil the hunger. They want to enjoy a diverse range of foods with a varying taste and for that have invented many new and complex recipes. They want to do it easily and swiftly with the help of modern tools and technology. Has this really improved our lifestyle or has done more harms? Let us examine this in the following essay.

People want to enjoy a diverse type of food - prepare them at home or eat at expensive restaurants. People want to try new cuisines both at home and at restaurants and they want to be served promptly. This is where the modern equipment takes part in, and food preparation nowadays is easier and faster and this has definitely enhanced our lifestyle as it allows us to enjoy food, not just satisfy our tummy.

Moreover, modern tools like the rice cooker, microwave oven, slicer, mixer, electric heater and so on make the cooking process quick and convenient. This saves a great deal of time unlike the past when someone had to be busy all day to prepare meals for the family. People now have more time for recreation, hobbies and for the family. For students, busy corporates, businessmen and researchers, this improvement remarkably enhances their lifestyle.

On the downside, the advancements in food preparation methods have led to the growth of fast food industries and their restaurants pop-up everywhere, like mushrooms after the rain. This might seem convenient for those who do not have time to prepare food at home, but the health hazards are even greater. The obesity rate is skyrocketing in western countries and more people, these days, are suffering from health-related issues.

In conclusion, the latest technology has undeniably improved the quality of an individual’s living standard but not without a cost. To make the best of this development we have to avoid junk food but prepare more nutritious food at home.

[Written by - Mylene]


Model Answer 2:
Food is one of the fundamental needs of human lives, and from the ancient period until this ultra-modern tech-time people have invented different ways to prepare and customise foods. The improvement has definitely enhanced our lifestyle as we have more time to do more productive things.

To begin with, the customs and ways people prepare foods and present to others vary depending on the race, culture and country. But the most fundamental need of preparing foods is to fulfil the very basic human need- hunger. Preparing foods was very cumbersome in the past but with the advancement of human knowledge and technology, men have created many devices and made many new ways of easily making foods. The number of restaurants and fast-food shops are ever-increasing and that have omitted the need to prepare the food at all. The advanced technology like a rice cooker,  meal cooker and easy availability of ingredients nowadays help people to prepare food in no time and that has improved the way of people’s lifestyle. People now spend less time preparing foods and can utilise this time in other tasks like professional tasks, reading, entertainment and spending time with family and friends. Thus people get more productive and social because of the increased time they have.

Quick food has become very popular which omits the needs of cooking and professionals, students and business person are having those foods during their lunchtime. This is a significant improvement in saving time and using it more productively. Though fast foods have some health issues, the ever-increasing popularity of it shows needs to have more time in our busy life and saving this time from the allotted time from cooking. The cooking machines help the housewives to prepare the foods easily and they do not have to spend time in a hot kitchen to prepare food. This is a leap towards a modern life where foods can be prepared virtually anywhere and in a few minutes.

In summary, the improved way of cooking helps people nowadays to save time and cook in a more convenient place. This helps them to spend time on more important things and lead a life without much hassle. 

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Idea Generation for this IELTS Essay:

Essay Type: Discussion Essay.

The main question of this IELTS Essay:

A. Has the easier food preparation process nowadays improved the way people live?

Discussion Points: How the easier food preparation process nowadays improved the way people live.

Ways how the easy 'food preparation' has improved the way people live nowadays:

  • Having more spare time for other activities, like entertainment.
  • Control their diet by the calculation of calorie being used by appliances.
  • Decreasing the rate of danger. The rate of explosions has been decreased by using new appliances.
  • People are able to prepare their food at their workplace or study by using appliances like microwave ovens, rice cookers, coffee makers etc.
  • Fresher products are more available thanks to the new technology of freezing.
  • It saves time and people can get involved in more important tasks.
  • Dependency on fast food shops and restaurant could be avoided.
  • Saves the logs and woods needed to cook in the past time.
  • It has reduced the workload for housewives and cooks.
  • It is possible to cook a variety of foods with the help of the latest technological devices.

