IELTS Writing Task 2/ Essay Topics with sample answer.

IELTS Essay 220 - The way many people interact with each other has changed

IELTS Writing Task 2/ IELTS Essay:

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Nowadays, the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology.

In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make?
Has this become a positive or negative development?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.


Model Answer 1:
The advent and rapid development of technology have fundamentally transformed the dynamics of interpersonal interactions among individuals. This has also transformed the way we make relationships and bond with each other. This essay contends that the evolution of technology has, in fact, catalyzed a positive shift in the types of relationships people form, fostering connectivity and enhancing social engagement.

Technology has diversified the ways individuals establish and maintain relationships. Social media platforms, for instance, have facilitated connections among individuals globally, transcending geographical barriers. Additionally, online dating applications have revolutionized how people meet and form romantic relationships, offering a wide array of choices and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals. Technology has also gifted us swift and interactive communication with loved ones no matter the distance. For instance, someone living abroad can make video calls and talk to his or her family members whenever they want. This has reduced the communication gap and significantly enhanced our options to contact others in real-time unlike in the past when sending hand-written letters was perhaps the best option to convey messages or contact someone.

This evolution in the types of relationships forged through technology signifies a positive development. Online connectivity allows individuals to maintain contact with friends, family, and acquaintances across vast distances. Moreover, digital platforms enable marginalized groups, such as those with disabilities or introverted personalities, to establish meaningful connections they may struggle to form in traditional social settings. For instance, social networking sites provide platforms for introverted individuals to express themselves and interact comfortably, fostering self-confidence and social skills.

In conclusion, the impact of technology on relationship dynamics has been transformative, offering diverse avenues for connectivity and social interaction. The ability to form connections across distances and the empowerment of individuals who face social barriers underscore the positive aspects of technological advancements. Embracing these changes in relationship dynamics signifies a positive shift towards enhanced connectivity and inclusivity in contemporary society.


Model Answer 2:
The ubiquitous presence of technology has undoubtedly redefined the landscape of human interaction, altering the very nature of how we build and maintain relationships. While the advancements of the digital age offer a plethora of tools for communication and connection, a closer examination reveals a disturbing trend – the erosion of genuine, meaningful relationships.

With technology, we make friends more often than ever. We also have a variety of tools to connect with others and remain in touch with people we care about. But one undeniable consequence of this technology-driven relationship is the rise of superficial and fleeting interactions online. Social media platforms, while fostering a sense of instant connectivity, often facilitate shallow exchanges and curated self-presentation. In the pursuit of likes and followers, meaningful conversations and authentic connections are often sacrificed, fostering a culture of virtual intimacy that lacks the depth and genuineness of face-to-face interaction. 

As a result, of the constant bombardment of digital stimuli can contribute to social anxiety and a fear of missing out, hindering our ability to develop genuine relationships. The pressure to maintain an online presence and curate a perfect digital persona can lead individuals to withdraw from real-world interactions, hindering their ability to connect authentically with others. And this is a disturbing outcome of our digital relationship. Additionally, the ease of virtual communication can discourage individuals from developing the interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence necessary for navigating the complexities of face-to-face interaction. For example, a young adult accustomed to online communication might struggle to hold engaging conversations in person, leading to feelings of awkwardness and missed opportunities for meaningful connections.

In conclusion, while technology undoubtedly offers tools for communication and connection, it is crucial to recognize its limitations and potential pitfalls. By prioritizing face-to-face interaction, fostering genuine conversations, and actively engaging with our communities, we can strive to counteract the negative effects of technology on our relationships and cultivate a more meaningful and fulfilling social life.


Sample Answer 3:
There is no doubt that many things had changed in the last few decades; some changes are for betterment and some changes are for worse. One of the fields which were greatly affected by the advent of technology is the way of interaction and communication.

