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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 15 - People remember special gifts or presents that they receive

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

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Some people say that people remember special gifts or presents that they receive. Why do you think that is?

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
A person in his lifetime receives many gifts and presents and with the span of time he might forget about them. But special gifts are kind of gifts that he would remember for a long time or even in some cases forever. There are various reasons why we remember those short of special gifts and the most influential reasons are physiological, economic, memory and effort related to the gifts.

First of all, a gift, no matter what it is, is always special when it is given by a very dear person. Gift received from parents or children on special occasions are cherished by most of us. In this case, the cordiality and attachment it more important that the gift itself. For instance, many people treasure the gift they receive from a lover, friend, father, mother or a special person for a long time. The gift I got from my father on my 12th birthday was merely a diary and that I still consider a very special gift for me. This special gift reminds me my childhood and the love of my father and that’s why I will always remember it.

Second, people often wish for certain things which are they usually can’t buy and if such a present is given someone, it is likely that he will remember it for a long. For instance, when my uncle purchased me a laptop when I was around 18 years old, I was very excited and I will never forget the gift. Sometimes the surprise gifts are memorable and become special to some persons. For instance, the gift I gave to my college on his birthday became one of the special gifts for him as he later expressed. Thus these sorts of special gifts remind us the goodwill and love we actually receive from that person.

Third, expensive gifts often surprise people and can become their special gift. If a car is bought to someone which he would not be able to afford is ought to become a special gift as well. It is common human phycology that they would remember such gifts for a long.

Finally, the memory related to a gift is the most important factor for a special gift. The small gift given by a father who is no more with the children would definitely become a valuable gift to that son/daughter. With time the gift might get lost or broken or even useless but the memory remains and thus the memory involved with a gift is an important factor and that’s why people would remember the gift.

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Alternative Answer 2:
Receiving gifts is always exciting and many people remember the gift for a long time. I think that all people like to receive presents from their relatives, friends, co-workers, and people they love and care about etc. Personally, I am sure that a person does not remember all the gifts he receives because it is impossible. However, I think that all people remember some gifts that were special to them. There are many reasons for people to remember those special gifts.

First of all, I believe that people remember special gifts because they were from very close and dear people. For example, I remember my parents gave me a ring when I was sixteen years old. It was not an expensive ring but it was very valuable for me and when I left my home and moved to another city, I often looked at that ring and felt like my parents were somewhere near me. I felt their support, care, love and understanding. It is like people who are close to us give their small parts of their souls with that gift. They want us to remember them and they want to make us happy. Gifts sometimes remind us the memory of a certain time. For example, if a child gets a toy at an early age and if he sees it when he grows older, it reminds him about the childhood. Besides, special gifts always remind us the caring and love of the person who gave it. These gifts are very valuable for people of all countries and nationalities.
Another reason why people remember special gifts because they were exactly what people wanted to have for a long time, but for some reasons, they just could not afford those things or they did not buy them. So, when they receive those things as gifts it makes them very happy and they remember those moments for a long time. When I was a child my mother could not buy me a bicycle because we did not have enough money at that time. So, when my grandfather bought me my first bicycle it was the happiest moment in my life. Moreover, he personally taught me how to ride and I spent all my spare time after that doing cycling.

To sum up, I think that people remember special gifts because they are presented with love, care and come from special people.

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Model Answer 3:
Usually, we get gifts on several occasions like birthdays, festivals and special moments in our lives but we remember only a few of them because of the special person who offered it and certain moment on which we have received. I will elucidate the reasons, why we commemorate the special gifts in our life, in the following paragraphs.

These presents inspire us towards our goals in life. For example, I got a wrist watch from my grandfather on my first day of college. I studied very hard to get admission in that institution. I rarely put on this watch and treat it as sovereign of my grandfather. It encourages me towards my goals and energises me when I depress due to some failure. In addition, it makes me feel that my grandpa is with me even he passed away five years back. There is one more very special gift in my life from my university friends.

Some gifts maintain lifetime bondage between the people. For instance, in the final year of my university studies, my friends gave me a computer laptop on my birthday. Even they have settled in different corners of the world but I am still in touch with them because of this gift, whenever I see it, I recall my college days and this instigates me to phone them. In this way, our friendship has become forever.