Cases where this has failed to improve the way people live:

  • Higher fat, salt, and less fibre applied to processed foods or fast foods have increased the risk of obesity, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Probable hazardous consequences of microwave radiation on humans’ health.
  • Eating more meat products has increased the risk of cancer.
  • Meals have become less tasteless compared to the traditional ones (GM foods).
  • These latest home appliances for cooking consume electricity.
  • Using juice instead of fruit has led people to intake insufficient vitamins and minerals.

[The above points should aid you to generate your own ideas and then turning them into a nicely written IELTS Essay. Add any point you think we have missed in the comment section.]


Model Answer 3:
Most of the food items that were hard to prepare and restricted to experienced chefs are now easily available off the shelf or are made easy to prepare with modern recipes. But like any other thing, this also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Firstly, most of these foods are high in saturated fats and eventually leads to obesity. They cannot become substitutes for our staple diet that is still not so easy to prepare due to nature of its cooking methods. For example, for most of the Indians, the staple diet includes a combination of Indian bread, pulses and curries. It is not possible to make it much easier even using modern equipment or methods. Secondly, most of the easy to prepare food items either have a very little shelf life or they need to be kept frozen (or both). Thus they cannot match the nutrition of freshly prepared traditional home food.

Having said that, these easy to prepare food items are a boon to students or other people, who stay away from home. They are definitely better than eating in restaurants or street food. Although not as good as home food, they definitely purpose the purpose to get “home-like” food. Also, most of these food items come with handy instructions and pre-mixed ingredients. With simple instructions, anybody can cook most of the recipes now. This has life easier for many across the globe.

With the advent of easy availability of raw ingredients, it has not become much easier to cook recipes at home that was previously possible to cherish only in high-end restaurants. For instance, the Italian pasta, which requires many types of sauces, is now easy to prepare at home and all these sauces are now just a call away from a local grocery shop.

In conclusion, this is a much welcomed and positive change and it has definitely improved our lives.

(Written by Vikram Soni)


Model Answer 4:
Over the past decade, the food industry had tremendous growth and improvements. This, together with technological advancements, has made it much easier to prepare food and cook at home.

Ready-made meals, which are bought frozen or canned form the shops, are the great lifesaver for those who work since all that is needed is to defrost or open the can and enjoy. Although this is a method of preserving all the goods, the freshly prepared food is definitely better for health. Many of the vitamins and minerals may be lost during the freezing or canning process.

Technology, on the other hand, has speeded up the food preparation process. Kitchen aid tools such as electric choppers and grinders reduce the entire workload and the food can be prepared in the blink of an eye. Not only it requires less effort compared to the past, but it also saves time, which can be put to other tasks.

The other technological advancement that has helped with food preparation is microwave ovens. This device benefits from short waves that can penetrate food easily and thus cook or warm the food very quickly. In spite of being a huge advancement and time and energy efficient, long-term studies and scientific evidence are not supporting the use of such devices and they are being blamed for at least minor risks if used on a long-term daily basis.

In conclusion, the process of food preparation has become much easier nowadays and this has had both positive and negative effects on our lives. Every individual should consider wisely how to prepare their food to ensure good health.

(Written by Narges Mahmoudi)


Model Answer 5:
Food is one of the fundamental needs of the people. People are slowly increasing passion towards the taste of the food and some people are becoming crazy about the food. These people always require different tastes and invent new and easy methods to prepare food. These new inventions always change the lifestyle and let us discuss how it made the difference in our life.

Old is gold always. Certain people do not want to miss the raw taste and use the new machinery like mixers or grinders. They want to prepare in old style without machinery and grasp the complete taste of food. Still, my grandfather never uses machinery and enjoys the raw taste.

There is always another side of the coin. Nowadays, people are becoming busy and don't have time to spend much for cooking food. So they started inventing new methods which made cooking easy. People invented new types of machinery like gas stoves, induction stoves, cookers, mixers and so on. All these inventions changed people's lifestyle. It saved people's time and people started investing time in other activities. And these new inventions also produced good taste and different varieties and caused a dramatic change in lifestyle. I always use all possible machinery to prepare tasty food for my family. And especially in restaurants, chefs use the latest technology to prepare tasty food and this has changed the lifestyle too. Nowadays people can get food with whatever calories they want in their daily life

In conclusion, I prefer to prepare tasty food in easy methods using latest machinery.

