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GT Reading Mock Test 40:

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Section 1: Questions 1-14

Read the text below and answers questions 1-14 on your answer sheet.

You should take around 20 minutes to complete this task.

GT Reading Sample - "Wonder Plates" & "Advertisements"

Read the text below and answer Questions 1–7.

Wonder Plates

A unique, personalised gift!

Wonder Plate is offering you a unique gift opportunity - a personalised ceramic plate! Ceramic plates make wonderful gifts for loved ones and friends. Each plate contains a special message from you to the recipient. Wonder Plates are both practical and individually unique. Why not surprise a special friend or loved one? All you have to do is to follow these three easy steps:

Step 1
On an A4 sheet of paper write a personal message. Write it exactly as you want it to appear on the plate. We recommend a type-written print-out. The message should not be more than 50 words.

Step 2
Select one of our 10 plate colour options and a design from one of our 12 design patterns. Each design is completely different so we are confident that you will find at least one to match your taste (please refer to the attached brochure for colours and plate design options).

Step 3
Sign the attached form, enclose your personal message, and send these to us together with your payment. Please send only money orders or cheques - DO NOT send cash.

The charge for a standard-sized plate is $20 regardless of the colour you choose. A fixed charge of $100 per plate for the design and printing of the message is also payable.

Bulk orders:
Your order size can attract a discount!  For orders of two to four plates, customers are entitled to a 15% discount. For orders of five to ten plates, the cost per plate reduces to $12 each with message and design printing slashed to $75 per plate.

Once we receive your order and payment your plate(s) will be sent via regular mail. Delivery can be expected within 14 business days. If you require a faster delivery time, please fill in the Urgent Form and send an additional $30 (guaranteed 3-day delivery).

We guarantee your satisfaction, but if for some reason you are not satisfied with our product or service, please fill in the Consumer Feedback Form (included with the brochure) and send it to our Customer Service department. Alternatively, you may call one of our friendly Customer Service Officers on 12 25 23 (toll free).=

Please send your message, form and payment to PO BOX 2350, CYK
Phone: 12 25 23 Fax: 0212 125 5624

Questions 1–7

Complete the sentences below with words taken from the passage.


Write your answers in boxes 1-7 on your answer sheet.

1. The ceramic Wonder Plate is a unique gift because it is …....…. .  
2. The personal message must not exceed ……….... .
3. Customers choose from ……...…. designs.
4. Examples of plate designs can be found in the ……...… .  
5. Price per plate varies depending upon the ………..... .
6. The ……...…. must be completed for a quick delivery.
7. If a customer is not satisfied they should fill in the feedback form or …...……. .

Look at the advertisements below and answers Questions 8-14.

Questions 8–14

Look at the advertisements A-L.

Answer the questions below by writing the correct letters A-L in boxes 8-14 on your answer sheet.

A. Special Moments

Professional Family Video

We do professional video of any and all family occasions – birthdays, weddings, get-togethers or any other memorable events.
Professional editing with music tracks as required.  Delivery in CD or DVD format.

We tailor our service to meet clients’ unique needs.

94, West Church Street.
Tel: 541 2548 7121

B. Peter’s Garage – Richmond
For all your motorcycle repairs and services

Grade A certification.
Engine servicing, road safety testing
Body repair, dents fixed

Full Breakdown service.
19 Ponds Road, MCT
Ring 56 24 87 12
(Hunting line to Richmond and Yarra workshops)

It is important to exercise your legal rights if you are injured and/or your vehicle is damaged in a road accident that was someone else’s fault.

Let us explain your rights and help you claim compensation!
All our lawyers and solicitors are experts in the field.
Free-phone 1900 356 214

D. Attn: Overseas Visitors!
Money Matters

Reliable Foreign Exchange.
Registered and listed company, operating for 30 years.

Highest rates, lowest commission.
35/261 Parade Sq. YKS.
021 457 845

E. Asian Cook Book
A wide collection of cook books from Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Thailand and many other Asian countries.

Thousands of recipes.

25 Sands St.
Call: 013 652 4587

F. Dream Holiday

Your Holiday Experts!
Any part of the world –
Asia, Europe or the USA.

From the flight to the hotel booking – we are here for you! 

Give us a call!
066 302 125
99 West Bank Rd, LM23 CWB

G. Nutritionist and Chef 'Dominic Costa'
    …is now running cooking classes!

4 Albert Avenue, every Sat and Sun from 10.00 AM until 3.00 PM.

Learn to prepare dishes from around the world.
Limited seats. Enrol now!

Call: 012 344 587

H. Itantic
Italian restaurant, Fully licensed.

Our superb cuisine with your choice of wine! Relaxing, smoke-free environment.

Lunch: Tue-Sun. Dinner: Tue-Sat
Special occasions welcome – weddings, birthdays or anniversaries.

99 Hill Way Road, CAM.
Call: 251 52 89 65

I. Fund Transfers
Worldwide Ltd.
A name you can trust – since 1994

We legally transfer funds to any country around the world in minutes.

Visit one of our many offices and pay the amount you want to transfer with the name and address details of the recipient. It's that simple!  We will supply you with a secret number, just let the recipient know the number and ask to collect the funds from our representative.

Call for more information: 010 122 510

J. Digital Magic
New and used digital cameras - Serving you for 20 years!

We have a range of digital cameras – still and video camera.
New cameras – 3 year warranty
Used cameras – 6 month warranty

All accessories – tripod, cover, filters and chargers always at a 20% discounted rate.
We also buy used cameras – good prices paid, instant cash.

Contact – Philip, Store Manager
31 North ST, MCH PH: 012 545 874

K. Gift Land
Lots of gifts at competitive prices.
Birthday gifts, wedding gifts or any gift you are looking for - come and see us.

Open 7 days.
25 Parel Ave., Littleport Tel: 013 256 478

L. The Riverhouse

• Single & Double Deluxe Suites
• Family accommodation a specialty
• All rooms with TV & hot drink-making facilities
• Licensed Bar/Bistro/Restaurant
• Large, versatile function room.

Call to book: 014 521 452
Mascot Street, Brown Hill


Question 8-14

Which business should be contacted in each of the following situations?

Write the correct letters A-L in boxes 8-14 on your answer sheet. 

8. A motorcyclist driving on the wrong side of the road hit my motorcycle and crushed the front wheel and part of the motor.  I want to be paid for the loss.
9. My friend lives in Malaysia and it is her birthday.  I would like to send her some money so that she can buy herself a birthday gift.
10. It is my wedding anniversary and I want to give a special present to my wife during dinner at home.
11. I have an Italian cookbook but cannot follow it on my own.  I need an instructor to help me to understand it.
12. My child’s birthday party will be held at home.  I would like to take some of my own video and need to buy the right equipment.
13. I am going to take my annual leave from my office next month.  I am thinking of spending some leisure time overseas.
14. My friends are coming from Italy.  I need a place for them to stay for 2 or 3 days.


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