IELTS Essay 1214 - What problems will your country face in the next ten years

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Countries around the world will be facing significant challenges relating not only to the environment but population and education as well. What problems will your country face in the next ten years? How can these problems be overcome?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Write at least 250 words. 


Model Answer:

The world is changing rapidly, and many of these changes make it a far more challenging place for us to dwell. Global warming, overpopulation, pollution and scarcity of resources will take the world to a staggeringly difficult situation. In the coming years, the biggest obstacle in front of India, my homeland, is to counter poverty and illiteracy. This essay will discuss these two problems and their possible solutions.

To begin with, India is home to more than 1.4 billion people and one of the most densely populated countries in the world. With a monstrous population and limited resources and wealth, people will face poverty more acutely in the coming decade. Cultivable lands are being converted to living space, cities are getting more polluted due to overpopulation, and poverty is setting in more deeply as a result. Along with this, the illiteracy rate will increase since poverty affects the literacy rate in a country. They are hard for the government and citizens to tackle, especially in a country that does not have a high budget. For example, according to some estimations, 60% of Indians will live below the poverty line in the coming days despite the increase in billionaires in this region, and the illiteracy rate will be higher among such destitute families.

The government has to propose strict guidelines for making primary and secondary education completely free and mandatory as an imminent solution to the illiteracy problem. The local administration, on top of that, should attract children to schools. For example, free meals in schools, in neighbouring Pakistan, have brought a good result and similar steps could be taken in India. As for the population problem, the "one-child policy" should be strictly enforced now. Finally, the awareness programmes and campaigns against can be a silver bullet for this problem.

In conclusion, the biggest challenge for India in the next ten years is to control poverty and ensure education for all. The government, local administration and citizens should contribute together to eliminating illiteracy and control rampant population growth.

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As we progress further into a world of advancements, there are certain glaring issues which need to be addressed if my country, India, wants to progress, especially in the next 10 years. Though environment, population and education have been the core concerns for any country, I believe unemployment and a dearth of qualified medical personnel will be something to watch out for in the coming decade.

India is already the second-largest populated country in the world with a population of more than 1.3 billion. There has been no respite since independence. This soaring population is solely the reason for unemployment, housing scarcity, the spread of disease, corruption and many other problems. In the next decade, more and more students will graduate from colleges just to land in a sea of misery. Getting a decent job would be much more difficult than it has ever been. This shall also lead to various psychosocial problems and brain drain will increase to a staggering level.

Medical services will also take a hit in coming years. Every day we hear and read atrocities against doctors and malpractice by some rogue doctors. There is ongoing unrest among medical professionals and it will rise in the future. In the coming decade, rich would fly to other countries for medical treatment while the poor will suffer.

I believe, unemployment problem can be controlled by providing proper education for all, controlling the population growth and encouraging the growth of small scale industries. The government should also establish many healthcare centres and offer a state-supported treatment facility to mass people. Doctors' demands should be heard and solved so that they practice with respect and satisfaction.

In conclusion, India is going to face unemployment and healthcare-related issues in the coming decades but there is still time to take initiatives to be prepared to face those challenges.