(Written by Kumar)


Model Answer 6:
Compared with people in the past, we concern far less on the preparation of food today, thanks to the development of agriculture and scientific technology. A fair amount of beneficial influence is occurring to us consequently.

The first to be benefited are travellers. It has been much probable for one to carry out the plan of a trip or expedition to remote areas. As a matter of fact, a diverse type of food are designed for outdoor trips, for example, compressed biscuit. Without worrying about starving, a man can push it to the limit wherever he would like to go -- Mount Everest or the South Pole.

For most common people, it has been realistic to put their energy mainly on other aspects, work or interest, rather than what to have for meals. Some prefer working all the time in order to earn as much money as they can. Others develop their interests or hobbies like sports, music instruments, or photographing. Whatever people choose to spend time on, they feel their lives are satisfying and fulfilling.

Attitude toward life matures as well. Humans are no longer bothered with the preparation of food. Our focus now is to improve the standard of life: how to make things more effective? Thus, numerous significant achievements have taken place recently in every subject. Sciences and technologies, arts and humanities are swiftly striding forward and still accelerating. Therefore, without concerning about food preparation, the pattern of human evolvement changes fundamentally.

To conclude, the benefits to both individuals and the whole human race is clearly demonstrated. And I believe that food preparation will account for even less in our lives in the future.

(Written by Jifang Zhang)


Model Answer 7:
Advancement in the technology, such as microwave oven and rice cooker, has provided efficient options for cooking food. This has reduced the overall time required for cookery. Thus it is believed that this has enhanced the lifestyle of the human being to a greater extent. In this essay, we will analyse how these methods allow people to spend their spare time practising their hobbies and provide healthy food options for the young people.

To begin with, availability of new methodologies have minimised the cooking period making it possible for them to utilise this span for enjoying the skills of their interest. For instance, using rice cooker usually takes half the time when compared to the conventional gas cooking. This example clearly shows that the individuals who prefer this cooker will manage to get some extra idle time for them. Thus, it is obvious that this moment can be efficiently used for improving their expertise as well as for the relaxing purpose.

In addition, students can cook food for themselves with the aid of these advance innovations and hence, they can feed on the healthy home-made food. A good illustration for this is the utilisation of microwave by the bachelors who have to stay away from the family for study or work purpose. Usage of this microwave enables them to cook food quickly since very few steps are involved in microwave cooking and thereby, they do not need to depend on restaurants for food. As a consequence, the health condition of these young people is maintained since they will intake less amount of artificial food.

From the above examples, the benefits of easy methodologies for preparation of the culinary are difficult to debunk. It is thus hoped that more development will take place in regards to cooking which will ease the life of the masses in the foreseeable future.

(Written by Aqeela)


Model Answer 8:
Unlike earlier times, cooking as a process has become compact and facile today.  Now the question is, has this affected our lifestyle? Or is it unbiased? Gone are those days when mother used to spend hours in a hot kitchen for cooking nutritious food for her family members. Fast food being the buzzword of today, all find little or no time to cook for themselves and family. As a result, processed or easy to cook foods flood the market these days. However, this has brought some dramatic changes to the quality of our lifestyles, though with a few health concerns as discussed below.

In this era of globalisation, where work and time dictate your day, seldom does one find time to cook a full course lunch or dinner. Since both parents work urban world witness more and more children thriving on fast foods like burger, sandwich etc. It is natural that parents are not getting enough time to cook more ethnic food for them; instead, they work more to earn more, thus improving their lifestyle. People find more time to spend with family than before. An exemplification would be that of a busy office lady late from work, prepares easy cook meal for dinner and prefers to spend time from the kitchen with children. The improvement in the system would be a stronger family bonding! Likewise, a student finds these easy foods a real boon during their hostel days when both time and skill to cook are scanty.

