IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Essay # 216 - Teenage years are the happiest times of most people's lives

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people think that the teenage years are the happiest times of most people's lives. Others think that adult life brings more happiness, in spite of greater responsibilities.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Sample Answer 1:
Happiness is very hard to define and it varies from person to person. While some people strive for economic success and a good social life and think that those are the main ingredient for happiness, on the contrary people who already have amassed enough riches and enjoy a good social and personal life thinks other aspects of life for being happy. The issue whether teenage times are the happiest part of our lives or not is a debatable issue and people are divided in their opinion regarding this. According to another group, adult part of the life is happier part of our lives. In my opinion, both groups have their reasoning and happiness is a state of mind that can be achieved in both parts of the life.

Teen ages are the ages of dream, freedom and recklessness. This is the period when most of the teenagers do not have greater responsibilities like adult people and they enjoy lives full of joys, dream, vision. Less complexity of life touches the teenagers and the struggles they face often get redeemed with time. The harsh cruelty and complexity of life rarely touch the teenagers and they live a life which is often better than the adult people around them. Yet, this is not always true; many teenagers struggle a lot to support their family and suffer from psychological issues that might make their lives pretty complex. They mostly depend on their parents for money and are mostly guided by their parents for decisions. There are many untouched parts of life that they can’t enjoy and on the other hand that makes them less stressful. They enjoy a sound physical condition and rarely suffer from illness related to old ages.

On the contrary, adult life offers more economic freedom in one hand and on the contrary many unavoidable responsibilities. The grown-up people decide their journey of life themselves and this is a freedom very few teenagers enjoy. The happiness a father feels while playing with his sons and daughters is unimaginable for a teenager. On the contrary, the suffering a father or a mother endures on their hearts for the well-being of their children is also inconceivable for teenagers. The work pressure, the responsibility, the physical conditions, the complexities and harsh reality of life make the matured life often unbearable and those people consider their teenage part as the happiest part of their life.

Old times are good times and this is true for all of us. We revere the bygone times and the present is the reality which is not always smooth. In my opinion, life is as it is and being able to happy is not abide by any rules or times. Our head is a place where we can make the hell into the heaven and both earlier ages and grown up ages of our lives have their offering for being happy. We need to decide whether we want to be happy and contented with whatever we have or complain about the life.

Sample Answer 2:
It is quite clear that life stands for various meanings depending on people. On the one hand, there is a school of thought that we have a great chance to have the feeling of happiness in teen years, on the other hand, there are some those who maintain that adult life provides us with the opportunity of happiness. The merits of these both arguments will be analysed before a conclusion is decided upon.

Firstly, it is believed that people under eighteen enjoy life considerably more than mature ones. For example, their duties consist of going to school, playing outside with their peers, in addition to this, when they want some items like toys, bicycle as well as edible stuff like an ice cream are provided by their parents. Besides, they are not responsible for some issues such as family-relating and financial problems.  As a result, all these factors contribute them to get pleasure from life more than people over 18. Thus, the heightened benefits of this point can be clearly seen.

However, some argue that there is a wide range of things which only adults have a chance to take advantage of them. To make my opinion crystal clear, I can give an example from my country: if you feel like joining any entertainment clubs or bars, you do not have any access to those places unless you are 18 plus. Besides that, middle-aged people are good at understanding life. As a consequence, all these features lead to happiness. Therefore, it is said that adulthood years are happier than that of childhood. However, the merits of this opinion are hard to support.

After looking at these two opposing views, it is felt that we tend to possess joyful times, days, years in childhood, it is hoped that children will be probably encouraged by their parents to have a great time in their childhood. Life is not always a bowl of cherries.

[ by - Nurlana]

Sample Answer 3:
Different individuals have their own opinion about the happiest phase in human life. According to one camp, the teenage years are the most joyful times in the individual's life, while according to the other camp, people are more pleased when they are fully grown up. In this essay, both outlooks will be critiqued before reaching a reasoned conclusion.

On the one hand, some people feel that adolescent life is more joyful than mature years. The reason for believing this is that the youths do not have any duties and can live a carefree life. In other words, no one is actually dependent on them and thereby, they can spend most of the time performing the task they enjoy the most. Thus, it is apparent that they can feel satisfied with whatever they do and in turn, will always live a happy life.

