GT Reading Test 15 Section 1 - Passport Application & Auckland International Airport Services

GT Reading Mock Test 15:

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Section 1: Question 1-14

You should spend about 20 minutes on Questions 1-14 which are based on the text below.

GT Reading: PASSPORT APPLICATION & Auckland International Airport Services

Read the text below and answer Questions 1-7.


You will need to fill in an application for a passport in the following circumstances: if you are applying for a passport for the first time, if you wish to replace your current passport, if your passport has expired, or if it has been lost or stolen. Your application form must be completed in your own handwriting.

As proof of your citizenship and identity, you must enclose either your passport or your birth certificate. All documents must be originals; these will be returned with your passport.

The standard time to process an application is up to 10 working days. The processing begins from when we have received the completed application form. Applicants should expect delays if the Passport Office receives a form with missing information. Extra time should be allowed for delivery to and from the Passport Office.

Please provide two identical passport photos of yourself. Both photos must be the same in all respects and must be less than 12 months old.

Ask someone who can identify you to fill in the ‘Proof of Identity’ information and identify one of your photos. This person will be called your witness and needs to meet the following requirements: a witness must be aged 1 6 years or over, be contactable by phone during normal office hours and be the holder of a valid passport. A witness should fill in the ‘Proof of Identity’ page in their own handwriting. A witness must also write the full name of the person applying for the passport on the back of one of the photos, sign their own name and date the back of the same photo. Photos with this identifying information written in the applicant’s own handwriting will not be accepted.

Questions 1-7

Do the following statements agree with the information given in the text above?

In boxes 1-7 on your answer sheet, write

     TRUE  if the statement agrees with the information
     FALSE  if the statement contradicts the information
     NOT GIVEN  if there is no information on this

1.  A husband can fill in an application form for his wife.
2.  Photocopies of documents are acceptable in some circumstances.
3.  An incomplete application will affect processing time.
4.  The passport photos included with your application must be in colour.
5.  A witness can be a relative of the applicant.
6.  Anyone acting as a witness must have a passport.
7.  The passport applicant must sign their name on the back of both photos.

Questions 8-14

The reading passage "Auckland International Airport Services" has seven sections, A-G.

Choose the correct heading for each section from the list of headings below.

Write the correct number, i-x, in boxes 8-14 on your answer sheet.

8.  Section A
9.  Section B
10.  Section C
11.  Section D
12.  Section E
13.  Section F
14.  Section G

List of Headings

i. Departure procedures
ii. Observation area
iii. Baggage services
iv. Meeting facilities
v. Healthcare services
vi. Flight information
vii. Currency exchange
viii. Health and safety advice
ix. Departure fees
x. Tourist travel centre

Auckland International Airport Services

A. The second floor of the international terminal offers a view of the airfield and all incoming and outgoing flights. There is a cafe situated here as well as a restaurant, which is available for all airport visitors to use.

B. We are open for all international flights and provide a comprehensive service for visitors to the city. Brochures on a range of attractions are available, and we also offer a booking service for accommodation and transport. Shuttle buses into the city centre are provided at a competitive price.

C. Passengers who require urgent medical attention should dial 9877 on any public telephone in the terminal. The airport pharmacy is located on the ground floor near the departure lounge, and stocks a comprehensive range of products.

D. Departing passengers can completely seal their luggage or packages in recyclable polythene to protect them from damage. Luggage storage, charged at $10 per hour, is available on the first floor. Transit passengers have free access to storage facilities.

E. Every international passenger, with the exception of children under 12 years of age and transit passengers in Auckland for less than 24 hours, is required to make a payment of $25 when leaving the country. This can be arranged at the National Bank on the ground floor.

F. As Auckland International Airport has adopted the 'quiet airport' concept, there are usually no announcements made over the public address system. Details of all arrivals and departures are displayed on the monitors located in the terminal halls and lounge areas.

G. The airport caters for the needs of business travellers and has several rooms available for seminars or business gatherings. These are located adjacent to the airport medical centre on the first floor. For information and bookings please contact the Airport Business Manager on extension 5294.


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Akram Goenka
Q. 10: Everyone says the answer is "v", but the answer would be "viii".

Read very carefully one more time. Paragraph 'C' is all giving different advice like telling you where to dial, location of the pharmacy etc. if you are in trouble at the airport. It's not talking about any healthcare services being given. That paragraph is full of information being conveyed and not necessarily any services.

Amjith T R
8. II
9. X
10. V
11. III
12. IX
13. VI
14. IV

We are not supposed to assume. It's not given in paragraph that witness can be relative, so the answer is 'not given'.
I agree with you. I put 'true' because anybody can be a witness, hence a relative can be a witness.
1 second! "can be" is a possibility.
Hi, shouldn't the answer to question 5 be 'True'? As it holds true for the paragraph?
My answers Q. 1-14:
1. FALSE, 2. FALSE, 3. TRUE, 4. NOT GIVEN, 5. NOT GIVEN, 6. TRUE, 7. FALSE, 8. ii, 9. x, 10. v, 11. iii, 12. ix, 13. vi, 14. iv.

My answers Q. 1 - 20:
1. FALSE, 2. FALSE, 3. TRUE, 4. NOT GIVEN, 5. NOT GIVEN, 6. TRUE, 7. FALSE, 8. ii, 9. x, 10. v, 11. iii, 12. ix, 13. vi, 14. iv, 15. FALSE, 16. FALSE, 17. NOT GIVEN, 18. TRUE, 19. TRUE, 20. FALSE.

Prakhyathath Rai
Answers to questions 8-14 are not provided. Please provide the answer keys for these questions.
Prakhyathath Rai
Hi team, question 8-14 are there but no answers are provided. Please provide the answer keys.
Nisha Mittal
I want to know the answers. Please help me.
Precious Gonzales
Yap the answer to question 23 should be letter B. :-* :-*
Precious Gonzales
22. The answer is B. How come I cannot find the word coins?
8) 19 is A, but ....... tough.
I didn't find it either.
23 is "B" as no fee for copying if students have a disk. The fee is for help. How come the answer is A? Alternatively, you can download your results to disk, again for no charge, but bring your own formatted floppy disk or CD-ROM
I didn't find it... Where is it?
Nhoc said :
16 is A, not G? 'Only available to students from the College's overseas branch?'
It's "G" because the College's overseas branches like Singapore and Melbourne are mentioned.

The answer to the question 16 is 'A', not 'G'? 'Only available to students from the College's overseas branch.'
If the passage doesn't contain the information they provided? Do we just ignore them? Like Passage 'C' and 'D'?
19 is 'A'. It's offered twice each year in March and June.
19. is 'F'. This scholarship is offered in every second year.