Travellers are another category who admires easy to prepare meals, like cooking during a picnic or a business tour would be cumbersome. This also facilitates more family picnics and outing together.  A quick breakfast like an egg sandwich would be the best buy for a student on that given exam day! So would be it for a working mother on an office meeting day! So it is a matter of fact, that the new trend in food preparation has had an impact on our lifestyle. It has helped us to improve our quality of life.

Now turning on the coin, do these fast foods or easy to cook meals pose a health threat? Many studies show a steep climb in the number of cancerous patients in the United States in recent years. One main factor considered responsible for this is the frozen and fast foods.  The burgers and sandwiches come with a hand full of issues that can deprive you health wise. A majority of fast food is prepared in oil with saturated fats that can cause problems to your body systemic circulation. Consumed on a daily basis, it can lead you to cardiac problems even.

To conclude I would say that though it comes with a few health concerns, easy to cook trend has definitely improvised our quality of life. Now much depends on our conscientious to use fast foods only when it is an absolute necessity- for example on a busy day at the office!

(Written by Vineeth)


Model Answer 9:
Essay Topic: Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?

Give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience.

Model Answer:
Thanks to advancements in terms of cookery and food preservation, many people have an easy access to foods now. It is an irrefutable fact that kitchen appliances have become more sophisticated and they would ease the cookery process. In this essay, I attempt to give some reasons why these considerable changes enhance individual's lifestyle.

Over the past decades, the prepared food has become a major intake in our diet. It unbelievably has become popular among people, especially the youth. However, some have a controversial perception of it. Fast foods would help people to save their time in cooking. Therefore, people tend to dedicate their time to their occupational assignments. In fact, it could help employees to have more spare time to acquire professional skills rather than just merely waste their precious time to cook.

Another crucial aspect of advanced technology to provide a faster way to making foods is that families have more time for recreational activities. For instance, if parents allocate a significant amount of their time to upbringing the children, it can make a valuable impact on the children's personalities. It is invariably thought that children's need to have a sufficient food is important, but the most substantial matter is that they must be reassured that their parent' affection is true. Thus, spending the massive amount of time for bringing up the children would justify this notion.

Finally, I must assert that, despite some debatable arguments against advanced cookery, it has altered our lifestyle in a good way. In my opinion, critics of prepared food unfairly exaggerate the drawbacks of this practice. it is important to be neutral about this and weigh up the benefits and boons of fast food in an unbiased way.

(Written by - Amir Hosein)


Model Answer 10:
Food has always been a priority for the human species and they have continually invented ways to produce more food, more recipes, preserve them and make them delicious and healthy. The development of technology has brought advantages, improving the way we live in general, and the way we prepare our meal. So that it has brought more efficiency to our life.

Food is the primary need for any species from the smallest (micro-species) to the tallest, strongest and the most intelligent - the human. It is completely incomparable the ways we used to prepare food centuries ago with that of the modern era. For example, the human race was denominated by nomads, moving from places to places in search of food, while men had to hunt animals for meat. All of these are no longer applicable in the modern society. However, if we compare food preparation and preservation with that of a few decades earlier, we are few miles ahead of them.  

Our needs to invest less time in cooking and more time for professional and family needs have been possible because we have modern devices like the burner, microwave oven, rice cooker, pressure cooker, electric heater, refrigerator and so on. With the help of the internet, anyone these days can be a cook and prepare meal native to other countries. The advancement of technology has brought a huge range of devices and many of them have eliminated the need for a long and complex process to prepare a food or drinks. For instance, a coffee maker enables anyone to enjoy a cup of coffee any time he wishes. With those appliances, we have more time to relieve our daily stress, meet friends, do exercises or works, concentrate on our hobbies and so on. We must thank the technology for a richer and easier life.

Some disadvantages of this trend are pointed out by a group of people and those demerits should not be overlooked. Modern devices have negative environmental impacts and health hazards to an extent.

To conclude, taking references from history, the way our century-old ancestors lived in the past, our life transformed greatly due to the advancement of technology, especially in food-making process. The human species has now more time to dedicate to useful activities.

