Jewellery, fashion or cosmetic item you often use - Cue Card # 335

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe jewellery, fashion or cosmetic item you often use..

You should say:

  • what it is
  • how often you use it
  • when you use it

and explain why you use it often.


Model Answer 1:
As a man, I don’t exactly have much fascination for wearing jewellery products or other fashionable items. However, when it comes to using perfumes, I spend a great deal of money on buying them.

Yes, I like perfumes and deodorants, and I am sure that many, many people around the world also adore perfumes, even though they don’t necessarily choose the same type of perfumes or scents. For example, while some of them like their perfumes to be strong, others like them to be mild. Then, there are those who like “body mist”. But, as far as I am concerned, I want my perfumes to be mild because strong perfumes give me a “headache”, especially, if I am in a closed environment.

So, again, mild perfume is what I prefer as long as it lasts longer. By the way, it is important to know that not all perfumes last a long period of time after putting them on our body or clothes because the concentration level of the aromatic compounds on all the perfumes are never the same. And just in case if you didn’t know, the higher is the concentration level of the aromatic compounds in a perfume, the more expensive they are.

Anyway, I know exactly what kinds of perfumes I like to wear since I have been using it since my early high school days. But, I don’t really use it more than once a day or twice a day though, depending on whether I am just casually going out attending a party. But, one thing is for sure that I have to have my perfume on when I am going to my office.  

So, why I use perfumes? Well, the answer is obvious, and it is because they make me smell good, and when I smell good and fresh, I feel more confident about myself in the company of other people. On top of that, they also amplify my mood and thus making me more productive in what I do.


Sample Answer 2:
I am not like many other girls who like to wear jewellery item almost always. In fact, I have only 2/3 jewellery items that I own and I do not always use all of them. The fashion bracelet made of gold and diamond is the only jewellery item that I often use.

I use it almost every day except the days when I stay home or go out for swimming. I like the fine quality this bracelet has. The gold-and-diamond-made bracelet that I have is a kind of fashion item to me because of its thick slick and beautiful design. I find it fashionable, handy and easy to wear. For all these reasons I use it often.  

This was a gift from my mother on my 22nd birthday and I was so glad to have it from my mother. At that time I noticed that it was the most expensive gift I have ever got and the design and my mum’s affection were both important to me. This was the first time I got somehow inspired and motivated to wear a jewellery item. I still use it pretty often because I admire it as a gift from my beloved mother and the item is still fashionable and beautiful to me.  


Sample Answer 3:
I love to use perfumes and body sprays while going out for any purposes. This is a habit that I have been nurturing for a long time. It helps me to remain refreshed around the hours. Thanks a lot for this nice cue card topic.

I frequently use both the scents and body sprays. But it depends on the circumstances whether I should use perfume or a body spray. I am a social worker and need to travel to different parts of the city and meet different types of people. So, I need to use perfumes and body sprays for various reasons. But when it is the day time, I prefer body sprays. And if it is nighttime, I like to wear perfumes.

I mostly use it in the morning before leaving for my office. Sometimes I need to move on the city streets to check the real condition of society- this is a part of my job. At that time, I spray the perfume before moving out of my office for such purposes. I have a couple of extra bottles reserved at my office for such emergencies. When I was a child, I used to spray body sprays after I intended to go out either to meet my friends or to attend classes or anywhere. In fact, it was a must for me to spray the body spray on me. The habit still remains.

I use perfume and body sprays for keeping myself revived. The delighting smells from the perfumes make me feel happy and I can get the mental satisfaction to focus on my work. The other reason is that it has become a habit for me. I cannot do without perfumes at all. Whenever I go out without wearing a perfume or body spray, I do not feel comfortable. So, I use it often.


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