GT Reading Test 3 Section 2 - Personal Computers & Atlas English Language College

GT Reading Mock Test 3:

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Section 2: Questions 14-26

GT Reading Sample: Personal Computers & Atlas English Language College

You are advised to spend 20 minutes on Questions 14-26.

Questions 14-20:

Read the passage about personal computers below and look at the statements below (Questions 14-20).

In boxes 14-20 on your answer sheet write-

    TRUE    if the statement is true
    FALSE    if the statement is false
    NOT GIVEN    if the information is not given in the passage

14.  There are two computers and two printers available for public use at the library.
15.  You can buy floppy disks at the information desk.
16.  The information desk is closed at weekends.
17.  It is essential to reserve a computer three days in advance if you want to use one.
18.  If you are more than a quarter of an hour late, you could lose your reservation for the computer.
19.  Library employees do not have detailed knowledge of computers.
20.  The library runs courses for people who want to learn about computers.


• 2 personal computers are available, for a fee of $5.00. There is also an ink jet printer attached to each terminal. The library has a number of commercially available programs for word processing and spreadsheets.

• A4 paper can be bought from the desk if you wish to print your work. Alternatively, you can bring your own paper. If you wish to store information, however, you will need to bring your own floppy disk.

Because of high demand, a maximum of one hour's use per person per day is permitted. Bookings may be made up to three days in advance. Bookings may be made in person at the information desk or by phoning 8673 8901 during normal office hours. If for some reason you cannot keep your appointment, please telephone. If the library is not notified and you are 15 minutes late, your time can be given to someone else. Please sign in the visitors' book at the information desk when you first arrive to use the computer.

Please note that staff are not available to train people or give a lot of detailed instruction on how to use the programs. Prior knowledge is, therefore, necessary. However, tutorial groups are available for some of the programs and classes are offered on a regular basis. Please see the loans desk for more information about our computer courses.

Questions 21-26

The text on Atlas English Language College has seven paragraphs (A-G).

Choose the most suitable headings for paragraphs B-G from the list of headings below.
Write the appropriate numbers (i-ix) in boxes 21-26 on your answer sheet.

NB There are more headings than paragraphs, so you will not use all of them.

List of Headings

i  Recognition of your achievements
ii  Courses start every week
iii  Other services/Pastoral care/Personal arrangements
iv  A personal approach
v  Two meals every day
vi  First-class staff
vii  Up-to-date classroom practice
viii  Discovering a new language
ix  Monitored achievement

21.  Paragraph  B
22. Paragraph  C
23.  Paragraph  D
24.  Paragraph  E
25.  Paragraph  F
26.  Paragraph  G

G O O D   R E A S O N S   F O R   C H O O S I N G


Atlas English Language College

On an English course with Atlas English Language College, you improve your language skills and make friends from all over the world!

A Because Atlas courses start every Monday of the year, there's bound to be one that fits in with your academic, personal or professional commitments. Whatever your level of language ability, from beginner to advanced, you can choose to study for any length of time, from two weeks to a full year. Courses match a range of individual requirements, from intensive examination preparation to short summer programmes. Most courses commence at 9 am and run till 3 pm.

B If you take an intensive full-time course, we will help you to select the Special Interest Options which best suit your goals. From then on, our teacher will discuss your work with you on a weekly basis. This means that you should develop the language skills you need and that you are helped to study at your own pace.

C The popularity and success of any language school depend greatly on the quality of the teachers and the methods they employ. All Atlas teachers have specialist qualifications in the teaching of English to foreign students and are all native speakers. We employ only experienced professionals with a proven record of success in the classroom.

D Atlas's teaching methodology is constantly revised as more is discovered about the process of learning a new language. Our teachers have access to an extensive range of materials, including the very latest in language teaching technology.

E On your first day at school, you will take a test which enables our Director of Studies to place you at the appropriate study level. Your progress will be continuously assessed and, once you have achieved specific linguistic goals, you will move up to a higher level of study.

F Every Atlas course fee includes accommodation in carefully selected homestay families. Breakfast and dinner each day are also included, so you need have no concerns about having to look for somewhere to live once you get to the school.

G On completion of any Intensive, Examination or Summer course, you will receive the Atlas Course Certificate of Attendance. On completion of a four-week course or longer, you will also receive the Atlas Academic Record that reflects your ability in every aspect of the language from conversation to writing. Such a record will allow you to present your linguistic credentials to academic institutions or potential employers around the world.

[adapted with permission from a brochure published by EF Education]

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Oluwagbemileke Omoyinmi
The answers to question 17 and 19 do not look correct because, in the paragraph, it says it is essential to book a laptop in advance the question 19 says they do not have any knowledge about the computer so 17 & 19 should be TRUE.
Donghwan Kim
Question 17:
See "Essential", the passage said - "Books may be made up to three days in advance".
=> it is 'may be', not Essential.

Question 19:
The passage said - "Staff are not available to train people or give a lot of detailed instruction on how to use the programs"
=> It's not that they don't know, it's that they don't teach.

Hi Guys,

I have a doubt in Q25. Why it is "iii)?

Other services/Pastoral care/Personal arrangements"?? I just don't get it. I did "v) Two meals every day"...

Ajaypal Singh Gill
Because option iii best fits the paragraph, as there are other services also such as accommodation. If you put "two meals" as an answer that is right, but half information means not appropriate heading.

I have a doubt in question 19. How is the answer TRUE? The paragraph says: Please note that staff "ARE NOT AVAILABLE" to train people or give a lot of detailed instructions on how to use the programs.

