IELTS Vocabulary E (Part 4)

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exhale v. To breathe forth.
exhaust v. To empty by draining off the contents.
exhaustible adj. Causing or tending to cause exhaustion.
exhaustion n. Deprivation of strength or energy.
exhaustive adj. Thorough and complete in execution.
exhilarate v. To fill with high or cheerful spirits.
exhume v. To dig out of the earth (what has been buried).
exigency n. A critical period or condition.
exigent adj. Urgent.
existence n. Possession or continuance of being.
exit n. A way or passage out.
exodus n. A going forth or departure from a place or country, especially of many people.
exonerate v. To relieve or vindicate from accusation, imputation, or blame.
exorbitance n. Extravagance or enormity.
exorbitant adj. Going beyond usual and proper limits.
exorcise v. To cast or drive out by religious or magical means.
exotic adj. Foreign.
expand v. To increase in range or scope.
expanse n. A continuous area or stretch.
expansion n. Increase of amount, size, scope, or the like.
expatriate v. To drive from one's own country.
expect v. To look forward to as certain or probable.
expectancy n. The act or state of looking forward to as certain or probable.
expectorate v. To cough up and spit forth.
expediency n. Fitness to meet the requirements of a particular case.
expedient adj. Contributing to personal advantage.
expedite v. To hasten the movement or progress of.
expeditious adj. Speedy.
expend v. To spend.
expense n. The laying out or expending or money or other resources, as time or strength.
expiate v. To make satisfaction or amends for.
explicate v. To clear from involvement.
explicit adj. Definite.
explode v. To cause to burst in pieces by force from within.
explosion n. A sudden and violent outbreak.
explosive adj. Pertaining to a sudden and violent outbreak.
exposition n. Formal presentation.
expository adj. Pertaining to a formal presentation.
expostulate v. To discuss.
exposure n. An open situation or position in relation to the sun, elements, or points of the compass.
expressive adj. Full of meaning.
expulsion n. Forcible ejection.
extant adj. Still existing and known.
extemporaneous adj. Done or made without much or any preparation.
extempore adv. Without studied or special preparation.
extensible adj. Capable of being thrust out.
extension n. A reaching or stretching out, as in space, time or scope.
extensive adj. Extended widely in space, time, or scope.
extensor n. A muscle that causes extension.
extenuate v. To diminish the gravity or importance of.
exterior n. That which is outside.
external n. Anything relating or belonging to the outside.
extinct adj. Being no longer in existence.
extinguish v. To render extinct.
extol v. To praise in the highest terms.
extort v. To obtain by violence, threats, compulsion, or the subjection of another to some necessity.
extortion n. The practice of obtaining by violence or compulsion.
extradite v. To surrender the custody of.
extradition n. The surrender by a government of a person accused of crime to the justice of another government.
extrajudicial adj. Happening out of court.
extraneous adj. Having no essential relation to a subject.
extraordinary adj. Unusual.
extravagance n. Undue expenditure of money.
extravagant adj. Needlessly free or lavish in expenditure.
extremist n. One who supports extreme measures or holds extreme views.
extremity n. The utmost point, side, or border, or that farthest removed from a mean position.
extricate v. Disentangle.
extrude v. To drive out or away.
exuberance n. Rich supply.
exuberant adj. Marked by great plentifulness.

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