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Cue Card 588 - Describe a noisy place you have been to

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a noisy place you have been to.

You should say:

  • where it was
  • why you went there
  • why it was noisy

and explain how you felt about being there.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:
Where I live in my country, dealing with some kind of noises is a daily thing, simply because I live in a rather densely populated country. Of course, some places can be noisier than others, and today, I would like about one of those more noisy places, I visited in the past.

The noisy place, I am talking about, is a “rail station”. But it was not just like any other rail station as it was the biggest one in my country.  In fact, the station could hold about 30 trains at any given time, and it was very easy for a person to make mistake with his or her train if he or she didn’t know the proper platform number for his/her train.

By the way, the station was also used to connect with the rest of the country. Anyway, I had visited the same rail station, full of noise, a number of times in the past, but when I visited it about a few years ago in order to pick up one of my friends from another town, the noise was even more deafening, probably because there were some major schedule debacles.  

Of course, the rail station was already noisy enough with thousands of passengers, either arriving at the station or departing from it. On top of that, there were also the sounds of the moving trains, which were either arriving at the station or departing from it, to make the noise situation even worse. Then, there were also the sounds of the conversation of thousands of passengers along with the sounds of their luggage carrying trolleys.   

After arriving at the station, I felt like I was about to lose my hearing and ears. At some point, I even felt like shouting to the people at the rail station and ask them to stop talking just for a minute, but I knew very well that it was not going to work because waving goodbye to their loved ones or meeting them with joy and happiness was more important to them than paying attention to me!


Sample Answer 2:
My recent Hong Kong trip made me familiar with some of the noisy places there. I went shopping at a local street market after knowing about the features but experienced with extreme noise that I failed to tolerate to some extent. And I never had this type of experience before. I went to Stanley Market in the city to get some necessary items I forgot to bring from my home in Australia. This is a great cue card task for me. I will love answering the remaining questions.

I went to Hong Kong for some commercial purposes and it was about setting up a branch of my office there. The trip was interesting and I came to know about numerous matters that I did not know before. Someone from the hotel told me to visit the street markets to get the necessary things. Accordingly, I paid the visit and experienced the noise. But luckily I got my stuff at a cheaper price.  

The place was noisy for several reasons. First of all, it was a street market and thus it was crowded. People from around the city gathered there to get their things. A lot of street shops were there laden with various types of goods. All of the people present at the market were talking and the sounds were intolerable to some extent. The people who have not been at the market will not understand the noise. At a point, it appeared that the entire place was filled with life.

Initially, I was uncomfortable amid the noise. The sellers and buyers were trying to convince each other and some of the sellers were shouting across the market after the search of potential customers. But after passing about one hour in the market, I tried to adjust to the situation.


More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card topic:

Cue Card Topic: Describe a noisy place you have been to.

1. I went to North East Lincolnshire, and that was a clamorous place indeed. I went to meet a college friend of mine to make some notes on an upcoming exam. It was noisy because of excessive traffic and people on the streets. I felt irritating amid the unbearable sound.

2. Detroit in Michigan presented me with the example of dissonance I have never been to. The entire city was bustling with noise. I went there for some official purposes and found each of the streets filled with different types of vehicles. They were making unnecessary sounds. Finally, I immediately left the area being annoyed.

3. New Delhi is the noisiest place in the entire country. I had to visit the land to attend a conference that was held in New Delhi and I went there a couple of weeks ago. The streets were occupied by people and cars. Nobody seemed to follow the traffic rules. Car horns, social events and noise from other sources made it unbearable. I felt being in a very crowded place after spending two days there.

4. It was a nice opportunity to enjoy a firework show in Australia marking the New Year celebration last year. I actually went to Australia to spend my winter vacation. I wanted to enjoy the firework show and attend one. The loud noise made from burning the fireworks created the louder outcry. But I was not ready to accept such a commotion. I felt upset greatly amid the noise.

5. Wellington appeared as a noisy place to me in New Zealand. I went there for recreational purposes. The city is clamorous for the rapid urbanization and other noise creating sources like construction in the residential area. It gave me a bitter experience and it was beyond my imagination.

6. Noise pollution in Singapore is a usual issue today but I am not experienced with it. I went to Singapore last summer to spend a vacation with my family. After visiting the street market, I realized how noisy it was. People were shouting for no reasons to sell their products. But I did not appreciate the ways of marketing and selling products. I rather felt truly uncomfortable.

7. Tokyo is a metropolitan city but filled with numerous types of commotion. I went to attend some business conference there last month. The entire city is filled with loudspeakers, construction activities, commercial activities, and factories. Thereby, it was too noisy. I actually did not like the city environment indeed.

8. My last visit to Madrid in Spain offered me a bitter experience. It was a noisy place in all senses. I wanted to see a live football match there and stayed for three days in the city. Most of the sound was created by the nightclubs and nightlife. Streets are filled with people and vehicles creating noise. I have never seen such a noisy place before.

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