[Written by Lima]

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Fahad Amjad
Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?

Give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience.

Essay Sample:
Access to food is a basic human right and we need food to live. However, it is contentious whether easy food preparation methods and convenience have improved our lifestyle or not. I strongly believe that it has made our life better.

There are two main reasons why easy food preparation methods have made people's lives more productive and environmentally friendly. First, due to modern kitchen appliances food can be prepared much quicker than ever before and people can use this spare time to do other productive tasks. This has changed the way we use our free time. So, we have more time for sleeping, leisure and exercise. Secondly, in the past, people used to cook food on a conventional wood fire, but now people are using gas or electric burners, which are non-polluting. Moreover, gas and electric burners are more convenient, energy-efficient and are easier to use than traditional timber-burning methods.

Many people say that convenient of making food have given rise to fast-food culture. For example, due to the busy schedule, more people are turning towards fast food, as it has less cooking time and easy recipes to follow. Fast food does have harmful effects on the human body because it contains higher salt, sugar, and sodium content, which can give rise to many health problems like cholesterol, diabetes, and heart failure. Additionally, fast-food consumers are more likely to be overweight or obese.

In conclusion, easy food preparation, without any doubt, makes our life easier and more productive, but people should stay away from fast-food which can adversely affect our health.

Sandip Makwana
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The advancement of technology has vastly transformed the way people prepare their meals. The betterment of the tools and equipment surely improved people’s cooking techniques in leaps and bounds and therefore making our complicated lives easier and more convenient. In fact, our cooking style keeps on changing and improving as the years go by, decreasing the amount of time we have to designate to cook our food but this has come for a price we were not ready to pay.

To embark on, in old times, people have to do everything manually from scratch with their own hands. Like making a fire for instance, yet in this day and age, we have proper machinery like the oven, stove, rice cooker and so on to do that. We also have the proper tools to cut and slice our food ingredients. We even have several types of knives made to specifically cut a certain type of vegetables and meats. Also, with the arrival of blenders and whisk, mixing or blending become such a breeze.
However, with any advantages come also the disadvantages. Since the improvement of the tools and types of machinery started, it also increases the number of fast-food chains around the world making the quality of food in a bad state. With that, a huge number of people are becoming obese and their health is consequently suffering as well.

I, therefore, conclude that technology has benefited us so much in terms of food preparation making food readily available but we must also remember it is also our responsibility to choose and limit our food intake to simultaneously achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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Hello, I have read your essay. Well, in my opinion, that I cannot figure out the topic sentence in the second detail paragraph. You wrote that "people are slowly losing the habits of eating nutritional diets", but the supporting detail seems different such as "not only linger on our taste buds but also are very healthy to our life"or "The method of cooking such foods is time-consuming, yet the ingredients are very healthy for our well-being". That's just my opinion. :lol:
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Write about the following topic:Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?Give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience. Answer: Food is vital for the life and it portrays the culture of the people in many parts of the world. In modern times, people find less time to prepare the food due to their pressing work commitments and more urbanised culture. A two minutes’ food like noodles and bread changed our eating habits and become part of our routine.The advent of scientific inventions helped woman/man to cook quickly. LPG fuel, pressure cooker, mixer grinder, and the fridge have initially revolutionised the cooking method and replaced traditional cooking. Later, oven and other electric appliances have reduced the cooking time. Many recipes were created and they perfectly suit these devices. For instance, the contemporary cooking and new cuisines have become very significant for an urban family where everyone leaves for their office and school in the morning. These appliances and foods help them to manage their time and work. Moreover, new cuisines are non-sticky, easy to carry and can be carried on to their way to the office. On the other hand, people are slowly losing the habits of eating nutritional diets. Many of our traditional food items not only linger on our taste buds but also are very healthy to our life. The method of cooking such foods is time-consuming, yet the ingredients are very healthy for our well-being. No artificial flavours or chemicals are added in their preparation. On the contrary, modern age recipes are adding more chemicals to enhance the taste. For example, Ajinomoto is a salt from Japanese shore added to many kinds of the food in Japan. It causes many gastro related problems for humans. On the whole, we must need more new varieties and less time to prepare foods for the present life. Whereas, our ancestors believed one must enjoy every meal which he/she takes so we should not compromise nutritious and taste of the food which we prepare.
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Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare more than ever before, and it plays an important role in our lives. Many people believe this change improves the way people live. I strongly agree with this view, and in this essay, I will provide my opinion and reasons.

