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Cue Card 589 - Describe an art and craft activity you did at school

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an art and craft activity you did at school.

You should say:

  • what it was
  • what you did for this activity
  • who you did it with

and explain how you felt about this activity.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you’re going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:
As a young schoolboy, I used to like a lot of things about my elementary school, such as playing with friends in the school playground and sharing tiffin with them. However, there was another thing, that I really liked about my elementary school, which was the periodic art and craft activities. Today, I would like to describe one such activity that I did as a young elementary school student.

This particular art and craft activity involved “making picture albums” with cardboard. Of course, in the beginning, I wasn’t really very interested in doing any art or craft activity because I wasn’t simply enjoying it as much as other school activities. Not exactly sure, why I was not enjoying it as much, but it was probably because I was doing it alone. But, as our school got a new art teacher, later on, he understood the problem and decided to group the students like us together in order to make us collaborate with each other. Anyway, it is time to go back again to describe my “picture album” that I made in elementary school.

In order to make this album, I used some hard cardboard, some photo magnet papers, a hole puncher, and a couple of heavy binding cords. First, I cut strong cardboard into two sheets in the same size and dimension. After that, I cut as many sheets of photo magnet papers as I want to the same dimensions as the cardboard covers. Then, I just attached or stuck those photo magnet papers with the cardboard in order to stack them in a layer on top of another. Finally, I punched two holes along one side of the stacked layers in order to tie them together with the cord binders by threading through the punched holes.

Anyway, I felt really great about this particular art and craft activity as I could actually see the result of my hard work with my own eyes. Besides, this particular activity also allowed me to share some good laughs and quality time with some of my other fellow students which otherwise wouldn’t be possible.


Sample Answer 2:
Thank you a lot for this opportunity to let me talk about an art and craft activity that I did at school. 

School days were fun, and I miss those days very much. I enjoyed every "art and craft" class and activity in my school. One day I made a book about me(!) as part of the class, and it was a great experience. The book contained various interesting information about me and my family. I also wrote about my friends in the book and added pictures of them. Later, the book became a treasure to me as a kid.

Making such a book from the scratch was a bit difficult for me. As a child of seven or eight years old, I was was not sure where to start. But the art and craft teacher helped me a lot with it. I used some blank paper, a stapler, a cover page, crayons, markers, some colour paper, photos and some stickers to make it. I had to think a lot about my favourite things, interests, family and friends to fill spaces in the book.

It was basically an individual project, but I took help from my teacher. She also encouraged me to finish the project in time. All of our classmates were given different art and craft projects, and they also worked on their own to finish those.

I enjoyed making the book about myself to a great extent, and it was fun. Till then, I had never worked on such an art and craft project before. Thanks to the teacher for her endeavour to arrange such an event. In fact, the entire process made me confident in making things on my own.


More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card topic:

Cue Card Topic: Describe an art and craft activity you did at school.

1. I made a Christmas card as part of my art and craft activity in school in Yorkshire in the UK. I had to collect some specific materials to make the card. I completed the task with the direct support of my dad.

2. When I was a third-grader at a local school in New York, I made a craft to present in the school. It was a USA flag. I collected a large piece of cloth and painted the flag. I took help from my elder sister for this purpose.

3. My School once asked us to make some crafts, and I made two little dolls and their traditional Indian attires. I had to collect some small fabrics to make them look like traditional dresses. Without my elder sister’s support, I think it would not have been possible for me to finish the task.

4. As a young child of just five or six years old, it was truly difficult for me to make the Sydney harbour bridge. But I did that in my school. I made it using some plastics, paper, steel, and then applied some colours to give it a finish. My mom assisted me greatly to complete the bridge and I was appreciated highly in the school.

5. Marking Canada Day, my school asked students to bring some artwork. I went with a really large Maple Leaf. It was a large leaf made of plastic and paper. I also used scotch tape and glue to give it a nice touch. I did it all by myself and used a large and real leaf to take the measurement.  

6. As a student of sixth grade in my school in the UAE, I made a desert scene, particularly a cactus in the desert. I used cucumbers, toothpicks, and sands to prepare the craft. I took the idea from my mother and she also helped me finish the project.

7. New Year celebrations are exceptional in Vietnam, and I made a red dragon marking the event last year to present it at my school. It was a complex process, and I needed plastic cups, glue, colourful wrapping papers and many other things to make it. A cousin helped me complete the project, and it was highly appreciated by some of my teachers.

8. A hand-fan that I made in my early teen days, is, perhaps, the best craft made by me ever. In fact, I made it marking the Chinese New year Celebration in my primary school. It was made with colourful paper, two sticks, and threads. I got the idea from my dad, and he also helped me stitch this manual fan.

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