Without any doubt, technology has changed the way we lead our lives and these changes are prominent over the last decade. There are several improvements in life due to the positive effects of technology and there are some negative impacts as well. One area that has dramatically changed is the way we communicate and maintain our relationship nowadays. And in my opinion, technology has positively affected our communication and the way we make relationships and maintain it. Despite some negative effects, most of us enjoy the positive things the technology has bought for us. In the past, the ways of interaction were very limited. Unleash your imagination; if you want to speak with your friend, you would have to go directly to his house or send him a message which may take a few days to get a response. I completely believe that technology has a great tangible effect on our communication. Nowadays, it's very easy to interact with your relatives -and even with the government and organisations- either by emails, mobiles, chatting, etc. and I think that this has improved the relationships and enhanced it.

We no longer need to visit a relative or friend to get updates. Alternatively, we can let them know our updates instantly. Besides personal communications, official and business communications have become easier. Email campaign offers a good marketing opportunity for business owners and people can complain about a certain thing using emails without exposing their identity. Not all of the people have the availability of technology and they still use the old form of communication. People now can deceive others using identity theft and fraud identity. The personal touch of communication like handwritten letters, face-to-face communications were more effective in some cases. Like meeting your friend is still more important than just writing him an email.

We make so many friends via chatting or social networking which would not have been possible without the advancement of technology and its contribution to the communication. Cell phones, emails and social networking have enhanced the way of communicating and we can talk to anyone with a minimum cost. It's now not unusual to prepare for a visit and even several visits to your relatives and friends on the same day, while in the past this may have taken several weeks or months.

To conclude, despite all that, I still see some failings in the development of the means of interaction. For instance, the very high cost each person spends every day on communication. Another defect, many elder people are not accustomed to this modern technology. But that doesn't have a great effect on the positive role technology has made in the field of interaction between people and I think these defects are very easy to be solved.

(Written by  Abdullah Hassan)


Sample Answer 4:
A true relationship between two people requires face to face communication and time to truly get to know each other. Regardless of what humans think, all individuals admire the feeling of being wanted even if it’s a lie. The digital world has created the sense that it is passable to be who anyone wishes to be online. However, I believe that the way people know each other online and the type of relationships they make virtually have changed and for the worse.

Instead of being a true friend to the people around each other, most are being turned inward, forgetting the true definition of a friend. Human beings have feelings and they feel broken at times and do not always smile but the Internet only shows one's happy moments keeping one from fully being known. The types of friendships people make these days are quick and short-lasting. In real life friendship, people see each other at one’s best and worst time and remain there for one another. This can never be compared to a social network friendship. One can only get to know someone by spending time together for the reason that the Internet cannot replace shared experience and personal communication. However, due to the Internet, people can make friends anywhere from the world which was quite impossible in the past era. Finding school and college friends and getting in touch with them is an advantage that the Internet offers to us. However, true friendship is not possible if two people do not spend time together, share their common interests, talks a lot and help each other both in good and bad times.

Rightfully, life is meant to be lived and have many physical experiences, bonding with another person’s physical presence. Instead of being a true friend to the people around each other, they are spending time online to make friends. This is, in my opinion, is a negative aspect of the digital era.

In conclusion, making friends beyond boundaries and getting in touch with childhood friends could be the advantages of the digital era but the way we are becoming dependent on the technology and the way we are pretending to maintain our friendship online have negative consequences on our personal, moral and social aspects.

[Written by - Wiki Joy]


Essay Answer 5:
It is true that technology in recent years has altered the path that people communicate with each other. There are many ways that technology affects our relationships, and in my opinion, this is a beneficial development.

To begin with, the most obvious transformation in people relationships is how they communicate with each other. By this, I mean that the Internet has converted the world into a small village and nowadays people around the world can reach each other easily and rapidly. For example, a friend who lives in the UK can chat and talk with their friends in China using a mobile phone or social network.

Another field in which technology affects our life is the way that people make friends. In other words, it has been observed that these days we can make friends from all nationalities without any effort or travel and this helps with culture interchange and help people who suffer.

In my thought, this is a positive impact on the community for two reasons. Firstly, human life has become more convenient, this provides people with more opportunity to spend their leisure time with their kin. For instance, with the Internet, we can shop and work from our dwelling house without going outside anymore. Secondly, travel around the globe has become usable and cheap. As a result, people visiting each other and spend a lot of time together hence more connected society emerges.