It is nowhere written that they do not have detailed knowledge. I would appreciate anybody who could help me out here. Thanks in advance.

Ajaypal Singh Gill
There is no information given about staff members have knowledge or not. However, they don't have detailed instructions about the programs/courses, not the computer. So the information is not given.
How this C is vi - first-class stuff?
Focus on this line... it's opening a concept brother... on the quality of the teachers and the methods they employ.
Christiaan Van der Merwe
The answer to question 20 is false. It doesn't mention COMPUTERS, it says "... tutorial groups are available for some of the programs...". Computers are hardware, programs are software.
Question 20: It says: "...tutorial groups are available for some of the PROGRAMS...", NOT COMPUTERS, a computer is a hardware, programs are software. Therefore, it should be false.
Exactly why I gave the answer to question 20 as FALSE.
Bingo. Cent percent :)
Precious G
How come the answer to question 17 is 'false'? I thought the answer is 'true'.
The passage states "Bookings MAY be made up to three days in advance", not MUST. May means if you will, not as a matter of compulsion.
Shakeb Malik
I am also wondering how it could be False!
Find the text:Here is also an inkjet printer attached to "each" terminal. And look at the topic heading "PERSONAL COMPUTERS AVAILABLE FOR PUBLIC TO USE".
How does this indicate that there are 2 terminals though? It does clearly state the presence of 2 computers. However, it says there is (an) inkjet printer attached to (each) terminal. But how do we assume how many terminals are there... 2, 3, 4, 5... as it says (each)? I assumed there is more than 1, however, what made you assume there are 2 terminals? Now don't tell me because there are 2 computers, that would make me laugh.
Same problem here. I choswe 'F' and the answer is 'T'.
The computers are referred to as terminals, you have to read with context. You could either accept the correction or keep laughing.
All correct.
I'll explain why the 25th answer is correct. If you go through that section you will learn that not only meal is taken care off, but also the accommodation and a few other things. I hope this was helpful.
Me too. I don't understand either!
"There is also an inkjet printer attached to EACH TERMINAL". There are 2 computers (terminals), which means there are 2 printers as well.
It says that 'an ink jet'. Doesn't it mean that only this printer is connected to both computers? So I think it should be 'F'.
Gayatri L
Me too.
I am not convinced with the answer for the 25th question. Could someone explain it to me, please? Thanks!
Prashant Singh
The Answer to question 14 is 'True' because it says two computers and inkjet printer, but also says connected to each terminal. Each terminal means EACH COMPUTER.
I have doubt about question 17 and question 19. Why are they false? Please explain. Thanks in advance.
IELTS Mentor
Nice explanation. It's correct.
'A printer connected with each terminal' means both terminals have their own printer.
I put CONTROLLED on Q.36. Does it count too?
I thought so too. But the answer is TRUE because the text says: "There is also an ink jet printer attached to each terminal." In other words, it means each computer has one printer. TERMINAL here means one set of (one line of) cables or connections. Look it up on the web.
The question no. 14: is 'false' because it says two of both computers and printers are available for public use. But the text says, two computers and a printer which means one. Please clarify. Thanks.
No, because only one of the four robots moves in. "Then one of the four paster-robots moves in". Four is only the number of robots.
Hi, in regards to Q, 39, I wrote four-poster robots. Is that considered a right answer?
I got 13/14 in 16 minutes. Where's that Akash guy who is always saying that the tasks are very easy, that he gets everything in seconds? He didn't take this particular task, I guess.
Kiran Reddy
Do we need to write the answer like above??? Is it mandatory?
I did not understand these heading-matching questions and their answers.
Done... Got all correct. 26 minutes.
Took 29.20 minutes. I got no. five (paragraph 'f') wrong. I have answered 'IX'. The correct answer is 'viii'. How much time is enough for this?
I doubt it will be helpful for you at this point of time, but if you pay attention it is a chart and arrows symbolize the step taken after. Thus, "then" is not required (as it basically represented by the arrow). Although I made the same mistake. :)
Dilav Naik
One little confusion... In answer 38, you wrote that is weighed... But I wrote "then weighed" so which one is true?? Please give me your reply.
IELTS Mentor
Good question Manogran. The answers show the optional part in the (). Not writing them or writing them would both be correct. For instance, the correct answer to the question 37 could be either the following: -- tough wrapping-- wrapping-- damaged paper.NB. () means this is the optional part of an answer while / means the alternative answer. However, the answer to question 33 explains that you should not write 'sent' but 'transmitted' while the (electronically ) is optional part of the answer.
Hi, I have got one question about the answers. Like in question 37, the answer is (tough) wrapping. What if we right tough wrapping will it be right or wrong and I don't understand why the putting the answers in brackets. Can anyone help me with this?
Thanks for everything. I appreciate you help. Could you send the voice file of this passage to my email? Thanks for your attention.
Hello!Initially I too got confused with the paragraphs... specifically paragraphs D, E and F, too much of tech details. I tried again by making a flow as I read those paragraphs and was able to understand the paragraphs better and hence the answers. You may try it too.
Hi, First of all, thank you for the practice materials. I was confused with Q. 39 because I think there are many possible answers to this question. The reel is ___________. If you want to skype me talk2biwas is my id. Thanks again.
Hi, kindly add me up.
This IELTS reading passage is not easy.
Jam Feroz
I see the answers 'robots at work' but I do not understand correctly please tell me that why robots and these headings are used for paragraphs. Tell me correctly.