IELTS Essay 1219 - Music for bringing people of different cultures and ages together

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words. 

Model Answer: [Agreement]

Music plays a crucial role in our lives and eliminates differences among various cultures and generations. It symbolises harmony and reflects humanity. So, I agree with the notion that music helps bring people from various cultures and generations together.

One of the reasons music excretes the barriers among different nations and cultures is that people enjoy music from every part of the world, and it speaks the same language, which embodies human emotion, joy, love and sorrow. Music does not need interpretation to be enjoyed and understood as it touches our hearts and resonates in our minds. No matter what language we speak or understand, we appreciate the melody and depth of music which is why people of all ages can sit together and enjoy the same music. For instance, some viral music in foreign languages in our country signifies how it speaks our minds and hearts rather than just a human language.

Moreover, nations influence each other with the type of music they produce and the type of musical instruments they use. This amalgamation reduces cultural differences and brings people from different cultures and ages to a common platform. To cite an example, many music genres, that we enjoy these days, were derived from multiple nations and cultures and people from all these cultures enjoy and love them.

Finally, music is an art form which is enjoyed by all, and this helps reduce the generation and age gaps among people. To illustrate, when the national anthem is played, children, adults and elders all tune to the same emotion, which is patriotism, and their unity is stronger than ever. The same can be said when music evokes other emotions like love, sadness and so on. Besides, some music categories are loved by all, and the listeners feel a sense of togetherness in a divine way which is almost absent in other art forms. It not only eliminates age gaps but also the generation and cultural gaps.

In conclusion, music, as a universally accepted and supreme art form, enriches our lives and strengthens the connections between us, regardless of our backgrounds, culture and age.

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Why no one have tried to counter the statement?
Phan Hoàng Diệu
I think the examples are not specific enough.
Music plays a crucial role in our lives and reduces differences among various societies and generations. It signifies harmony and reflects humanity. However, some individuals consider that music has a great impact on bringing different cultures and people to the same platform. So, I agree with the notion, and this essay will discuss why this is true.

First of all, music helps us mitigate the cultural differences amongst people all over the world. The reason is that variations of musical instruments and their rhymic sounds motivate people to listen to the music by forgetting the regional variations. Ultimately, it will reduce discrimination among people of different ages. To illustrate, when we listen to English songs, as it is not our mother tongue, we can feel the significance of it. As a result, the music of other countries and cultures is becoming more popular all over the globe and making a strong bond among us.

Another reason is that pioneer musicians have no border or boundaries because they can perform anywhere in the world despite cultural differences. To be more specific, nowadays artists from India are moving to the USA to perform which is globally recognized. Although citizens of the respective country may not understand the languages of the music, they love the voice, intonation, and musical approach. Moreover, when we hear the national anthem of any country, we just stand up and respect the country, which is mean that music can decline the animosity between us.

In conclusion, music is the only way by which we can enrich our love, strength, and respect for others. It will also broaden our minds and reduce cultural discrimination- which is very much crucial for understanding other cultures, values, and traditions.