IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 997 - Less and less people nowadays go to cinema to watch movies

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

It is observed in many countries that less and less people nowadays go to the cinema to watch movies. What could be the possible cause and solution of this?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

Sample Answer 1:
Many countries have recently observed that there is a declining trend in the number of people watch movies in the cinema. This essay will discuss possible reasons for the declination of movie viewers as well as some solutions to address this issue.

In the era of globalisation, people are more interested in spending their leisure time at home rather than hanging around especially catching a movie in the cinema. It could be a factor that contributed to the matter. Effect of busy and tight schedule of working days, people are more interested in relaxing their mind and muscle at home while watching a television program or doing something which is very meaningful for them. For instance, the television programmes are definitely enough for them to watch and enjoy while staying at home nowadays. There are a lot of channels including music, movies, documentaries, home box office, comedian shows, news show and others which can make people think twice before going to the cinema.

Easy access to online movies is another reason people visit cinema less frequently. It is natural that people would prefer to watch the latest movie on their plasma screen 3D TV at home rather than spending money to buy cinema tickets. Online movies and piracy have negative effects on the number of cinema viewers nowadays. Finally, low quality of locally made movies is another factor that discourages people in visiting cinema halls.

In order to tackle this issue, film authorities and the government need to be involved and take further actions, so that our film industry does not face the extinction phase. The first and foremost thing is the director should produce a fresh and high quality of story line which can give more benefits and eventually able to attract people to watch films in the cinema. Next, the cinema organiser or company can make an effort to advertise the film widely and give a promotion day for the people. For example, establishing a special day with the special low rate of movie tickets might attract more people to go the cinema.

Piracy should be prevented and better cinema halls should be built to attract people to watch movies in the cinema. Lastly, the government perhaps can invest some money for improving their film quality to the international level and consequently can increase the confidence level of people toward the locally made films.

In conclusion, the number of people who go to the cinema is declining nowadays and that might be due to easy access to the cinema at home, satellite TV channels, piracy and low-quality local films. This problem could be addressed through different ways such as producing good and quality films locally, offering a low rate for tickets, preventing piracy and encouraging people to watch movies in cinema by wide range advertisement. The government also can make some investments for the film as to increase the film quality to the international level.

[ Written by – Syamira ]

Model Answer 2:
In today's modern era, cinema is playing a significant role. It is an important way to spread messages to the public and it also acts as a source of entertainment nowadays. However, in the recent years, people moving away from it. Due to fewer numbers of people prefer to watch movies or play in the cinema. In this essay, I shall discuss some possible causes and also would like to give my suggestion to increase the attendance in cinemas.

First of all, the Internet provides all the new released movies and plays. Although it is recorded from cinema or anywhere else, people like to watch it because it is free of cost. Because it is easy to find video over the Internet, public do not go to the cinema to watch movies. They know that after some time of release, the movie will be available on the Internet. In reality, there are many websites available where you can find many new released movies. Further, piracy is not limited only for the Internet. Many people, who do this piracy, burn CDs and sell it in the market. However, this is illegal but still it is being done in front of us. Furthermore, with advancement in technology, the time lag between the releases of movies is very less. At the same time, hundreds of movies are releasing. This trend kills the interest of people about cinema. Lastly, hundreds of channel over cable network playing movies on television. People know that after some time, movies will be played on television. So they keep patience and do not go to the cinema. Besides the quality of local cinema are also questionable.

To tackle this problem of declining cinema viewers, we need to face the piracy problem first. Piracy is the most affecting cause of cinema attendances’ declining in the modern world. Laws which work on piracy should be amended accordingly and strong punishment should be given to those who are found guilty of it. If anyone pirates this copyrighted property should be arrested and then this will generate a fear in others who pirates movies. Secondly, the websites which offer free download should be wiped out from the internet as they violets the piracy laws. If the public does not find any free download sites then they will shift to the cinema. Thirdly, the film production companies should not sell their newly released movies to the television channel owners. This step will definitely affect the watcher and they will move to the cinema. Piracy is an illegal act and the law enforcers should be active to prevent it. People should be encouraged not to support piracy. If a common man understands that the people are making a black money by selling a pirated CDs then definitely they will not support piracy. Thus cinema will, of course, gain some momentum with watchers. Lastly, local filmmakers should produce more authentic and entertaining movies that would make competition with the foreign movies.

To sum up, I would conclude by saying that the cinema will re-achieve its pace if necessary steps are taken and that should be done as soon as possible. However, the first step should be to tackle the piracy.

[ Written by – Anisharma ]


Model Answer 3:
It is true that cinemas have not been attracting much public these days. There could be several reasons for this trend and to change this it is necessary to take some measures to make cinemas attractive again.

There are various reasons why people are not going to the cinema as much lately. One of the reasons is the easy access to the internet and the availability of thousands of movies to be downloaded. If one can watch a movie for free at home, it is hard to find a motivation to pay for it at the cinema. Another reason is that the price of the tickets has increased significantly. It is undeniable that the recent advances in technology have improved the experience of watching a movie in several ways. However, cinemas need to find better solutions to manage the costs of this new technology without overcharging the customers.

Some measures are quite simple to put in place and can make a huge difference in the attendance numbers. For example, the creation of promotions that reduce the price of the ticket on specific days of the week or give a discount to loyal customers. Another action that could be taken is to promote more the launching of a new movie. One example would be to create an event related to the theme of the movie, like a costume session for people to dress up like the characters of the movie.

In conclusion, there are several actions that can be taken to attract people to the cinemas again. It is a matter of showing them that they are getting a good value for their money.

[ Written by – Elaine Araujo ]

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