On the other hand, there are groups of individuals who consider adulthood as the most blissful phase of their life. The people advocate such a concept because they feel that a person can experience happiness only when they are able to satisfy others' needs. This means that for such people definition of happiness is being able to fulfil their responsibilities and the desires of their close ones. Therefore, the theory of grown-ups with duties being the most contented living creatures is difficult to debunk.

In conclusion, although having no responsibilities can help people to stay happy, knowing that they are able to satisfy their relatives' requirements brings more happiness. Thus, it is seen that older people are happier than young people.

[ Written by - Aqeela ]

Sample Answer 4:
People always grow up and the way of nature that they will turn from a baby to an older people. Many things can happen around the period of growth. Some people hope that they remain a teenager forever but other people like to be adults. It depends on the people and happiness can be achieved at both ages.

Firstly, being teenagers makes them free and they do not think about life’s complexity to a great deal. For example, the girls and boys in the school prefer to think about their lessons than having a job and taking on family responsibilities. They think this way because they assume that they have parents who can take care of the family and finance their studies for school. Their responsibilities are to study hard so they can pass the exam with the highest score. Usually, they meet their first love in school which makes them happy. They do not think about how to earn money, they dream, and try to live life with fewer responsibilities and complexities.

Secondly, becoming an adult is very interesting. An adult usually has a bigger chance to try something than a teenager such as having an identity card, driving license, credit card, freedom of spending and a great job. They can manage their own time to do what they want or they can make a decision when they face a problem. They can get a lot of money from their job so they can spend it to buy things that they need. They also travel to different tourist places and spend their time with other people that they care about.

In conclusion, being happy as a teenager or an adult depends on the individual and both ages bring happiness if it is carefully chosen. When they can enjoy their life, they can be happy and being happy is a mental state mostly and can be achieved in both periods of life.

[ Written by - Riris Setyowati ]

Sample Answer 5:
The adolescent period is argued as the most enjoyable by some people, whereas others are of opinion that being adults makes us happier. The bone of contention here is which period of life brings more happiness to the masses. This essay will discuss the perception of the meaning of happiness by both age groups and finally my opinion.

At the outset, it is believed that there are several reasons for a teenager to be happy; firstly there is no millstone around their neck like family, children, financial issues, work pressure and so on. So they could feel the fresh air, and stay motivated, energetic and optimistic. Moreover, they would be able to manage their time properly because they would be taken care of by their parents. This naturally makes them have no reasons to worry, so they might find happiness in whatever they do.

However, there is an even more defined joy while we are adults. It is argued that bringing happiness to others makes us happy, so doing our duties perfectly to our family, children and society would definitely yield a positive effect. Though the pressure due to the job, earning, and saving has to be overcome, it should be accepted that our maturity to think lucidly and plan properly help us to manage these issues in a facile manner. The more we take responsibility the more we feel self-satisfied by taking care of everyone's needs in a family.

In conclusion, Even though individuals are more thrilled during their teenage, the real mirth sprouts out when they get completely moulded as an adult. Enjoying everything after a deeper introspection about life is closer to the heart than the small happiness of childhood days. So, I strongly believe that adulthood is happier than adolescence.

[ Written by - Nivetha ]

Sample Answer 6:
The difference between a teenager's life and an adult's life is similar to the difference between a dream and a reality. A teenager's life represents the plans whereas an adult's life could be the execution of these plans. It is a debatable topic which life is better.

Firstly, let us look at the adult's life. Adults enjoy independence and power. For example, when a person is independent, he could be less answerable to the world. A person can even decide what kind of work he wants to do. However, as we know that power comes with greater responsibilities. Being an adult is not like walking in the garden. An adult's life becomes monotonous after some time. Work and responsibilities make this age stressful at some point in time. Even though, have so much money in their bank account, adults hardly spend quality time with friends. In today's busy life, it is difficult to celebrate festivals with the family as each member of the family might be living in different places.

On the other hand, we have a teenager's life which is full of innocence and carelessness. Though in this age the world thinks you are immature to understand anything, this age does not bother about it. At this age everything looks challenging; for instance, convincing parents for an overnight outing with friends and saving pocket money to buy a favourite watch. Once these goals are achieved, they feel they have got everything. Teenagers do not need a heavy bank balance or designer clothes. They are happy with ripped jeans and a couple of good friends.

I believe any age which is full of dreams and hopes is always better. Teenagers accept life the way it is so they are certainly happier than those who constantly find reasons behind everything, which is ever ending process.

[Written by - Naaz]

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