To conclude, as we have found out there is no easy answer to this question. Nevertheless, technology makes a huge difference in peoples' lives in terms of communication and I believe that this is a positive impact in our society.

(Total words: around 278 | Written by  Lubna)


Sample Essay 6:
From the last century to these present days, there have been many changes in the way people interact with each other as there have been evolutionary changes in technological fields. One may say this transformation has negative effects on relationships between people or positive effects. I believe that there have been more positive effects than negative ones among the people due to the reasons that in few seconds of time people can contact their dearest ones and technology gives strength to people by making them closer to each other even if they are not.

From the introduction of telecommunication and electronic mail, the lives of people turned out to be easier and communication among people became easier and more convenient. They can contact their families and friends using these advanced services over the countries. Without visiting their homes frequently, they can make money or accomplish their goals. For example, a military man has to serve his country at the borders and it is uneasy to go home and spend some time with his family and acquaintances thoroughly. However, he can make contact his family via telephone and other services. With the help of telecommunication and electronic mails, he can keep in touch with his family and buddies. In this way, technology makes people close to each other. This absolutely positive development as we have huge benefits using technology.

With the absence of one's dearest one, he used to be all alone before the introduction of technology. But, it is possible to get in touch with his sweetheart. And also, he can send and receive the money within seconds over the thousands of miles using the latest money transfer machines. As a result, he can look over and take care of his family's financial problems and needs without his presence at his home. For instance, my uncle who stays in the United States calls his family and others via ‘Skype’ daily whereas, my dad who used to work in Dubai could not keep in touch with us as at that time the telecommunication had not installed in my village. Thus, that made my father bound to visit us frequently. Consequently, he spent a large amount of money travelling and could not communicate us as frequently as he wanted to.

In many positive ways, the technology has affected the relationships between people and I would say these are positive developments. Imagine without technology, what would happen to the people and the world. In many ways, we are getting the help of using technology. 

[Written by  Vijay Punna ]


Model Essay 7:
Technological developments in this modern era have transformed the way we socialise. Advancements in communication networks have played a vital role in bringing people closer. In my opinion, there are both pros and cons of this development and this essay will analyse how technology has changed the types of relationships made by people.

In ancient times, people used letters and telegrams to interact with each other. With the advent of modern communication systems like the telephone and the Internet, people can collaborate more effectively. For instance, we can interact through emails rather than letter and businessman can have online meetings through the conference calls.

Another reason is the widespread use of social networks over the internet; for instance, Facebook, where men and women can now make friends online and interact with them through the post, message and online chat. Video conferencing in the form of Skype has improved instructor and student relationship. Online messaging platforms like mIRC has given people the luxury to choose their own discussion-based chat rooms. There are more ways to socialise now than they used to be in past.

All these advancements in technology come up with their merits and demerits. Letters, memos and telegrams are replaced by emails and text messages. Human resource hiring can be done through online video conferencing which has eliminated the need for physical presence and travelling requirement. We can now mingle more through Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and Orkut and so on. Though one can regard these as positive developments, they do have some negative aspects. These developments have isolated people and discouraged real-world interaction. For instance, youth, in particular, prefers to choose to mix up with people online rather than socialising with them in the real world.

To conclude, technology has no doubt revolutionised the way we interact and hang out but has greatly reduced real-world interaction. Though these virtual relations tend to be positive, we should not deny the importance of physical interaction in our lives.

[Written by  Tauseef Raza ]


Model Answer 8:
Everything has two sides, and the ‘effects of technology on people’s relationship’ is not an exception. We cannot deny how much technology transformed the individual reaction with others in his family and the surrounding community.

In my opinion, technology has affected and transformed our life aspects and dealing with other people in a good way. Recently, we have different fast and cheap methods to call our family and friends. Moreover, some technologies are giving us chances to see and talk with them at the same time. In addition, we are informed on a daily basis with the last updates and news about our friends and family, so we can remember the birthdays, graduation parties and even marriage anniversary. Furthermore, these methods make it faster and easier to call and congratulate another individual.

