GT Reading Test 7 Section 2 - Bingham Regional College & Student Accommodation

GT Reading Mock Test 7:

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Section 2: Questions 15-27

You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 15-27.

GT Reading Sample: Bingham Regional College & Student Accommodation

Read the  below and answer Questions 15-20.


International Students' Orientation Programme

What is it?
It is a course which will introduce you to the College and to Bingham. It takes place in the week before term starts, from 24th - 28th September inclusive, but you should plan to arrive in Bingham on the 22nd or 23rd September.

Why do we think it is important?
We want you to have the best possible start to your studies and you need to find out about all the opportunities that college life offers. This programme aims to help you do just that. It will enable you to get to know the College, its facilities and services. You will also have the chance to meet staff and students.

How much will it cost?
International students (non-European Union students)
For those students who do not come from European Union (EU) countries, and who are not used to European culture and customs, the programme is very important and you are strongly advised to attend. Because of this, the cost of the programme, exclusive of accommodation, is built into your tuition fees.

EU students
EU students are welcome to take part in this programme for a fee of £195, exclusive of accommodation. Fees are not refundable.

Accommodation costs (international and EU students)
If you have booked accommodation for the year ahead (41 weeks) through the College in one of the College residences (Cambourne House, Hanley House, the Student Village or a College shared house), you do not have to pay extra for accommodation during the Orientation programme. If you have not booked accommodation in the College residences, you can ask us to pre-book accommodation for you for one week only (Orientation Programme week) in a hotel with other international students. The cost of accommodation for one week is approximately £165. Alternatively, you can arrange your own accommodation for that week in a flat, with friends or a local family.

What is included during the programme?
Meals: lunch and an evening meal are provided as part of the programme, beginning with supper on Sunday 23rd September and finishing with lunch at midday on Friday 28th September. Please note that breakfast is not available.

Information sessions: including such topics as accommodation, health, religious matters, welfare, immigration, study skills, careers and other 'essential information'.

Social activities: including a welcome buffet and a half-day excursion round Bingham.

Transport: between your accommodation and the main College campus, where activities will take place.

Questions 15-20

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the above text?

In boxes 15-20 on your answer sheet, write

   TRUE    if the statement agrees with the information
   FALSE    if the statement contradicts the information
   NOT GIVEN    iif there is no information on this

15.  Participants are advised to arrive one or two days early.  
16.  The cost of the programme for European Union students, excluding accommodation, is £195.
17.  The number of places available is strictly limited.  
18.  Some students are not charged extra for accommodation during the programme.  
19.  The College will arrange accommodation with local families.  
20.  You can obtain breakfast at the College for an extra charge.

Read the information below and answer Questions 21-27.

Student Accommodation

The College offers five basic accommodation options. Here is some information to help you make your choice

A     CAMBOURNE HOUSE - self-catering, student residence, located in the town centre about 2 miles from the main College campus. Up to 499 students live in 6, 7 and 8 bedroom flats, all with en-suite shower rooms. Rent is £64 per week, including bills (not telephone). Broadband Internet connections and telephones, with communal kitchen/dining and lounge areas. Parking space is available, with permits costing £60 per term.
B     STUDENT VILLAGE - features 3, 4, 5 and 7 bedroom, self-catering shared houses for 250 students close to the main College campus. Rent is £60 per week inclusive of bills (except telephone). Parking is available with permits costing £90 for the academic year.
C     HANLEY HOUSE - a second, modern, self-catering residence in the town centre for 152 students. Eighteen rooms per floor with communal kitchens, lounges, bathrooms and toilets. Rent is £53 per week including bills (not telephone). There is no space for parking nearby.
D     GLENCARRICK HOUSE - a privately-owned and managed student residence in the town centre above a multi-storey car park, close to a major nightclub and housing 120 students. Rooms are allocated by the College Accommodation Service. Rents range from £58.50 to £68.50 for a single en-suite room or larger en-suite room respectively. A small extra charge is made for electricity.
E     HOUSE SHARES - this recent initiative is a range of shared houses for 140 students, conforming to standards set by us to meet all legal safety requirements. A room in a shared house costs between £45 and £55 per week, exclusive of bills, and will be within a 4-mile radius of both campuses. As with halls of residence, the rent is payable termly.

Questions 21-27

Look at the accommodation options A-E on the above text. For which options are the following statements true?
Write the correct letter A-E in boxes 21-27 on your answer sheet.

NB You may use any letter more than once.

21.  This is possibly inconvenient for car owners.  
22.  This is best if you like surfing the Web.
23.  Of the College residences, this has the fewest students.  
24.  This is a new option offered by the College.  
25.  You have to organise parking a year at a time.  
26.  This accommodation does not belong to the College.  
27.  Here you definitely do not have your own bathroom. 

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Jagjit Singh
I want an explanation:
Why given answers are correct
(Reasons) For example, like this question, I am writing:

Question 1: It is generally believed that large numbers of people were needed to build the pyramids.

Keywords for the question: generally believed, large numbers of people, needed, build the pyramids,

At the beginning of paragraph no. 1, the writer says, “The pyramids of Egypt were built more than three thousand years ago, and no one knows how. The conventional picture is that tens of thousands of slaves dragged stones on sledges.”

Here, the conventional picture = is generally believed, tens of thousands of slaves = large numbers of people,

So, the answer is: TRUE.

Mouna said :
I have got the correct answers within 10 minutes.

Please explain the answer to question number 27. How it became 'C'?
Sushil S Patil
Because it's mentioned as "with communal kitchens, lounges, bathrooms and toilets"
here Communal = Common/Shared.

Actually, the answer D is correct. If you see the heading, it is clearly mentioned that "the college offers 5 basic".
I wrote the answer 'E' for question 23. Later I realised 'D' is correct as you can see the heading.. it is clearly mentioned that the college offers 5 basic accommodation.
I Agree. It should be 'E'. I marked 'C' thinking that its a new initiative. 'D' is privately owned.
I have the same question. I guess the given answer is WRONG!
Can anyone explain question 23 to me? According to me, the answer should be E, not D because it is a privately owned student house, not college owned. Thanks.
5/5 within 6 minutes.
I have got the correct answers within 10 minutes.
Who can explain this sentence? "The routes that connect most places that European business travellers go do not need a capacity and endurance to fly 18-hours -- this is the same for U.S. carriers." Does it mean European and the US don't need long-haul flights?
Pallavi S
All correct in 5 minutes.
"Asia is where the demand is for the ultra-long-haul flight. They are connecting Asian cities to the U.S. East Coast, which is the big market, "The above line states that between Asia and America is the market for longer flights expected to develop.
It is mentioned that eat light during flights. - This is an advice over food consumption.
Can anyone explain the 5th answer?
I have got correct answers in 8 mins :)
1. a, 2. b, 3. c, 4. b, 5. b.

This is the presentation measure because it has not concerned with thinning blood or "socks that stop your blood getting too thin".
The answer for question 3 is "c", and not "b". Health problems caused by long flights is NOT mentioned? c) advice on drinking alcohol, Answer- 1. a, 2. b, 3. c, 4. b, 5. b.
Miguel Rivera
"They give us training on fatigue management and how to adjust to the local time in New York and to exercise, as well as take care our diet and eat lightly in-flight," says Linda Wu, a stewardess on Singapore Airlines. If you read the paragraph "take care of our diet" can be considered as an advice on food consumption during the flight. Hope that helps.
I am confused about the answer to question no. 3. Can anyone explain why the answer is "b) advice on food consumption during a flight".
Trần Thị
Can you give me the link for downloading? I really need it. Thanks.