GT Reading Test 3 Section 1 - Dining Out & Electricity Account Payment

GT Reading Mock Test 3:

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Section 1: Question 1-13

General Training Reading Sample: Dining Out & Electricity Account Payment

You are advised to spend 20 minutes on Questions 1-13.

Questions 1-7:

Look at the three restaurant advertisements below. Answer the questions below by writing the letters of the appropriate restaurants (A-C) in boxes 1-7 on your answer sheet.

Example                                                   Answer

It stops serving lunch at 2.30 pm.                  B         

1. It is open for breakfast.
2. It is open every night for dinner.
3. It is only open for lunch on weekdays.
4. It has recently returned to its previous location.
5. It welcomes families.
6. It caters for large groups.
7. It only opens at weekends.

D I N I N G   O U T

Dining Out- Restaurant advertisements

Questions 8-13:

Read the information given in 'New Electricity Account Payment Facilities' below and look at the statements (Questions 8-13).

In boxes 8-13 on your answer sheet write:

TRUE            if the statement is true
FALSE          if the statement is false
NOT GIVEN if the information is not given in the passage

Example                                                          Answer

You must pay your account by mail.                  FALSE

 8.  If you want a receipt, you should send your payment to the Southport address.
 9.  You may pay your account at branches of the Federal Bank.
10. You must pay the full amount, instalments are not permitted.
11. The Coastside Power Office is open on Saturday mornings.
12. You may pay your account by phone using your credit card.
13. There is a reduction for prompt payment.


After 1 July 1998, you may pay your electricity account in any of the following ways:

1. Payments via mail:

                (A) No receipt required:
                      Mail payments to:
                                                    Coastside Power
                                                    Locked Bag 2760
                                                    Southport NSW 3479

                (B) Receipt required:
                      Mail payments to:
                                                   Coastside Power
                                                   PO Box 560
                                                   Northbridge NSW 3472

2. Agency payments (payments directly to the bank):
Payments can be made at any branch of the Federal Bank by completing the deposit slip attached to your account notice.

NB: This facility is no longer available at South Pacific Bank branches.

3. Payments directly to Coastside Power Office:
Payments can be made directly to Coastside Power Office at 78-80 Third Avenue, Northbridge. Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 4.30 pm.

Payment may be by personal cheque, bank cheque or cash.

Note: Payments cannot be made by phone.

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Can anyone please explain how the answer to question 3 is B? Please explain it to me. Thanks.
Alisha Joshi
I too had confusion in the begining. It's weekdays, not weekends.
Nripendra Nath Roy
Easy one.
Claudia Morbi
Number 3: It is written "Weekdays", not "weekend". It is correct.
It's false because the passage mentions the weekdays' timings at the power office but doesn't say anything about Saturday. So if the weekdays' timings weren't given here, then it will be 'NG'. But when the question asks if it is open on Saturday, then it contradicts with the passage. So it will be 'F'.
12/13 in 10 Minutes.
Tremendous exercise...
Manju Lakha
13/13 in 8 minutes.
It's an easy passage. Is the general reading always like that or was this just a practice test?
As you said, credit option is not accepted, but the sentences match with the question which mode of payment? - the passage says personal cheque, bank check or cash. Again the question says credit card, but the answer to the same question says personal cheque, bank check or cash it contradicts the questions but the information given. So it's false.
Because the question mention weekdays which means working days from Monday to Friday and the restaurant is open from Tuesday to Friday. So the answer is "B".
Jith Thomas
Tuesday to Sunday is also weekdays, right? Any working day is a weekday.
Why the answer is B for questions number 3?
Hi, I would like to have some more practice samples. Can anyone provide me links?
Why the answer to question 3 is 'B'?
How can you guys get 13/13? For the question no. 3, they are closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So, how come it is open on weekdays? Isn't Monday a weekday too?
13/13 in 8 minutes. From 10:48 am to 10:56 am.
Why the answer to the question 12 is 'not given'? No information about credit card is given?
I have got 13/13 in 10 minutes.
On no. 11: IELTS Mentor please enlighten me why the answer is 'False'. Thank you!
Bimal Shah
It should be "Not Given" because nothing is mentioned about the reduction of the payment.
I got 20.
Md Asaduzzaman
I have got 12/13.