On the other hand, many people believe that technology is affecting individual relationship badly. They opine that, if we did not have these kinds of technology, we would have been visiting each other regularly.

Not only that, but individuals will not be isolated from each other, especially those who are addicted to using social networking platforms.  As a matter of fact, people become talking to each other in a face-to-face method rarely. In particular, people’s personalities are changing so much, because of addiction in using Facebook. It’s one of the vital reasons to decrease confidence and self-esteem.

As can be seen, even if we have some bad effects of technology and how it changed the way people contact each other, but we still have much more effects. We can obtain many easy and cheaper methods to contact each other. In fact, technology has enhanced our life and the way we are contacting each other.

[Written by  Walid Farag ]


Model Answer 9:
Today, various brand new methods of telecommunications have tremendously influenced social behaviour. Although their impacts have benefited human lifestyle, they have had some costs as well. However, before evaluating their advantages and disadvantages, it is better to reveal how these breakthroughs affect the ways people relate to each other.

In the old times, when someone wanted to communicate, there were extremely limited means of doing so. Indeed, he should write a letter or have a face to face conversation. Likewise, it was possible to be acquainted with new faces either by meeting them personally or being introduced by family and friends.

On the other hand, substantial technological progress has happened in recent years. For instance, smartphones can be utilised both by direct calls and via different applications. Alternatively, the internet can be used whether by offline methods like e-mail or by online protocols like chatting programs. Moreover, social networking is another rich aspect of the internet by which everybody is able to find new friends or search for old missed ones, and it can be used to interact with current relatives as well. Clearly, not only have modern technologies facilitated human interactions, but they also diversified his relationships.

On the debit side, excessive use of virtual connections might weaken the personal relationship with reality. While it seems that people are aware of each other statuses on a daily basis, even up-to-the-minute, they may overlook loved ones’ emotional states due to the negligence of their presence.

All in all, contemplating the pros and cons of these phenomena simultaneously, I should say it depends on the person who utilises these state-of-the-art technologies. If he applies them wisely, their pluses will definitely overshadow their pitfalls. After all, in my viewpoint, humankind can eventually address this issue in favour of his civilisation. Hence, I assume it as a mainly positive development in the long run.

[Written by  Ali Kazemian ]


Model Answer 10:
People used to communicate by meeting each other while it has nowadays totally changed since technological advancement. Some assert that utilising technology in daily communication brings more harm than good things. I personally agree with this view and this essay will look into the reason with some considerations.

The first effect of technology usage is that it reduces the sense of togetherness among people. Since they do interaction via telecommunication such as a mobile phone or the internet, it reduces the personal relationship. People cannot catch moments during interaction because they communicate in unreal situations. Taken social media as an example, most teenagers talk to their friend via utilising Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp or others. They tend to interact with each other via sending messages thus they can feel the situation or even communication sense just by reading the messages. By contrast, direct communication tends to develop a sense of belonging among people. They will be more comfortable to express their feelings thus it is easy to get along together.

In addition, it will deteriorate the human behaviour. By using electronic devices in the daily life of communication, it is hard for them to involve in a social environment. It will decrease their self-confidence to speak in public because they usually interact through devices not face to face communication. Moreover, utilising technology in interaction is not free thus you should they should prepare much budget just for communication.

It is true that technology usages enable people to keep in touch with people who live in different places. However, it is not capable of providing a sense of feeling as well as direct communication.

To sum up, by communicating directly, it will help people keeping close each other and able to talk towards them easily and expressively.

[Written by  Tuty Starlet ]


Model Answer 11:
The 21st century has been a game-changer in all aspects of human life. The same case is with relationships which have also taken a new dimension with technological advancement. Nowadays, the relationships are much more fragile, materialistic, mistrust and doubtful as compared to the previous times. I reckon, that overall this development has been quite negative which will be analysed in our paragraphs to follow.

