IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 215 - Subjects that children are taught in schools are decided by central authorities

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

The subjects that children are taught in schools are decided by central authorities. Some people say that teachers, not politicians, should be responsible for this task.

To what extent you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Model Answer 1:
While some people argue that the decision about what subjects are taught at school should be decided by teachers. I believe that it is rather governments’ responsibility to decide.

There are many reasons why the decision of school subjects should be taken by central authorities. Firstly, governments have a better idea about the society and the economic needs of the people. Their knowledge is built upon studies, research and experiences gathered by experts from different fields. For example, in Sudan, the school curriculum has been changed to a new one since the year 2000. To involve more subjects that teach students practical skills such as farming,  as a measurement to tackle the unemployment problem in the country. Secondly, teachers should be more concerned about how to deliver the information. They decide when and how to teach several subjects based on their experience about children’s capabilities. In other words, teachers are more experienced in teaching than in social or economic issues.

On the other hand, the authorities’ role is to ensure the best quality of schooling throughout the country. They compare different schools to know their needs of education resources in order to reach the aimed level of education. However, it would be difficult to identify those needs if each school has its own curriculum for its unique requirements. In addition, if school teachers decide what are the subjects to be covered then we would have a situation of too much variation in standards and qualification, which is obviously unfair, because some young children, for instance, would receive a better education than others as a result of this and in turn people might lose their faith in the education system in the country.

In conclusion, it seems to me that both governments and teachers have their distinctive role in education. However, it would more beneficial for the society if governments are kept to be responsible for setting schools’ curriculum.

[ Written by - Omnia Touski]

Model Answer 2:
In most of the countries, the academic curriculums are decided by a board of people who mostly come from higher positions of education board and from other ministry or cabinet. They review the subjects taught in schools and do necessary modification and amendment. Some people opine that this responsibility should be given to the teachers who have better teaching experience and closely understand the students who study those subjects. I personally believe that politicians who have no previous teaching or educational institute related experience should not be included on this review board. Rather teachers with good experience and qualified persons from the education ministry, who came from the educational background, should decide this important agenda.

First of all, if politicians, who have no teaching experience and have little knowledge about the students, are included on this board, that would negatively impact the overall syllabus. Their primary motive would be to add topics and subjects that somehow politically help them. This often includes adding political and controversial topics on subjects like history.

Secondly, which subjects should be taught to students in a country has a major influence on the overall education system of a country. If the politicians are to decide this utmost important issue rather than the subject matter experts, which would be a disaster for the country. No one would accept that some teachers are picked up to decide a change in the election rule and amendment of the necessary constitution of a country. So why do the reverse?

Finally, the political persons are experts in their own field. They should not be picked up to decide the subjects that should be taught in schools only because they held some important government positions. If necessary, experts from other countries who have similar experience could be hired to get their opinion on this issue.

In conclusion, I totally agree that teachers and people who have experience in teaching and syllabus formation should be included in the committee to decide what subjects should be taught in schools. Relying on the politicians is the worst idea in my opinion.  

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I fully agree with this opinion and consider that, politicians mustn't decide whether the concrete educational programme is suitable or unsuitable for the pupils. This is a very sensible issue that requires a wide range of discussions and regulations which finally affects the educational process in the schools. I think that only the professionals, in this case, should be allowed to choose the subjects which will be taught in the schools. Later, they will provide a convenient and useful approach, they will plan and realise all needful procedures in order to regulate this sphere. On the other hand the government officials are responsible to supervise teachers and specialists in their activities; I mean the minister of education with his or her ministry as a whole, as they are handling and passing educational politics in the country and they are the most responsible ones, so these individuals must cooperate.