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Cue Card 587 - Describe a character or person who was your childhood hero

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a character or person who was your childhood hero.

You should say:

  • who he/she was
  • is he/she still your hero
  • why you considered him/her your childhood hero

and explain what his/her influences was on you as a child.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:
In my childhood, when I had just started high school, my parents always used to encourage me to become a doctor and serve people, especially, the poor and needy people.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t fulfil the wish of my parents for some reasons.  But since then, I have always held a very high level of admiration for all kinds of doctors, one of whom eventually became my childhood hero in the subsequent years.

His name was Mr Golam Maola.  I met this gentleman for the first time in my early childhood when my father, along with me, took my terminally ill grandfather about 30 years ago.  But, before taking my ailing grandfather to him, we had already taken him to a number of other doctors, but all of them didn’t want to take any risk with his surgery, because, apparently, my grandfather was very seriously ill.

By the way, Mr Golam Maola, a very eminent doctor and surgeon back then used to live in my very own city, and so, we already had heard a lot about his success stories.  So, when the slim but old doctor, in his late 60’s, agreed to operate on my grandfather, we knew that there was a little ray of hope as far as the question of my grandfather’s survival was concerned.  And, the expert doctor, considered to be one of the best surgeons in South Asia back then, didn’t disappoint us as my grandfather had survived that time. Anyway, it was after that positive and pleasing experience, the eminent doctor and surgeon had become my childhood hero and remained so for a long time.

Mr Golam Maola is no more with us, nor he is my hero anymore, but it was because of his success and fame that I started to study harder in order to become a successful medical surgeon just like him.  Besides, it was because of his influence that I became a volunteer at a non-profit, charitable organization which used to raise funds to help the poor patients with no money or support in my hometown.


Sample Answer 2:
I used to watch the television series George Shrinks and it had a great impression on me in my childhood. In fact, George, the little hero, of this series became my real-life model. He was a little boy but his life was filled with adventures. He moved from one place to another with the car that his father invented. Interestingly, the Zooper car could take different other shapes like a submarine of a helicopter. And the activities he took part in were really amazing. This is an interesting cue card task for me and it reminds me of my childhood. The remaining answers are here.

George was my hero for his adventurous nature. In my childhood, I was also a young girl who wanted to have an adventure. But unluckily, I did not have the chance to take part in. My parents did not allow me to get out of home activities fearing that I might get injured or harmed. But George was accompanied by his father and had many adventures in his life. So, he became my hero.

No, I do not consider George as a hero anymore. In fact, I have become matured and the ideas have changed. The things George took part in were suitable for children only. And as an adult, they do not attract me anymore. Actually, the appeal of that show is for the kids only and I am not interested. My taste has changed and I do not watch the animation movies or attracted to any children’s series.

I used to play like George. I also regretted the Zooper car. Once I dreamt of having a car like that Zooper car which was made by George’s father. Moreover, his encounters with robotic aliens and other people also amazed me. I tried to follow him in my everyday life.


More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card topic:

Cue Card Topic: Describe a character or person who was your childhood hero.

1. I loved Batman so much in my childhood. He was my childhood hero and still, he is. I loved him for his outstanding performance and obviously liked the gadgets he used. The car was outstanding too. I was highly influenced by his attitudes and followed him in my real-life as well.

2. I cannot remember if I had missed any of the episodes of MacGyver series in my childhood. The man was my idol then and I still admire him in my 30s. He improvised the way to get rid of different obstacles that attracted me the most. Watching the series, I tried to solve problems as the way he did. In fact, I was influenced by his special skills.

3. Chacha Chaudhary was my childhood idol. He was a comic character and I also admired his associate, Sabu, a giant-like figure from a different planet but I cannot grant him as a hero in my present life. I considered him as a hero because he had some outstanding ways to deal with problems and protect himself and his family. As a child, I used to exercise my skills of analyzing everything and I was highly influenced by Chacha Chaudhary.

4. I admired Captain Jack Sparrow very much and he was my childhood hero. He is still my idol in my heart and often I try to follow him. His way of speaking, attitude while dealing with self-created troubles, unlimited freedom etc. were the key attraction. I tried to take my attires like him and often used a scarf on my head. He is still an influential character among many children and teenagers.

5. After watching several movies of Indiana Jones, I fall in love with this guy in my childhood. Still, I consider this character as my hero for some reasons. I admired the adventures undertaken by this character in different parts of the world to unearth the treasures. His way of talks, witty replies and actions – all were my favourite. I turned inquisitive in nature after meeting with Indiana Jones.

6. Clint Eastwood was my childhood hero. I have seen several movies starred by this tall-figure. He is still my hero in my personal life. I try to talk the way he used to talk in the movies. His way of action, swinging the guns and taking fast gunshots were amazing. So, I was fond of him. Following his style, after being influenced by his movies in my childhood, I asked dad to bring two toy guns for me and I played with them.   

7. When I was a child, I watched a movie with Michelle Yeoh, a Malaysian actress. She is still my childhood hero for some reasons. I have enjoyed several other movies and got curious about her personal life. Basically, I admired this woman for her special stunts in the movies and those were really commendable. In my childhood, I was deeply influenced by her character and I used to follow her stunt moves but I do not know why I failed to recreate them!


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