To start with, nowadays technology has made relationships between humans quite suspicious. People are getting involved in relationships just on social networking websites without even knowing who is actually communicating with them. For instance, there have been many cases in which the person you are in contact with, is actually fake and fraud. He is just playing and making fool of you and you believe that you are making a friend or falling in love with him. Consequently, when you know the truth it is just like a bolt from the blue and your feeling is eradicated. This is evident from the argument above the reality of that technological relationship can be quite painful sometimes.

Further, the new era connections between people can be quite fragile and weak as compared to the strength of relationships before the advent of technology. People without practically meeting each other and actually knowing their strength and weaknesses tend to trust each other too much and when they face the true facts the relationships are affected and in some cases broken down. For instance, a survey was conducted by Indian newspaper regarding the success of technology relationships and the result was reconciling with the point that relationships are very poor and the failure rate was quite high.

To sum up, these technological relationships have altered the connectivity between two people. I firmly believe that drawbacks outweigh much more as compared to the fruits of these new relationships. However, It is recommended that people should be extremely careful and cautious in making any sought of relationships on social networking websites, chatting software etc.

[Written by  Mubashir Noorani ]


Sample Essay 12:
Technology has been affecting many aspects of human life including the way people interact with one another. Some believe that it has more benefits for people’s connection than drawbacks, while others contradict it. I personally argue with the former opinion, and through this essay, I am going to explain my reasons.

Initially, the first reason that I am going to elaborate is the way technology enhancing better communication among people. A large number of communication gadgets has been invented in order to help communication between people, even for those who are separated by spacious distance, getting simpler and quicker. Thus, by giving an easier chance to be connected, this development has been encouraging society’s sense of togetherness. They do not have to visit their colleagues which are in different regions or cities to ask their condition, for instance, because they could just pick up their phone and call their friends.

Subsequently, the variety of communication technology has been developed even further. The purpose is not only to make it easier but also to reach a better quality of communication. We can mention video call, voice messenger and social media as the parts of it. The users are not limited by the elder method of phone call anymore. They can communicate more interactively by using video call. Therefore, they can communicate with others in the wider range of connection by using social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This situation will globally lead people into a worldwide relationship.

On the other hand, there has been a developing trend that people are becoming more individualistic as the effect of technological development. The decreasing opportunity of direct interaction among them is accused as the root of this problem. However, it depends on us as the users to utilise technology wisely. If we can maintain a balance between communication technology and the conventional way of communication, the problem will certainly disappear.

Eventually, the advantages of using technology as part of our communication types overweight the disadvantages, as long as we can manage it to be the helper, not the looser.

[Written by  Abdi ]


Model Answer 13:
It is true that some people have shifted their way to keep in touch with others due to the innovation of technology. Massive usage of devices in communication, particularly, phone and the internet can be stated as the main different compares to the past. People rely on those technologies to connect with families, friends and colleagues. Personally, I reckon that this trend may lead people to have a better relationship due to the effectiveness and low cost of communication.

To begin with, the interaction of individuals is presently not limited in one model. It means that people have many choices to stay connecting others than before. Technology offers some applications such as email, Facebook or Twitter. Those social media serve advantages to enhance and build a relationship with others. For example, in workplaces, employees do not have to meet in a certain place to discuss something. Rather they can use the video conference to do a meeting. Therefore, various types of communication tools can help people to choose their preference and purpose in communication.

Furthermore, the usage of technology in communication leads to some positive things. It can be assumed that the easiness and effectiveness which are offered by these devices maximise the quality of people life in term of maintenance the relation of people. In addition, these communication tools allow people to spend less money and time. In other words, individuals do not have to visit someone when they want to talk or know friends’ news. Young people nowadays have friends from different countries and can have more friends. They can share their thoughts and updates instantly, which was quite impossible in the past. Some people might argue that people rely too much on technology and that’s they keep a less personal relationship with others. However, I disagree and want to say that, technology has made it possible to connect with a dear one, make new friends and build up relationships in a more convenient way.  

In conclusion, people always pick up the best and most efficient way of communication and the widespread use of the internet, mobile phone and other ways of communication have positively impacted our life and the way we make and keep our relationship. 