To begin with, people have easy access to food these days compared to any time in the past. They just need to order a menu from an application and the food is delivered to their doorstep. This has comprehensively cut their food preparation time at home, and they can enjoy more family time as a result of this advancement. Different technological progress has also enabled them to prepare food at no time. They have rice cookers, pressure cookers, coffee makers, microwave ovens, refrigerators and many other tools and devices to prepare or preserve food. This is unprecedented and advantageous in many different ways. In addition, these devices reduce the preparation time significantly.

Furthermore, it is possible to cook a variety of dishes with the help of the latest Kitchen utensil and technology. For instance, people now can cook a Chinese or Italian menu at home by watching YouTube videos. This makes cooking more fun and exciting while also engages family members in the process of cooking and enjoying food together. Finally, many supermarket foods and prepared food at restaurants help employees enjoy a nice meal without taking the hassle of shopping, cooking and cleaning. This is what defines the modern era where people are busy at their workplace.

In conclusion, modern technology and tools have enabled people to enjoy many different foods both at home and in restaurants. They can even order food using mobile applications. Thus they can save a great deal of time, which means they can enjoy more spare time for other activities and their family.

Thank you all.
Horton Alex said :
But we should not forget that food has become less tasty than the past. They are not as much hygienic as they used to be and fast foods are making an obese generation with lots of health complication.
Kathy said :
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Essay Topic:Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?Give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience. Answer: Food is doubtlessly a major source of energy, perhaps the only way for the human, which is essential to keep us alive. As with the advancement in every field, such as clothes, furniture, treatment, entertainment, even decor, food is not an exception. These days, customised and packet foods are in the trend and that is considered as an innovation in our busy schedule. There are innumerable reasons how the readymade food and easier food preparation have made our life more convenient and easier. Firstly, quick food availability has revolutionised the traditional food preparation methods, which was quite time-consuming and exhausting in the past. With the introduction of half-prepared food items, packet foods and so on less time is consumed in the kitchen, thus more time can be awarded for other important activities such as exercise, reading, professional tasks and socialising. Therefore, this advancement in food preparation has made people socialise more with their families and friends. For instance, according to an online article, a typical Indian woman had to spend more than 5 hours in the kitchen per day in the past and that hour has been reduced to 2.5 hours these days due to the advancements in kitchen appliances and ready foods. Furthermore, with technological advancements in the kitchen appliances such as microwaves, smart pressure cookers, food preparation and preservation have become relatively easier. Thus, this process allows a variety of food items to be cooked at home which are relatively low in calories, saturated fats and oils. Consequently, this is ameliorating dining options at fast food shops and restaurants and further reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes. To summarise, easily prepared food has contributed significantly to our lives which is a blessing in my opinion and thanks to the advancement of the technology related to food preparation.
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As the technology is advancing at a rapid speed, our life is becoming easier yet busier and more complex. Faster & easier preparation of food is not an exception. Food preparation is being less time-consuming with all the modern kitchenware but it does not necessarily mean that this has brought improvements in the way people live as the advancement of technology has made people's life even busier and complex.Preparing food has become certainly efficient and less time-consuming with the adoption of new kitchenware. Whatever you want to cook and however you want to cook, there is something that will be handy to cook the way you like. You can grill, microwave, steam or fry your food in the size and shape that you like as there are different types of knives and other tools to help you shape your tools. This has made cooking significantly easier and less time-consuming. Moreover ready-made and packet food require no cooking in the kitchen and help many busy professionals save their time. Finally, refrigerators help people cook once and eat several times.But technological advancement has also made everyday life fast paced and complex. These days human beings find it harder to cope with their workload. They have even very little time for their friends and family. The time is being saved without any doubt but the quaily of food is deteriorating. Packet food and preserved food often lack the nutritious value our body needs. The microwave oven, refrigerator, cooker etc. harms the environment and human body to a great extent and with the increasing use of those technological devices we are continually harming our environment. To conclude, the advancement in technology has certainly made it easier to prepare food but the fast paced life demands the time saved from cooking and the use of the technology has many negative effects which we cannot avoid.
