IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 198 - In general, people are living longer now

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. 

In general, people are living longer now. Discuss the causes of this phenomenon.

Use specific reasons and details to develop your essay.

You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1:
It is believed that the average life expectancy of people is longer these days, compared to the past. There are various reasons that have caused the situation and the following essay will discuss them in details.

Firstly, there are various types of medicines that have been found by medical scientists nowadays which have saved many lives. These medicines have been proven that they could cure serious diseases which have killed millions of people in the past. For instances, with the invention of penicillin in the 20th century, it was proven that it could heal the infected wound. Consequently, the mortality rate due to infection had decreased significantly in the last century.

Secondly, people are living longer due to they are better educated nowadays. Many governments have realised the need of higher education for their people; therefore they provided free education until secondary school. With this positive development, the number of illiterate people has declined, and many of them have read and understood the standard of healthy living. For example, many women now understand the process of delivering a baby, whereas they should have a routine visit to their doctors and understand the types of food that they should consume. As a result, the mortality rate of women has been declining drastically in the past few decades.

In conclusion, it is a fact that people are living longer these days. There are many factors that affect to the phenomenon, but in my personal opinion, the top two main factors are advance medical research and better education.

[ Written by Darwin Lesmana ]


Model Answer 2:
Statistics show that people are living longer now than they used to in previous centuries. There are several reasons for this and the improvement in treatment and in medical science in the main reason for that longer life expectancy. I will point out a few of them below.

First of all, a few hundred years ago mankind suffered from many different kinds of diseases which are very well cured now. The achievements of contemporary medicine allow people to live with artificial arms, hands, legs and even hearts. Recently I read a few articles in the magazines about a man with an implanted artificial heart and a woman who had an implanted chipset in her head to make her happier. Additionally, many viruses are defeated nowadays with the modern vaccines and many pills help us to relieve pain.

Second of all, the conditions of lives are greatly improved. A man chiefly does not have to sleep on the wet and cold ground, defense himself from predators in the wild forests and fight for his life. The wide extension of fast food stands, buffets and restaurants give people the opportunity to have full and nutritious meals whenever they need to. Many entertaining centres offer a wide variety of services where you can leave your troubles behind and just relax.

Again, the technological advancement like the Internet has made the information available to many people. People no longer need to consult a doctor to know about a disease and cure. People can surf the internet themselves and can get some medical advice they require to get fit.  But the longer life span does not come automatically unless people start living a healthy life. The modern world gives the opportunity to live a healthy life if someone wants to have one. 

All of these things mentioned above allow people to maintain a healthy lifestyle, spend more time with his family and friends and make their life longer and happier.

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Jasjeet Singh Wasan
The above essay is good but it lacks the rich vocabulary and the conclusion is not strong enough to describe.