[Written by  Waode Eti ]


Sample Essay 14:
It is commonly noticed that people surrounding us stay connected with other people via social networking sites or other applications and technology have totally changed the way people used to communicate, make friends and keep their relationship. This paradigm shift happened basically because of the advances in technology and widespread use of such technological applications. Shall we welcome this shift or be wary about the changes? In this essay, I am going to discuss how technology has affected the types of relationships people make and whether it is considered as a positive or negative development.

First and foremost, I think that the development of technology has enhanced the relationships people make and maintain. For instance, when a student studies abroad and stays far away from his or her family and friends, social networking sites and other applications can help the student stay connected with his or her family and friends through Skype, for instance. In my opinion, in this case, this is a positive development to deal with homesickness or maintain our interactions with people we care about. By comparing to the past decade, when technology was not so advanced, people had to depend on letters to communicate with each other and that was a time-consuming method and it incurred higher cost. In contrast, in today’s world, people just have to be on laptops or smartphones and can have direct communication and interaction with family and friends. They can see each other contrary to the past method of interchanging written words. In this way, people can keep a close relationship with family and friends. We can now make friends beyond borders and that enhances our perspective about other nations and customs. Online groups, social platform and social networking sites bring people together who have common interests and there are many events those people meet and plan for the betterment of society.         

In fact, the implication of technology on people’s relationship is a controversial issue. On the one hand, it is a positive development for helping people stay connected with family and friends and making new friends. On the other hand, it can estrange the relationships people make. The argument that it has a negative influence on people’s relationship is based on the scenario that people will avoid face-to-face communication in the long run. Recent research indicates that virtual communication will weaken the communication skill of a person. I still remember a film that I watched had a scene that showed four friends were having meals in a restaurant. When they sat together, they did not interact with each other face-to-face but through social applications by sending out the emotions in the social group to show their feelings. This example shows a worrying trend as people enjoy interacting virtually more than face to face due to their reliance on technology. It is important to create awareness to the public that actual communication is more important than virtual interaction to minimise its repercussion.

Overall, as far as I am concerned, the advancement of technology has both positive and negative effects on the kind of relationships people make. We have to be aware that actual interaction is more important to enhance a relationship. We shall connect with family and friends virtually only if we are apart from them. 

[Written by  Lee Swet Ying]

