IELTS Cue Card Sample 433 - Describe your favourite way to relax

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe your favourite way to relax.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • when and how you relax.
  • how effective it is for you

And explain why you like this way of relaxation.

Sample Answer 1:
My favourite way to relax is bit strange and my parents often find it hard to believe that I love to relax in this way. Well, this is not the only way I relax but definitely, this is my favourite one. To me relaxing and serenity is related. So I close the doors and windows of my room and lit a low powered light bulb to cut the outside noise and bright light. I live in a busy urban area so it’s usually noisy around me.

Then I turn on the CD player and play either Pink Floyd or Enigma in a low volume. Then I close my eyes and try to recall my happy memories of my childhood. This gives me immense pleasure as most of my childhood memories are spellbinding and magical. If I spend about half an hour this way I start feeling a sensation that is utmost pleasant. I remain half awake and half asleep and an hour is good enough for me to get fully recharged and refreshed.

I usually do it at home, more specifically in my room. Whenever I feel stressed or depressed I try to relax in this way to eliminate my stress and depression. I would not say it works all the time but I find it very effective. I guess during this process I try to feel happy as I get lost in my childhood and that’s something I have psychologically accepted as a remedy to my depressions and mental stress. Since I have been doing it for a while and my body and mind have got adjusted with this process, it works like a panacea to me.

My second best way of relaxation is reading books or visiting a naturally beautiful place. But the one I told you is most effective for me.


Sample Answer 2:
I am unable to manage much time for relaxation and it's my profession that does not allow me to relax a lot. But whenever I can manage time, I opt for cycling. In fact, it has become the favourite way to relax amid the busy schedule. I would like to thank you for this nice candidate task card.
I am a businessman and deal with cosmetics and toiletries import here in Singapore. I supply the imported cosmetics and toiletries products from different countries to local distributors. This is a really profitable business for me. Hence, I have to remain busy round the week. I cannot manage time for relaxation or socialising much. Therefore, I took cycling as my favourite way to relax. On the weekend, I move out with my bicycle and move across the city. Though this is a bit difficult for me to ride a bicycle in this middle age, I enjoy the ride to the fullest extent.  

Usually, I start cycling on the weekends. I ride on my bicycle that I imported from Indonesia. It runs smooth and requires less maintenance. Generally, I start the ride early in the morning. Actually, with the advancement of the day, it is difficult indeed to ride a bicycle smoothly on the streets. So, I do the cycling in the morning hours. Besides, the environment remains calm and quiet. It brings a sense of comfort in me. My inner faculty becomes relaxed. I get out of the home with my bicycle even before the sunrise. As a result, I do not have to experience the hustle and bustle of city life. Besides, morning hours have a different appeal to me. When I ride on the bicycle, move along the streets and whistle by my own mind, the feelings are definitely great.      

This is an effective method to make me feel refreshed. In fact, people have different other ways to relax and they enjoy their ways. I like this one for some of the special benefits. First of all, cycling is a kind of good exercise. While cycling, it burns fat from our body. Besides, it helps to keep us fit. It also helps to build the leg muscles stronger. Moreover, one can travel a long distance with the bicycle and see lots of surrounding things. Considering all the aspects, I am really benefitted with this habit. When I ride in the early morning, I feel the nature. It brings a sense of satisfaction inside me. There is no chaos on the street and even fewer people. So, this appears an effective method for my relaxation.

I like this way of relaxation for some certain causes. Riding on a bicycle is really enjoying. It provides a special pleasure to the riders. Moreover, it is attractive for its advantageous impacts on the riders. It helps to focus on specific issues and thus increases the focusing skills. The most important benefit of this cycling is it helps to keep the riders fit. As a bicycle rider, I am fit than any other individual. My mind remains fresh on the day I ride on. Furthermore, when I ride, I do not ponder over my business or any other activities. It helps to make my mind free from worries and agonies. Thereby, I can think clearly later and take necessary decisions when needed. So, this is my favourite way of relaxation. 


If you can talk about this cue card, you should be able to answer the following cue card topics as well:

1. Describe something you often do.
2. Describe something unusual you did recently.
3. Describe something you started doing lately.
4. Describe your favourite time of the day.
5. Describe an activity to remain healthy.
6. Describe a way you relax.

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