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Essay Topic: Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?In the modern world, we often look for quick solutions to our problems. We expect to be able to achieve a big deal with a little effort. I do not believe we can apply this notion to our diet and still remain healthy.Preparing healthy food can take a lot of time. We need to have fresh and variety of food to make sure that we are receiving all vitamins and minerals that are nutrient and vital for our bodies. Many people consume prepackaged foods, these may contain chemical additives that are unhealthy and affect our hygiene. With the spread of restaurants and fast foods, people, particularly youth, have the craving to eat junk foods profusely and these are high in fats, sugar, and salt and may cause obesity. People eat fast foods not only because it is convenient but also because it is tasty. Modern technologies also contributed in preparing foods speedily and easily, but it sometimes affects the quality and hygienic of foods, such as microwaves, electrical ovens, and frying devices. Health authorities need to increase people's awareness about these issues, by recommending using safety devices in preparing foods and eating small amounts of fast foods to fight overweight and health problems. Ways we are using for preparing foods obviously helped in changing our lifestyle. Nowadays, we miss the family times when we eat together, as each one could be independent either by eating outside or reheating meals by him/herself. Eventually, people are eating for pleasure as well as nutritious. So, we have to be aware in the methods we are using in making our foods for keeping it healthy and nutrient.
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Essay Topic: Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live?Answer: In our modern world, we often look for quick solutions to our problems. We expect to be able to achieve more with a little effort. I do not believe we can apply this notion to our diet and still remain healthy. To begin with, preparing healthy food can take a lot of time. We need to have fresh and a variety of foods from organic sources to make sure we are receiving the vitamins and minerals that are nutritious and vital for our bodies. Many people consume prepackaged foods which may contain chemical additives that are unhealthy and affect our hygiene. Moreover, with the spread of restaurants and fast food, people, particularly youth, have the craving to eat junk foods profusely and these fast food items are high in fats, sugar, and salt and may cause obesity. People eat fast food not only because it is convenient but also because it is tasty. Furthermore, technologies have also contributed in preparing foods quickly and easily, but it sometimes affects the quality and hygienic of foods. Microwave ovens, electrical ovens, and frying devices may be handy for food preparation, but not without side effects. To address this, the Health authorities need to increase people' awareness about these issues. By recommending the use of safety devices in preparing foods and eating small amounts of fast foods to fight overweight and health problems could be the theme of starting a campaign. We have to be aware in the methods we are using in making our foods for keeping it healthy and nutrient. No doubt we should use some technology to prepare food quickly and to bring a various in our food preparation, but we should primarily focus on hygiene and health issues than other aspects.
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But we should not forget that food has become less tasty than the past. They are not as much hygienic as they used to be and fast foods are making an obese generation with lots of health complication.
Definitely, our lifestyle has improved with the ease of food preparation. We need less time to prepare food and in many cases, we can get ready-made food. This enables us to spend more time for work or to socialise. We do not need to spend a hours after hours to prepare food for our family and thus we can take up some new hobbies and activities. Women mostly took care of the family and prepared the meal. These days they are working and at the same time preparing meals for their family. Thanks to the advancement of technology and science that women can manage both.
In "Cases where this has failed to improve the way people live:" It should be Meals have become less tasteful compared to the traditional ones (GM foods). That Meals have become less tasteless compared to the traditional ones (GM foods). Since we are writing demerits here. Please correct me if I am wrong.