To sum up, presents show a specific affection from the givers to their recipients and they have a mysterious power which can encourage people.

(Written by - Atchuta Viswanadham Pati)


Model Answer 4:
A gift is always special, but is there any special gifts one would remember? My answer would be a definite yes. Special gifts are always fondled and nurtured no matter how old it gets. An ideal exemplification supporting this context would be a gift from your loved ones.

Gifts always favour a better place for two hearts - the one gifting and the other being gifted, in my experience one gift I am going to nurture for the lifetime would be the birth of my daughter. Another would be a gift from my wife on an anniversary day. These are always remembered and cherished because these gifts made an indelible impact on my mind. Remembering things, though not unique to humans, we are only living creature which can distinguish and remember, human physiology explains it better. Anything special always procures a place in our brain, which can be retrieved when needed.

In some cases, it is not the person but the present itself that is valued more. For example, a student awarded as the best cadet of the year. Such gifts that one receives in childhood are most likely to influence him for future. Another case of influential gifts would be an object or living being that is going to stay with you for a long time. An example would be my case when the puppy that I got gifted from my mother at age of fifteen went on stay as my best friend further. Next category of  gifts remembered would be one that was out of reach always; a mediocre person being gifted with an expensive car which he never dreamt of buying would serve an example. Though it is said that gifts should not be valued or weighed, some gifts like the expensive car reserve place in our memory mainly on its market value or price.

In general, people remember gifts that become special in their life, few examples are mentioned above. This process is a part of human nature as we are made of such complex emotional bindings with objects or things that could give us pleasure.

(Written by - Vineeth V.)

Model Answer 5:
In our life, we get a lot of presents in different occasions. Some of these are special to us and we consider those as distinctive souvenirs. I still remember the gift I got from my uncle on my 5th birthday. It was a big doll with a blond hair and I loved it so much and it was my favourite toy in my childhood. I believe , people remember special gifts due to a variety of reasons and in the following paragraphs, I will elaborate this.

Presents are substantial in our life, they are meant to show love and care. It does not matter if the gift is expensive or not, it is enough to get a present in a special day in our life. Some gifts are given as incentives for doing something good or exemplary. People remember those gifts for a long time. For example, when I was a little child at a school, teachers encouraged us to study well by giving us banknotes as a souvenir. Actually, I still keep these banknotes and still remember our teachers. I will always remember how these presents gave me a positive spirit to study well.

There are many gifts we cannot forget because they are given by people we love and care. For me, the first gift I gave to my mother in the Mother's day, was a simple one but I cannot forget how she gave me a warm hug and cried in joy. She still keeps this present and always says ''it is the most precious present I ever had!''

It is important to show our feelings to those who are special in our life by sharing the happiness and joy and giving them gifts. Gifts are important because they are the token of our appreciation, metaphor of love and care and some of such gifts become special to us because they are given on special occasion by someone special. Naturally, we remember such presents for a long. 

(Written by - Marinda)


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It's a nice passage you have written, and it's appreciated.
People have a tendency to exchange gifts to establish a better relationship and to share their good wishes with other people and this trend is quite old. It was started as an introduction to establish a stronger relation among human. After that, people learned to celebrate their special occasions and events such as birthday or engagement day and others bring them presents in those special events. From my experience and observation, I think people remember special gifts or presentations that they receive from someone close if the gift has a great benefit for them if the gift is expensive and as part of their memory. First of all, people remember special things and events well. Receiving gifts are a good incident for all of the human. On the other hand, people receive present in specific good days such as birthday, marriage and so on. For example, I remember my matrimony feast and certainty, received gifts. This day was a specific day and always important for me. The gifts that we get from our dear ones are always special and we remember such gifts because we care about the person who gave it to us. Second of all, good events cause to remember beautiful memories for people and receiving gift builds a better sense for these incidents. When they see their presents, remember for these events and happy with them. For example, all of us have interesting memories about my gift some of them from families, some of them about friends, about education in school or universities, travel and so on. When we look at those things many memories come to our mind because we love gifts and good memories and try to keep these in our mind. Some gifts have great values for us in terms of value, utilisation and we remember these sorts of gifts as well. To sum up, usually gifts are taken in good and memorable events such as celebration and birthday and this generates a nice memory on our mind. I think all people like to remember good news and occurrences and receipt gift is one of those.