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Describe a time in your work, school or personal life, where you have developed strong relationships with individuals to achieve a common goal or shared task. Please solve it.
You can say about both views but you have to emphasise more on what you have agreed with. An essay has to be balanced thoroughly. But you cannot partially agree on an essay.
Nimesh Shiwakoti
Information interchange had never been easier before. Now we can send and receive messages with just a finger tap. Technology has contributed a lot in the way we communicate with each other and at the same time, made us more technology centric. Technology has both positive and negative impacts in the type of relationship we make as well. This essay discusses both positive and negative aspects this development has and shed some light on which one is more prominent - pros or cons. Undeniably, people, these days, have a busy schedule and less time to keep in touch with their friends and family members. People need to rely on the technology for communicating with their dear ones. Due to advancement in information technology, the distance between people has reduced. They do not need to be physically present at the same location, they can interact with each other by different ultra-modern communication media like the telephone, mobile, the internet. This unstoppable development has changed the type of relationship people make as people have more online friends than real ones. A few years ago technology was in the primitive stage and people had to face many difficulties because of limitation in communication technology. For sending a simple letter we had to wait many days which is not the case now.However, in the current context, with the advancement of technology, the real world has disappeared to a certain extent. We are more active in a virtual world and less physically. We are leading a mechanical life where the generation is becoming more selfish and the technology has its share of contribution towards this trend. To conclude, technological advancements have made both positive and negative changes in our life. If we rectify the way people use this advanced technology, all humanity would be in the way of prosperity and success with both mental and spiritual satisfaction. If we become slaves to those devices, we would be more machine than human. The choice is in fact ours.
This question maintains 3 answers; 1. In what ways... you have to say how the relationships were in the past and how it has been affected now. (for ex. Mailing system replaced with Emails and etc.)2. how it's been Positive.3. and how it has affected us negatively.
IELTS Essay Question: Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. In what ways has technology affected the types of relationships people make? Has this become a positive or negative development?Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Essay:Technolog y has had a tremendous influence in the way people communicate these days. Technology has affected our relationship in various ways, and in my opinion, there are both positive and negative consequences of this trend.Technology has had an impact on relationships in business, education and social life. Firstly, telephones and the internet allow business people in different countries to interact without meeting each other. Secondly, technological services like Skype, Viber etc. create new possibilities for relationships among students and teachers. For example, a student can now take video lessons with a teacher from a different city or country. Finally, many people use social networks, like Facebook, to make new friends and find people who share common interests and they interact through their computers. The technological development has made it possible to make friends beyond boundaries, has helped the business people to enhance their business area and mass people to communicate at a lower price. These developments can be extremely positive in terms of cooperation among people in different countries. Nowadays, interacting is easier and many people benefit with these interactions either in work or social contexts.However, the availability of new communication technologies can also isolate people and discourage them from making real life interactions. For example, many young people like to make friends online rather than spending time with their peers in the real world and this 'virtual' relationship is a poor substitute for real interactions.In conclusion, technology has certainly revolutionised the way people communicate and make friends but not all the outcomes of this revolution are positive.
Please correct me....Technological advancements are unbelievable in modern era. With the invention of Android phones, iPhone and 3G/4G internet connection, the humankind has reached the peak of entertainment and communication within an affordable price. Though these technologies have brought uncountable benefits, some people believe that it is destroying the relationship and social concept of human. This essay deals with these viewpoints and arrive at a logical conclusion.Obviously, advancement in technology have made communication easier than ever before. For instance, with the help of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter & Hangout video conversations are possible with a distant friend or relative economically and without any delay. In addition to that, someone's friendship circle has become wider and people can keep in touch with each other even for acquaintances. Furthermore, people can maintain international relationship or friendship. Thus these developments boost the relationship people maintain without any boundaries.In contrast, the modern technology is deteriorating traditional and cultural behaviour of the society. People find more interests in friendship in a social network, while they are less interested and spending less time with real friends and face to face communication. For instance, youngsters less frequently communicate with the neighbours directly and more often chat with the Facebook friends. Recent research studies show that this trend makes us less social in real life. To conclude, we cannot close our eyes towards the advantages of modern technologies and return back to the primitive way of communication. On the contrary, youth should accept the fact that total dependency on technologies negatively affects their social relationships and thus they need to be more active and social in their real life.
Trang Nguyen
What I find really hard to understand is while the question asks about "TYPES of relationships people MAKE", it seems like everybody is answering about how communication has changed because of technologies. Is that a little bit out of the topic?
IELTS Mentor
Multiple model answers were added so that you can get ideas from different angles on how to write the answer of this essay. You should be able to discard reasoning that you don't like and pick 2-3 vital points to develop your own essay. For this particular essay you can mention both negative and positive sides of the development but emphasise either negative or positive side that you are supporting.
Dvs Nagaraju
Thanks, for these model answers, but after reading all these answers, I am messed with all this. I have got a simple question - "While writing an essay, should we stick to one opinion (either positive or negative) or can we say about both views"?
Vince T
This sentence"In other words, it has been observed that these days we can make friends from around the world without much effort or huge money and this helps us with cultural interchange." - was too abstract. It needs to be more concrete, by providing an example. Otherwise, it becomes obscure for the readers to understand what the writer means.Like this:In other words, it has been observed that these days we can make friends from around the world without much effort or huge money and this helps us with cultural interchange. For instance, we now can make friends from different countries via Facebook and a number of charity organisations now can receive support funds from people around the world via PayPal.
The use of "without any doubt" phrases twice in the first and the second paragraphs are not advisable. It will not help in getting higher marks. Maybe the word "undeniable" can be used in the second paragraph. Secondly, it is vital to have a conclusion in an IELTS essay. Nevertheless, it is a very good essay. Thank you for sharing.
I am really delighted to read this post which includes lots of helpful facts. Thanks for providing these kinds of IELTS Samples.