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Preparing food is much easier and less time-consuming these days, thanks to the tremendous advancement in technology. In contrast to the past centuries, a wide range of different meals is available on the shelves in the supermarket. In this essay, I will mention how modernism improved our lives in the field of nutrition and food preparation.It goes with no doubt that microwave ovens, coffee makers, rice cookers and so on, save our time and allow us to invest our time in more productive activities such as studying, working and meeting friends or spending more time with your family.Furthermore, people have a variety of food ingredients any time of the year. In other words, we do not need to wait for a particular season to eat a sort of fruit or vegetable. In addition, you can freeze fresh food and prepare it later.What's more - many nutrition industries, bakeries and restaurants have been developed as a result and more job opportunities are available for unemployed people.Finally, having food preparation easier has another significant benefit- it decreases the workload for housewives. Consequently, this improve their family relationship and have a positive impact on their social life.On the other hand, many people are against fast and processed food. They base their case on the argument that these kinds of foods contain higher level of calories and they consider it the most contributory factor of obesity and health related issues.To sum up, there are many drawbacks in depending on ready meals but people cannot deny the major role of having convenient facilities to cook food in improving our lives.
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Food is quite essential for our survival and living without food is impossible. In the past, people used different methods of food preparing but those methods were very time-consuming and took much effort. But nowadays with the use of scientific methods, it is effortless to make food in this modern era. So it is truly illustrated that changes in preparing food have improved the way people live.In this era. By using technology one can instantly make their meals. Use of pressure cookers, boilers, ovens etc. cooking appliances have generated ease in our living. While a hundred years back, our forefathers had many difficulties for making woods and then hunting animals for making food. Every person is busy in his life and no one has enough time to buy raw food materials and then cook it. Rather than cooking, people in many cases buy canned food to fulfill their appetite and save their time. Furthermore, there are many disadvantages of this trend. To satisfy the demand, many food companies employ genetically process of growing foods which is very dangerous for our health. Moreover, there are differences of nutrients between natural and canned food. In conclusion, apart from many advantages, usage of tools and processed food have many disadvantages as well that cannot be ignored.
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The advent of technologies has made a paradigm shift. People who used to crush spices on the stone are now using electric blenders to mix the ingredients. Processed foods have acquired all the shelves of the supermarkets. I strongly agreed with the fact that nowadays cooking has become much easier and the whole process saves time.In the past, people used to bring water from canals or wells, meats had to be dried under solar light for weeks in order to be preserved from pathogens, herbs took days to be crushed and mixed for cooking. But now, just turn on the tap and water is available, processed and canned meats are available in all the supermarkets, ready meals are people's priority to purchase, electric beater, mixer, cooker even automatic ovens are available in markets. There is a quest to win the market by the food industries which actually has made our lives the easiest.In addition, working women and single mothers find it easy to prepare food within a few minutes while giving quality time to their family. Similarly, old people and students who are living abroad can make food in a jiffy so that they can have some spare time.In conclusion, technology has made every aspect of our life easier, especially cooking, now people are not afraid to invite guests at their home with the fear of spending the whole day in the kitchen and technology in cooking is actually a blessing for all of us.
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Over the past few decades, we have seen significant improvements in our cooking process. Unlike today, in the past, cooking used to be a difficult and time-consuming task. The raw materials were not available easily, the food was cooked using the fire and wood which was very time-consuming and tiresome. In my opinion, technology played a vitally important role in making our cooking easier.First of All, in this fast-paced world people do not have time to spend in cooking. In the past, cooking used to take hours together because of cooking resources & methods. Technology and modern cooking gadgets made our life easier. There are many alternatives available in the market that can cook food automatically and you can perform other chores in parallel. One such example is Electric cooker.Another contributing factor to this is the food habits of the people have drastically changed. Many people are now finding alternatives like Fast Food. There are many fast food chains available that sell fast food at affordable prices. People who are busy with work find it much easier to consume fast food. I would say that the impact of technology in our life is very positive. This has given us more time to focus on work, family and in many other ways.By way of conclusion, I would say that technology did change our way of living and cooking. This modern ways and trends must be welcomed in our life.Dear Friends,Please I need your feedback or opinion about my essay. I am working hard for my writing test. I have my IELTS on 27th June.
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